Robert Harkness

Robert Harkness
Short Name: Robert Harkness
Full Name: Harkness, Robert, 1880-1961
Birth Year: 1880
Death Year: 1961

After attending a revival meeting by Reuben Torrey and Charles M. Alexander, Harkness became Alexander’s pianist. He came to Christ shortly thereafter (on a bicycle, he said), and made several round the world tours with Torrey and Alexander.

Harkness was especially well known for his program The Music of the Cross, and as the author of correspondence courses in hymn playing. He wrote over 2,000 hymns and Gospel songs in his lifetime.


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A million souls for JesusRobert Harkness (Author)2
All things work together for our goodRobert Harkness (Author)2
All through the journey of life as you goRobert Harkness (Author)2
Alone my Savior drank the cupRobert Harkness (Author)2
Are we downhearted?R. H. (Author)English6
Are you burdened with a load of sin? Do you long the victory to win?Robert Harkness (Author)7
As we read God's wordRobert Harkness (Author)2
Can the Lord depend on youRobert Harkness (Author)11
Carry your Bible with youRobert Harkness (Author)8
Close to the cross my Savior and LordRobert Harkness (Author)2
Come unto me, come unto me, All ye that labor and are heavy laden (Chorus)Robert Harkness (Author)English2
Crucificado por mí fue JesúsRobert Harkness (Author)Spanish3
Daily I walk with JesusRobert Harkness (Author)2
Do you love the blessed Savior In the old time wayR. H. (Author)English7
Entra Jesús en el jardínRobert Harkness (Author)Spanish2
Ever raging is the conflictRobert Harkness (Author)2
Everlasting life is freeRobert Harkness (Author)English2
Far from God, away from JesusR. H. (Author)6
Fasten your eyes upon JesusR. H. (Author)6
Father, grant thy blessing, ere we go to restRobert Harkness (Author)4
Fighting for right, for the causeRobert Harkness (Author)2
Get God's sunshine into your heartRobert Harkness (Author)English2
Give God the glory, He hath done it allR. H. (Author)English3
Give time to work for JesusR. H. (Author)1
Give your heart to Jesus, He is calling youR. H. (Author)English6
God make my life a little light Within the world to glowR. H. (Author (Chorus))English1
Goodbye God bless you one and allR. H. (Author)7
Have a little talk with JesusRobert Harkness (Author)2
Have you a burden which no one can shareRobert Harkness (Author)2
He will keep you from fallingR. H. (Author)3
Hear the call to service as it soundsRobert Harkness (Author)2
Hide God's word in your heartRobert Harkness (Author)10
Holy Ghost, possess me nowRobert Harkness (Author)2
How I love the Bible, 'tis God's messageRobert Harkness (Author)5
How matchless the love of JesusRobert Harkness (Author)3
How my heart goes out to JesusRobert Harkness (Author)2
How wondrous the love of my Savior to meRobert Harkness (Author)English9
How wondrous the story how Christ came from gloryRobert Harkness (Author)2
I am free from all alarmRobert Harkness (Author)2
I am included, I am includedR. H. (Author)11
I am satisfied with Jesus, Best of friends is He to meR. H. (Author)English4
I cannot tell why Christ should die for meRobert Harkness (Author)2
I have a friend, O, such a friend is he (Harkness)Robert Harkness (Author)2
I have a Savior, he died for meR. H. (Author)16
I love God's Word so preciousRobert Harkness (Author)English2
I met Jesus at the foot of the crossRobert Harkness (Author)7
I see a cross through a gateway of prayerRobert Harkness (Author)3
I see my Savior with thorn crowned headR. H. (Author)English17
I shall be with my dear Lord somedayR. H. (Author)3
I was sinking, surely sinkingRobert Harkness (Author)2
I well remember how Christ died for meRobert Harkness (Author)2
I would draw nearer to JesusRobert Harkness (Author)4
In Glory we shall sing a new songR. H. (Author)3
Into a garden went my LordR. H. (Author)3
it is wonderful! very wonderful!Robert Harkness (Author)3
Jesus is the only Savior (Harkness)Robert Harkness (Author)2
Jesus! Savior divine, Jesus! I know he is mineR. H. (Author)English2
Lift up your eyes to CalvaryRobert Harkness (Author)8
Listen to the Savior's voiceRobert Harkness (Author)3
Listen to the Savior's voice, Come awayRobert Harkness (Author)English2
Lonely and sad though your heart may beRobert Harkness (Author)3
Long had Jesus sought my heart to winRobert Harkness (Author)2
Long years have passed since first you leftRobert Harkness (Author)2
