Herman H. Brueckner

Short Name: Herman H. Brueckner
Full Name: Brueckner, Herman H., 1866-1942
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1942

Born: March 11, 1866, Grundy County, Iowa (birth name: Herman Heinrich Moritz Brueckner).
Died: January 25, 1942, Hebron, Nebraska (funeral held in Beatrice, Nebraska).
Buried: St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Waverly, Iowa.

After ordination in 1888, Brueckner pastored in Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. He later moved to Iowa City, Iowa, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa State University in 1917. In 1926, he joined the faculty of Hebron College in Nebraska. In 1938, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa, conferred an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree on him. He retired as professor emeritus from Hebron College in 1941.

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Texts by Herman H. Brueckner (118)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Lamb goes forth our griefs to shareH. Brueckner (Translator)English4
A tender plant is growingHerman Brueckner (Author)2
Abide with us, Lord JesusHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English5
All hail, thou day of wondrous graceHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
Aloft in yonder belfryH. Brueckner (Author)English2
Arise, my soul, new light receivingHermann H. M. Brueckner (Translator)English2
As o'er the realm of natureHerman Brueckner (Author)2
Awake, my heart, and marvelH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Awake, thou Spirit bold and daringHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
Be ye joyful, earth and skyH. Brueckner, 1866-1942 (Translator)English6
Beautiful upon the mountain Are the feet of him who bringsH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Blessed Jesus, at Thy wordHerman Brueckner (Author)English2
Blest is he that never walkethH. Brueckner (Author)English2
By grace I am an heir of heavenH. Brueckner (Translator)English10
By nature man cannot achieveH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
By sin weighed down, and sorely strickenH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Cast me not in wrath awayH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Christ, of holiness the fountainHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
Christians, keep your banners wavingHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Come now, ye shepherds, away from your foldH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Dayspring of eternity, Light of Light, from God proceedingH. Brueckner (Translator)English4
Dear Christians, one and all, rejoice, With exultation springingH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Evening and morning, Sunset and dawningHerman H. M. Brueckner, 1866-1942 (Translator (st. 3))English4
Firmly in my hand I holdH. Brueckner (Author)English2
Five wells I know from which do flow peace, hope, joy and salvationH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
For me to live is Jesus, For me to die is gain (Brueckner)H. Brueckner (Translator)English3
From distant shores returningH. Brueckner (Translator)English3
From his throne in heavenHerman Brueckner (Author)English5
Go joyfully forth to war against sinHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
Go with Jesus to thy taskHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English4
God is in his holy temple, O let us adore himHerman Brueckner (Author)English5
Hark! a voice saith, All are mortalH. Brueckner (Translator (st. 3-5))English1
He lives, my Lord has left the graveH. Brueckner (Translator)2
How good it is for brethrenH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
I have chosen thee, my SaviorH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
I worship love's transcending powerHerman Brueckner (Author)1
If God Himself be for me, I may a host defyH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
If God Himself be for me, Who shall against me be?Herman H. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Immanuel, to thee we sing, Thou Prince of Life our Lord and KingH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Jesus Christ as King is reigningH. Brueckner (Translator)English3
Jesus, my Captain, to victory lead meH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Jesus, our Captain, Hope of our salvationH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Jesus, Savior of the virgin bornHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Jesus, Savior, wondrous mildH. Brueckner (Author)English2
Jesus, sun of gladnessH. Brueckner (Translator)English9
خذ بيدي وقدنيHerman H. Brückner (Author)Arabic1
Let the earth exalt the LordH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Let us ever walk with Jesus, Follow His example pureH. Brueckner (Translator)English3
Lift up the banner of salvationH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Lord Jesus Christ, of virgin bornH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Lord Jesus Christ, the cause is ThineHerman Brueckner (Author)English5
Lord Jesu Christ, with us abideH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Lord, open Thou both heart and earH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Lord, thy blessing send usH. Brueckner (Translator)1
Lord, Thy word, that sacred treasureHerman Brueckner (Author)English5
Midst the lillies blooming yonderH. Brueckner (Translator)English3
Most fervent thanks I renderH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
My beautiful home is in heaven aboveH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
My heart delights, O Lord, upon Thy works to ponderHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
My soul has found the sure foundationHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
My truest Friend abides in heavenHerman Brueckner (Author)English4
Now rest beneath night's shadow The woodland, field and meadowHerman H. M. Brückner (Translator)English2
Now rest beneath night's shadows All woodlands, fields, and meadowsHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Now to gain a night's reposeH. Brueckner (Translator)1
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, How green thy branches ever (Brueckner)H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
O come, little children, O come, one and all (Brueckner)H. Brueckner (Translator)English10
O God, if Thy beloved SonH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
O holy child we welcome theeHerman Brueckner (Author)2
O let us praise the Christmas treeH. Brueckner (Author)English3
O Lord, thou living bread from heavenH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
O power of love, all else transcendingHerman Brueckner (Author)English12
O my Savior, I adore TheeHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
O that thy fire now soon were kindledH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
O where is the home for the soul to be foundH. Brueckner (Translator)English3
One thing only, Lord, is needfulH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Onward move, onward move, Zion in the pathsHerman Brueckner (Author)English1
Our Savior to the Jordan cameH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Preserve in fullest measureH. Brueckner (Translator)English3
Seek ye who will some other wayH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Sing praise to God who reigns aboveH. Brueckner (Translator (sts. 2-3))English1
Sinners may to Christ draw nearH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Soul of mine, to God awakingH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Soul, with all thine anguishH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Take thou my hand, O FatherHerman Bruckner (Translator)English23
Thank ye the Lord, Give thanks to the LordHerman Brueckner (Author)English5
That we our will to Him might yieldH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
The heavens cannot Thee embraceHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
The Lord hath helped me hitherto, by His surpassing favorHerman Brueckner (Author)English1
The Lord hath helped me hitherto, His goodness thus revealingHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English3
The morning sun illumines the skiesH. Brueckner (Translator)English4
The sun ascendingH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
The sun's bright rays are lost to sightH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
The tribute of our thanks we bringH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
The truest friend abides in heavenH. Brueckner (Translator)1
There is a gentle Gardener, Who owns a gardenfairHerman Brueckner (Author)English2
There is a little gardenerHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English1
Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life from heavenHermann Brueckner (Translator)English3
To God be honor, laud and praiseH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
To Thee, eternal God, Our fervent thanksH. Brueckner (Author)English4
To us from heaven's lofty heightHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English4
Upon a mount there stood a treeHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English3
Wait thou, O my soulHerman H. Brueckner (Author)2
We all believe in one true God, Father, Son and Holy GhostH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
We gather to worship Jehovah, the righteousHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Weary now I go to restHerman Brueckner (Author)English1
Weary now, I seek reposeHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English1
What is the world to meH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
What wealth of joy Thy presence lendethH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
When children, young and tenderHerman H. Brueckner (Author)3
Who knows how soon my days are endedH. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Why art thou heavy heartedHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Why should I repine in sadnessH. Brueckner (Translator)English1
With noiseless step an angelHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
With the Lord thy task beginH. Brueckner (Translator)English7
Would you know my greatest prizeHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Ye baptized people, one and allHerman H. Brueckner (Translator)English2
Ye Christians, sing a joyful layHerman H. Brueckner (Author)English2
Zion's daughter, O rejoiceHerman Brueckner (Author)3
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