Elise Shoemaker Eslinger

Short Name: Elise Shoemaker Eslinger
Full Name: Eslinger, Elise Shoemaker
Birth Year: 1942
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Texts by Elise Shoemaker Eslinger (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Abranme las puertas de la justicia (Open the doors of true justice and mercy)Elise S. Eslinger (Translator)Spanish, English2
Al caer la lluvia resurge con verdorElise S. Eslinger (Translator)Spanish3
Cantemos al Señor Un himno de alegríaElise S. Eslinger (Translator)Spanish9
Hoy celebramos con gozo al Dios (Come celebrate with thanksgiving)Elisa Showmaker Eslinger (b.1942) (Translator)Spanish, English2
Hoy celebramos con gozo al DiosElise Eslinger (Translator (inglés))Spanish4
Jesus Christ, workers' LordElise Shoemaker (Paraphraser)English2
Juŭi hyŏngsang ddarasŏ (To the One Creator of all)Elise Shoemaker (Paraphraser (English))English, Korean2
Leaving heaven's gloryElise Shoemaker (Paraphraser)English2
Let's sing unto the LordElise Eslinger (b. 1942) (Translator)English5
Pues si vivimos, para El vivimosElise Shoemaker (Author (stanzas 2-4))Spanish16
Shalom to you nowElise Shoemaker Eslinger, 1942- (Author)6
The rocky peaks of mountains standing tallElise Shoemaker (Alterer)English2
To the One Creator of allElise Shoemaker (Paraphraser)English2
Urinŭn bujirŏnhan (Jesus Christ, workers' Lord)Elise Shoemaker (Paraphraser (English))English, Korean2
When we are living, it is in Christ JesusElise S. Eslinger (Translator)English5
You have turned our sadness into a joyful danceElise S. Eslinger (Adapter)2
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