William R. Featherston

Short Name: William R. Featherston
Full Name: Featherston, William R, 1846-1873
Birth Year: 1846
Death Year: 1873

William Ralph Featherston(e) Canada 1846-1873. Born at Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church there. He became a Christian at age 16 while in Toronto, and is thought to have written his famous hymn about the same time. He sent the poem to his aunt, Ms. E. Featherston Wilson and she gave it to a publisher. Adoniram. J Gordon, an evangelist, founder of Gordon College & Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, found the hymn in a 1870 London hymnal and was impressed with the words, but did not like the tune, so he composed the melody that has been used with the hymn ever since. Featherstone is thought to have married Julie R MacAlister in 1869 and that they had a son, John, in 1870. Featherstone died in Montreal at age 26.

John Perry

Texts by William R. Featherston (15)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أفادي أنت لنفسي النصيبWilliam R. Featherstone (Author)Arabic1
എൻ യേശു എൻ പ്രിയൻ എൻ പ്രാണനാഥാ!William R. Featherston (Author)Malayalam2
എന്‍ യേശു എന്‍ പ്രിയന്‍ എനിക്കുള്ളോന്‍ നീ (En yēśu en priyan enikkuḷḷēān nī)William R. Featherston (Author)Malayalam2
Jesus, sempre te amoWilliam R. Featherstone (Author)Portuguese2
Jesús, yo te amo y tuyo seréWilliam R. Featherstone, 1842-1878 (Author)Spanish2
Mein Jesus, dich lieb' ich, ich weiß du bist mein (Röhl)William R. Featherstone (Alterer)German1
Mein Jesus, ich lieb' dich, ich weiß du bist mein (Papenhausen)William R. Featherston (Author)German1
My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineWilliam R. Featherstone (Author)English516
நீர் என் சொந்தம் இயேசுவே (Nīr eṉ contam iyēcuvē)William R. Featherston (Author)Tamil2
Oh Cristo, te adoro, te acepto por feWilliam R. Featherstone (1846-1873) (Author)Spanish2
¡Oh Cristo! tu ayuda quisiera tenerWilliam R. Featherstone (Author)Spanish3
Oh, Cristo, yo te amo, que mío eres, séWilliam Featherstone (Author)Spanish9
Te iubesc Isuse, ştiu că eşti al meuWilliam R. Featherston (Author)Romanian2
तू है मेरा मैं जानता यह बात (Mere yeshu, main karata hoon tumase pyaar)William R. Featherston (Author)Hindi2
我耶穌,我愛你,知道你屬我 (Wǒ yēsū, wǒ ài nǐ, zhīdào nǐ shǔ wǒ)William R. Featherstone (Author)Chinese2

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