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Short Name: M. J. Harris
Full Name: Harris, M. J. (Margaret Jenkins), 1865-1919
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1919

Margaret Jenkins Harris USA 1865-1919. Born in Rushville, IL, she married evangelist, John Harris, and they were active in holiness meetings as musicians and song evangelists. She played the organ for accompaniment to their duets. She was also known as an effective preacher with strong messages. She was a member of the Iowa Holiness Association. She and her husband served as music directors for the 1901 General Holiness Convention in Chicago, IL. She also edited the “Glorious Gospel In Song” hymnbook for the Christian Witness Publishing Company of Chicago. She died in Miami, FL.

John Perry

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[Come enter into Canaan land]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)413334 55555 43213
[Have you been rescued from sin and shame]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)233332 15655 55531
[Have you found this great salvation]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)413556 55312 33532
[He heard the blessed invitation]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)212333 34565 31111
[I believe in the old-time religion]Margaret J. Harris (Composer)1812333 55321 35116
[I came to Jesus, weary, worn, and sad]Mrs. M.J. Harris (Composer)4855331 21765 55444
[I felt so weak and unworthy]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)255534 65355 64535
[I have heard the Savior calling]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)334534 56176 5
[I heard my loving Savior say]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)1713321 35535 55
[I long ago left Egypt for the promised land]Margaret J. Harris (Composer)1713332 21135 65
[Joyful songs of salvation]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)212334 32135 56535
[Prepare! for on the morrow]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)231216 51122 12321
[Singing songs of joy and peace]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)234451 32117 62165
[There's a story, blessed story]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)534553 45512 31615
[What can wash my sins away?]Mrs. M. J. Harris (Composer)333116 15177 12512
[When I saw the cleansing fountain]Margaret J. Harris, 19th century (Composer)6733432 14442 54323
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