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Short Name: Juan Luis García
Full Name: García, Juan Luis, 1935-1997
Birth Year: 1935
Death Year: 1997
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Texts by Juan Luis García (7)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
By the divine word from heavenJuan Luis Garcia (Author)English, Spanish3
Cómo pagarle al SeñorJuan Luís García (Author)Spanish2
Con su divina palabraJuan Luis Garcia, 1935-1997 (Author)Spanish9
Cristo, nuestra pascua se ha sacrificadoJuan Luis García (Author)Spanish3
Me lleva por rectas sendasJuan Luis García (Paraphraser)Spanish2
Sprung from a word of God's speakingJuan Luis García (Author)English2
Unidos por el amor de CristoJuan Luis García (Translator)Spanish3
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