Lord, I believe, Lord I believeR. H. (Author)2
Love sent my Savior to die in my steadRobert Harkness (Author)36
Loved ones have gone to their eternal restRobert Harkness (Author)2
Miloṡć posłała Jezusa na śmierćRobert Harkness (Author)Polish2
My Lord has promised my Savior to beRobert Harkness (Author)2
No burdens hard to bear No disappointments thereRobert Harkness (Author)2
No greater sacrifice could have been madeRobert Harkness (Author)2
No matter how far from the Lord you have strayedRobert Harkness (Author)2
O heed the gospel invitationRobert Harkness (Author)2
O what a wonderful Savior is heRobert Harkness (Author)2
On Calvary alone he diedRobert Harkness (Author)4
On life's pathway I am never lonelyR. H. (Author)English37
On the cruel cross they nailed himRobert Harkness (Author)2
Once I was far from my Lord awayRobert Harkness (Author)6
Open is the door to the kingdom of the LordRobert Harkness (Author)2
Open your heart, Let the Savior come inRobert Harkness (Author)3
Quiero estar cerca de CristoRobert Harkness (Author)Spanish2
Redeemed with the precious blood of ChristRobert Harkness (Author)2
Resting in love divine, peace, wondrous peace is mineR. H. (Author)5
Rolled away, Rolled away, When redemption's work was doneRobert Harkness (Author)2
See, they crucify my LordRobert Harkness (Author)2
Sinsick souls are dying fastR. H. (Author)English3
Since my Savior set me freeRobert Harkness (Author)English5
Some day I shall hear God's call of loveRobert Harkness (Author)11
Sometime all sorrows will be overRobert Harkness (Author)English18
Soon I shall leave all the burdens of lifeR. H. (Author)2
Tell out the message of JesusRobert Harkness (Author)2
Tengo un amigo, Cristo el SeñorRobert Harkness (Author)Spanish4
The children's friend is JesusRobert Harkness (Author)English18
The everlasting arms are underneath thee (Harkness)Robert Harkness (Author)2
There are no tears in heavenRobert Harkness (Author)1
There is a land of light eternalRobert Harkness (Author)2
There is cleansing power in the blood of JesusRobert Harkness (Author)2
There's a name I always love to hearR. H. (Author)2
Think not of the morrow's careRobert Harkness (Author)6
Though clouds of night may gatherR. H. (Author)2
Through a land of sin and shameRobert Harkness (Author)3
Thy will, not mine, O Lord, Whate'er thy will may beRobert Harkness (Author)2
To all who believe, and Jesus receiveRobert Harkness (Author)3
Traveling home, traveling homeR. H. (Author)English7
Trusting Jesus, wonderful GuideRobert Harkness (Author)English19
Trying to walk in the steps of the SaviorR. H. (Author)English1
We should begin this day with theeRobert Harkness (Author)2
What could be greater than my Savior's loveRobert Harkness (Author)2
What sweet peace we shall haveR. H. (Author)2
What will you do with the SaviorR. H. (Author)5
When God forgives, He forgetsRobert Harkness (Author)8
When I saw my Savior dyingRobert Harkness (Author)2
When I think how Jesus sufferedRobert Harkness (Author)2
When I think of Jesus dying on the cross for meRobert Harkness (Author)4
When I was wandering far offRobert Harkness (Author)2
When life's toils are over, some day soonRobert Harkness (Author)2
When the clouds of doubt appearR. H. (Author)2
When the dark clouds round you gatherRobert Harkness (Author)3
When the dark clouds round you gather When life's mist obscuresR. H. (Author)2
When we cross the valley there need be no shadowsR. H. (Author)English24
When you are seeking forgivenessRobert Harkness (Author)2
Wherever you want me to go, dear LordRobert Harkness (Author)3
Why should he love me soRobert Harkness (Author)3
Will you follow Jesus all the wayRobert Harkness (Author)2
Will you take Jesus today?R. H. (Author)3
With Jesus enthroned in the heartR. H. (Author)3
With my blessed Lord I meetRobert Harkness (Author)2
With thorn crowned head the Savior diedRobert Harkness (Author)2
Wonderful grace, wonderful graceRobert Harkness (Author)English2
Wonderful promise in God's Word we readRobert Harkness (Author)5
Workers are now needed, hear the Lord's commandR. H. (Author)2
Workers now are needed hear the Lords commandRobert Harkness (Author)6
Would you from your sin be freeRobert Harkness (Author)3
Yet a little while, O blissful thoughtRobert Harkness (Author)3
You may have wandered far from GodRobert Harkness (Author)2
You must do something with JesusR. H. (Author)English8

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