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John Baptiste Calkin
Short Name: John Baptiste Calkin
Full Name: Calkin, John Baptiste, 1827-1905
Birth Year: 1827
Death Year: 1905

John Baptiste Calkin United Kingdom 1827-1905. Born in London, he was reared in a musical atmosphere. Studying music under his father, and with three brothers, he became a composer, organist, and music teacher. At 19, he was appointed organist, precenter, and choirmaster at St. Columbia's College, Dublin, Ireland, 1846 to 1853. From 1853 to 1863 we was organist and choirmaster at Woburn Chapel, London. From 1863 to 1868, he was organist of Camden Road Chapel. From 1870 to 1884 he was organist at St. Thomas's Church, Camden Town. In 1883 he became professor at Guildhall School of Music and concentrated on teaching and composing. He was also a professor of music and on the council of Trinity College, London, and a member of the Philharmonic Society (1862). In 1893 he was a fellow of the College of Organists. John and wife, Victoire, had four sons, each following a musical carer. He wrote much music for organ and scored string arrangements, sonatas, duos, etc. He died at Hornsey Rise Gardens.

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John Baptiste Calkin (16 March 1827, London – 15 April 1905, Hornsey, London) was an English composer, organist and music teacher.

Tunes by John Baptiste Calkin (26)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[A voice from east to west]J. Baptiste Calkin (Composer)256511 76515 43366
ABERDEEN (Calkin)J. B. Calkin (Composer)255511 71671 5622
ARIMATHEA (Calkin)J. B. Calkin (Composer)655563 44523 45665
ST. DAVID (Calkin)J. B. Calkin (Composer)2351765 64536 23216
BARNBY'S HYMNARY, TUNE 521John B. Calkin (1827- ) (Composer)235515 66217 65444
BONAR (Calkin)J. Baptiste Calkin (Composer)8255117 67655 51117
BRADFIELDJ. B. Calkin (Composer)3551355 12345 16657
WALTHAM (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (Composer)49513233 43445 17665
DEDICATION (Calkin)J. B. Calkin (Composer)2232117 74322 11166
[I'll sing of the stream, of that beautiful stream] (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (1827- ) (Composer)933435 67176 54345
[Let music break on this blest morn]J. B. Calkin (Composer)435136 17657 12345
LUX BENIGNA (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (1827-) (Composer)1155563 44523 11233
MAGDALEN (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (Composer)533343 54321 1253
MOSCOW (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (Composer)1653456 16565 43323
MUNUSJ. Baptiste Calkin (Composer)3234511 71671 5622
NOX PRAECESSITJohn Baptiste Calkin (Composer)10733312 33421 35431
RAMOTH (Calkin)J. Baptiste Calkin (Composer)3355117 65335 1121
SAVOY CHAPELJohn Baptiste Calkin (Composer)8855332 21114 43222
SEFTON (Calkin)J. Baptiste Calkin (Composer)1533215 54317 65445
ST. AUGUSTINE (Calkin)J. B. Calkin (Composer)454211 23466 55551
ST. JOHN (CALKIN)John Baptiste Calkin (Composer)2033212 33543 45
ST. JOSEPH (Calkin)J. B. Calkin (Composer)534354 32123 45176
FATHERHOOD (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (Composer)1433333 33332 24435
THEOCISTUSJohn Baptiste Calkin, 1827- (Composer)412315 55556 321
[Welcome, happy morning] (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (Composer)4655611 55432 16144
WINCHCOMBE (Calkin)John Baptiste Calkin (1827-) (Composer)951113 33315 56671

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