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William G. Fischer
Short Name: William G. Fischer
Full Name: Fischer, W. G. (William G.), 1835-1912
Birth Year: 1835
Death Year: 1912

In his youth, William G. Fischer (b. Baltimore, MD, 1835; d. Philadelphia, PA, 1912) developed an interest in music while attending singing schools. His career included working in the book bindery of J. B. Lippencott Publishing Company, teaching music at Girard College, and co-owning a piano business and music store–all in Philadelphia. Fischer eventually became a popular director of music at revival meetings and choral festivals. In 1876 he conducted a thousand-voice choir at the Dwight L. Moody/Ira D. Sankey revival meeting in Philadelphia. Fischer composed some two hundred tunes for Sunday school hymns and gospel songs.

Bert Polman

Tunes by William G. Fischer (44)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[A little talk with Jesus] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)2112334 33223 46543
[Abide with me! fast falls the eventide] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)313211 21766 51214
ALL FOR JESUS (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)211655 12311 553
[All glory to Jesus be given] (Fischer)William Gustavus Fischer (Composer)1555451 32176 56621
FILLMORE (Ingalls)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)513212 32123 55565
ANGELS OF PEACEWilliam G. Fischer (Composer)255117 76666 56555
[Beloved, Beloved, Now are we the sons of God]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)251231 34553 17614
[Brethren, while we sojourn here] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)432135 65321 35323
[Come, power of God, come power divine]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)533217 21655 17214
[The great Physician now is near] (Stockton)William G. Fischer (Composer)255312 34555 13121
[Fear not the gloom of the midnight]W. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole] (Fischer)William G. Fischer (Composer)29655123 21232 15512
[Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow]William G. Fischer (Composer)3
[Heavenly Father, God of nations]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)213536 54315 67656
[I have entered the valley of blessing so sweet]William Gustavus Fischer (Composer)2051321 21651 21135
[I heard the voice of Jesus say] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)251534 56533 33326
HANKEY (Fischer)William G. Fischer (Composer)47051551 32111 62165
[I stand all bewildered with wonder] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)1555321 71217 66621
[I'm a pilgrim and a stranger passing over]W. G. Fischer (Arranger)412333 33213 56653
INFINITE LOVE (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)354333 32117 65552
[Jesus died upon the tree] (Fischer)W. G. Fischer (Composer)451132 62176 71235
[Just as I am, without one plea] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)4
LAUS REGISWilliam E. Fischer (Composer)613135 15534 53
[Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[Looking unto Jesus, for sustaining grace]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[Make room for Jesus! room! sad heart] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)453323 21615 44345
[My country! 'tis of thee] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)213456 55655 44
[Nearer, my God, to Thee] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)354332 21543 32433
[No love to give, no tears to weep]W. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[O sometimes the shadows are deep] (Fischer)W. G. Fischer (Composer)10451315 61655 5123
[O 'twas love, 'twas wondrous love] (Chorus)William G. Fischer (Composer)156533 21556 61655
[O Christian, look up through the dim night of sorrow]W. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[One bud the Gardener gave me]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)255561 31532 12177
PRECIOUS JESUSWm. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[Remember thy Creator now] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[Ring out a song of gladness]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)255176 65554 65535
[Take my life, and let it be] (Fischer)William G. Fischer (Composer)312334 43321 23211
[Teach me, Lord, the trust of living, as the housetop sparrow lives]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[The Cross now covers my sins] (Chorus)William G. Fischer (Composer)111667 15116 67155
[There's a land that is fairer than day] (Fischer)Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)255123 21611 11234
[Thousands stand today in sorrow]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)2032176 16551 12132
[I am coming to the cross] (Fischer)William G. Fischer (Composer)29451312 31345 65321
[We have toil'd in many vineyards]Wm. G. Fischer (Composer)2
[God loved the world of sinners lost]William Gustavus Fischer, 1835 - 1912 (Composer)6211356 53211 14665
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