George K. Evans

Short Name: George K. Evans
Full Name: Evans, George K., 1917-
Birth Year: 1917

George K. Evans (b. 1917) was educated at Rice University (B.A.) the University of Texas (M.A.), and George Peabody College for Teachers (Ph.D.). Throughout his career, he served as music supervisor and choral music director in high schools and colleges. He also was minister of music, choir director, and organist in various churches.

--The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion, 1993

Died: After 1962 (he had copyrights registered at least through 1963).

Texts by George K. Evans (7)AsAuthority Languagessort descendingInstances
Still, still, still, He sleeps this night so chill!George K. Evans, 1917- (Translator)English8
Through long ages of the past George K. Evans (Translator (from French))English2
The magi went to Bethl'hem long agoGeorge K. Evans, b. 1917 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Depuis plus de quatre mille ansGeorge Evans (Translator)French1
നിര്‍-മ്മ-ല ശിശു ജാ-ത-നായ് (Nir-m'ma-la śiśu jā-ta-nāy)George K. Evans (Translator (English))Malayalam2
De tierra lejana venimos a verteGeorge K. Evans (Translator)Spanish8
Manabii walitabiriGeorge Evans (Translator (English))Swahili1
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