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Short Name: Charles L. Ford
Full Name: Ford, Charles Lawence, 1830-
Birth Year: 1830

Ford, Charles Lawrence, B.A., son of Mr. W. Ford, artist, of Bath, was born at Bath in 1830. Mr. Ford is a graduate of the London University, and is engaged in scholastic work. In 1862 he contributed several poetical pieces to Canon Baynes's Lyra Anglicana, in 1865 to his English Lyrics, and also to the Illustrated Book of Sacred Poetry, n.d. Mr. Ford's hymns and poems were collected and published as Lyra Christi, 1874.

From these works the following have come into common use:—
1. Father, for Thy kindest word. (1862.) Strength in Weakness.
2. Lord, from this time we cry to Thee. Christ the Guide of Youth.
3. O Thou, by Whom the balm is borne. In Affliction.
4. This is my Body which is given for you. Holy Communion.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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A heart, O God, that pain nor sorrow tirethCharles L. Ford (Translator)English2
Brother in Christ! thy heart prepareCharles L. Ford (Translator)English2
Earthly joys no longer please usC. L. Ford (Author)English5
Father, for thy kindest wordCharles L. Ford (Author)2
I heard the voice of harpers, harping sweetlyCharles L. Ford (Author)English2
Midnight clouds are rolled awayCharles L. Ford (Author)2
O hadst thou known, in this dayCharles L. Ford (Author)English2
She brought her box of alabasterCharles L. Ford (Author)English3
This is my body, which is given for youC. L. Ford (Author)English8
We all are in one schoolCharles Lawrence Ford (Author)English2
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