Clara McAlister Brooks

Short Name: Clara McAlister Brooks
Full Name: Brooks, Clara McAlister, 1882-1980
Birth Year: 1882
Death Year: 1980

Birth: Oct. 9, 1882, Parke County, Indiana, USA
Death: Mar. 20, 1980, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, USA

Clara McAlister Brooks was one of our early songwriters and four of her pieces are in the current hymnal. From the earliest days of the movement we have had women prominent in all forms of our ministry—missionaries, evangelists, teachers, pastors, and God has honored their sacrificial labors. For that reason we can stand in amazement when here, in the 1970s, such old-line denominations as the Episcopal church are being racked with controversy over whether the ordination of women is permissible. But before we gather Pharisaic robes about ourselves, perhaps we need to look candidly at the way in which we, too, succumbed to some of the cultural and prejudicial patterns of later decades!

Texts by Clara McAlister Brooks (86)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A plaintive plea comes o'er the seaClara McAlister Brooks (Author)3
As far above the howling stormClara McAlister (Author)English4
As I walk in pastures greenClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
As sweet strains of heavenly musicClara M. Brooks (Author)English5
By the promise of the FatherClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English5
By the word of God the worlds were madeClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English6
Children obey your parents for this is rightClara McAlister Brooks (Author)2
Clothed with sweet humilityClara McAlister (Author)English2
Darkly the night hideth from sightClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Do you sigh for victory?Clara McAlister (Author)English2
Down beside the crystal watersClara McAlister (Author)English2
Down in the garden, there I behold himClara McAlister (Author)English2
Dwelling now in Canaan landClara M. Brooks (Author)English3
Einsam, traurig und verlassen, An dem Wege JerichoClara McAlister Brooks (Author)German2
Far away in a land that is darker than nightClara M. Brooks (Author)English7
Far below me lowers the tempestClara M. Brooks (Author)English2
Following Jesus from day to day, gently he leadsClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English6
Gently a word was spokenClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Gleich wie süße HimmelstöneClara McAlister (Author)German2
God, give us hearts to feel for thoseClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Guide me, Savior, I am thineClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Halt empor dein kleines LichtClara McAlister Brooks (Author)German2
He knows and He hears When you cry unto HimClara M. Brooks (Author)English1
He who calmed the storm on GalileeClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Hold your lighted torch on hightClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Hold your little torch on highClara M. Brooks (Author)3
Holiness dwells in the temple of GodClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English3
Horch, vom fernen MeeresstrandeClara M. Brooks (Author)German2
I have found the joy of GodClara M. Brooks (Author)English5
I will trust thee, loving SaviorClara M. Brooks (Author)2
I would be nearer, my SaviorClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
If on the topmost pointClara McAlister (Author)English2
If ye ask it shall be givenClara McAlister (Author)English2
If ye then with Christ be risen, Seek those things which are aboveClara McAlister (Author)English3
In meinem Herzen war ein TrachtenClara M. Brooks (Author)German2
In the shadow of the cross let me hideC. M. B. (Author)English3
Is there no balm in Gilead, and no physician thereClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
Jesus, der für dich gestorbenClara M. Brooks (Author)German2
Jesus is risen, the angels sayClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Jesus left a home of dazzling splendorClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English4
Jesus, the name we love so wellClara M Brooks (Author)1
La noche tiende su mantónClara Brooks (Author)Spanish2
Las obras vemos del gran DiosClara Brooks (Author)Spanish2
Let us praise the Lord, for His smiles that beamClara McAlister (Author)English4
Lo she is not dead but sleepingClara McAlister (Author)English5
Long my restless soul had soughtClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
Mein Vater im Himmel hat stets auf michClara McAlister (Author)German2
Millions are perishing over the seaClara M. Brooks (Author)2
My heavenly Father is caring for meClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
Now the shadows of the eveningClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
O church of God, thou spotless brideClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English4
O love divine, no soul has e'erClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
O'er the ocean's rolling watersClara McAlister Brooks (Author)5
Oh, put on thy beautiful garmentsC. M. B. (Author)English3
On the borders of eternity the world is standing nowClara Brooks (Alterer)English4
Our Father hath so loved usClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English4
Our Father's wondrous works we seeClara M. Brooks (Author)English13
Over the billows sighingClara M. Brooks (Author)English5
Scatter the gospel seedClara McAlister Brooks (Author)2
Seid mit Christus ihr erstandenClara McAlister (Author)German2
Sink me deeper till the measure of thy sorrowsClara M. Brooks (Author)2
Softly the evening vespersClara M. Brooks (Author)English5
Softly whisper, Jesus loves youClara McAlister Brooks (Author)3
Someday, when God's sweet SpiritClara M. Brooks (Author)English2
Suffering for years, Filled with many fearsClara McAlister (Author)English2
Tenderly lay her to rest 'neath the sodClara M. Brooks (Author)English1
The angels came with silent treadClara McAlister Brooks (Author)4
The eventide falls gently nowClara M. Brooks, b. 1882 (Author)English5
The grace of God that brings salvationClara M. Brooks (Author)English5
The Lord is my light, and the strength of my lifeClara McAlister (Author)English4
The Lord of the harvest is calling For laborers true in His fieldClara M. Brooks (Author)English5
There's a way that is free from sinClara M. Brooks (Author)English5
There's stealing o'er my peaceful, trusting soulClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
'Tis so sweet just to know, as I with my Savior goClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English4
To the Syrian camp at twilightClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English4
To thee, O Lord Jehovah, We hymn our grateful praiseClara McAlister Brooks (Author)4
Wandelnd auf der Aue grünClara McAlister (Author)German2
We are little travelers hereClara M. Brooks (Author)English3
Weary, lonely, sad, forsakenClara McAlister (Author)4
Welch wunderbares GotteswerkClara McAlister Brooks (Author)German2
When breaks the crimson morning dawnClara M. Brooks (Author)2
When my soul is oppressed with the sorrows of lifeClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English5
White is the harvest, calls the Master for youClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English3
With Thine eye, O Savior, guide meClara M. Brooks (Author)English4
Within my heart was fond ambitionClara McAlister Brooks (Author)English4
Wohne nun im heil'gen LandClara M. Brooks (Author)2
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