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Robert J. Batastini
Short Name: Robert J. Batastini
Full Name: Batastini, Robert J., 1942-
Birth Year: 1942

Robert J. Batastini is the retired vice president and senior editor of GIA Publications, Inc., Chicago. Bob has over fifty-five years of service in pastoral music ministry, having served several parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago and one in the Diocese of Joliet. He served as executive editor and project director for the Worship hymnals (three editions), Gather hymnals (three editions), Catholic Community Hymnal, and as executive editor of RitualSong.

In 1993 he became the first recipient of the Father Lawrence Heimann Citation for lifetime contribution to church music and liturgy in the U.S., awarded by St. Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Indiana, and was named "Pastoral Musician of the Year-2000" by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM). At its 2006 conference, he was named a Fellow of the Hymn society in the United States and Canada.

In his retirement he is active in the music ministry of St. Francis de Sales Parish, Holland, MI.

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[A sacrifice you accept, O God]Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (refrain))426665 4562
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (XVIII)Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (acc.))311122 22212 71212
[All night, all day] Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)156113 32112 11111
[Alleluia, alleluia] (Duncan / Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer (verses))2
[Alleluia / Praise to you / I am the light]Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (I am the light))4
[As I went down to the river to pray]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)255611 11111 22232
[At the Last Supper with His disciples]R. J. Batastini (Arranger)317656 54345 64615
[Awake from your slumber]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)833455 42234 53345
BALM IN GILEAD (Spiritual)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)632321 51231 33432
BEDFORD PARKRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Composer)651232 34321 25123
[Blessed be the name of the Lord for ever, and ever]RJB (Composer)212345 665
[Blessed, blessed are they]Robert J. Batastini (Composer (Antiphon))241321 7
[Bring an offering and enter his courts] (Howell)RJB (Arranger (Psalm Tone))365456 12171
BUNESSANRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)1813512 76565 12356
[Chant] (Tone 6F)Robert J. Batastini (Arranger)712323 1
[Chatter with the angels soon in the morning]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)211116 55556 11111
[Christ has die, Christ is risen] (Sacramentary)Robert J. Batastini (Adapter)412234 22
[Come to him and receive his light]RJB (Composer)251767 1
[Cry out with joy and gladness] (Batastini)RJB (Composer)311111 31
DIADEM (Primitive Baptist)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Harmonizer)151112 35651 33321
[Do not forget the works of the Lord] (Batastini)RJB (Composer)425672
FENNVILLERobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Composer)855515 54345 55551
[Fill us with your love, O Lord] (Batastini)RJB (Composer)661767 55
GRACE (Dutch)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)155554 33321 1171
[For the sake of your name, O Lord, save my life]RJB (Composer)312345 423
[From the voices of children, Lord]RJB (Arranger (Psalm tone))2
GELINEAU PSALM 4 Robert J. Batastini (Composer (Antiphon))211142
GELOBT SEI GOTT (Vulpius)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)217655 67111 25176
ONE BREAD, ONE BODYRobert J. Batastini, 1942- (Arranger)111215 55431 24321
[Gentle Mary laid her child] (Piae Cantiones)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1952 (Arranger)211712 33217 77121
[Give him/her eternal rest, O Lord]RJB (Composer)411143 171
[Give the Lord glory, glory and honor]Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (psalm tone))145616
[Go and listen to the Word of God]Robert J. Batastini (Composer)611554 3223
GO NOW IN PEACE (Sleeth)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)155455 54515 15154
GO TELL ITRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Harmonizer)633216 51222 12323
[God alone is my rock]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)2
[God, in your goodness, you have made a home for the poor] (Batastini)RJB (Composer)224325
[God, you are merciful and kind]RJB (Composer)312343 212
GOTT VATER SEI GEPRIESENRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Harmonizer)151712 32561 22151
[Great is the Lord, worthy of praise]Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (Psalm tone))321612 161
GUIDE MY FEETRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)116513 11611 31313
[Have mercy on me, Lord; my strength is gone]RJB (Composer)356717 5
[He is over all, and through all]Robert J. Batastini (Composer)211153 43
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Sacramentary)Robert J. Batastini (Adapter)412234 23212
HOUSTON (Thomerson)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)913455 56545 1345
HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGINGRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Harmonizer)851231 21651 35332
[How great is your name, O Lord our God]Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (Psalm tone))351612 12416
[Chant] (Batastini 56434)Robert J. Batastini (Composer)256434 5
[I rejoiced when I heard them say] (Batastini)RJB (Composer)855534 555
[I rejoiced when they said to me]Robert J. Batastini (Composer (Antiphon))2
[I shall live in the house of the Lord]Robert J. Batastini (Composer (Antiphon))413555 66665 3
[I will sing, I will sing, I will sing]Robert J. Batastini (Composer)254517 1545
[In you, Lord, in you, Lord]RJB (Composer)456757 656
KAS DZIEDAJARobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)312351 23511 54321
KOMT NU MET ZANGRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)4
[O Lamb of God] (Stewart)Robert J. Batastini (Arranger)456111 2123
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (Vatican Edition XVIII)Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (acc.))555566 66656 345
[Let all praise the name of the Lord] (Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer)425431
[Let us come before the Lord and praise him]RJB (Composer)253531 23
LOBET UND PREISETRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)155554 34321 33332
[Lord, come and save us]RJB (Composer)251765
[Lord, come to my aid] (Batatstini and Proulx)RJB (Composer)336717 6
[Lord, I love your commands] (Batastini)RJB (Composer)2
[Make me a channel of your peace]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)533333 45353 3333
[May God bless us in his mercy]RJB (Composer)345655 45655
MORNING SONG (Dare)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)951234 32175 51234
MUELLER (Murray)Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Harmonizer)755433 21176 55565
[My part I have resolved, O Lord]Robert J. Batastini (Composer)215434 32
[My prayers rise like incense] (Batastini)RJB (Composer (Antiphon))325432 2
[My soul rejoices, my soul rejoices]Robert J. Batastini (Composer)613321
NEW BRITAINRobert J. Batastini (1942- ) (Arranger)251313 21655 13132
[O bless the Lord, bless the Lord] (Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer (Antiphon))257642 175
[O Lord, our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth]Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (psalm tone))116715 216
O WALY WALYRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)151232 16551 71234
OH QUE BUENORobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)233314 44333 12223
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Snow)Robert J. Batastini (Arranger)1433332 32121 23244
[Let us pray to the Lord] (Byzantine)Robert Batistini (Composer)1611577 11271
[Praise the Lord and call upon his name]RJB (Composer)353413 21
[Rest in God alone; rest in God alone] (Batastini)Robert Batastini (Composer)751111
[Shout to God, all you heavens]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)211713 41171 11713
[Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)454365 45654 32554
[The just will live in the presence of the Lord] (Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer (Antiphon))451511 23
[The Lord is king, he is robed in majesty] (Batastini)RJB (Composer)251625 6
[The Lord is near] (Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer (antiphon))2
[The Lord will bless his people with peace] (Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer (antiphon))263142 7671
THE TOMB IS EMPTYRobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger (vocal))112353 15314 31223
[The virgin Mary had a baby boy]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)651111 21725 54444
[Then where can we stand justified]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger (acc.))312333 21235 55653
[There is one God]Robert J. Batastini (Composer)311153 4
[Though I walk in the valley of darkness] (Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer (Antiphon))212333 43455
[To the upright I will show the saving pow'r of God]RJB (Composer)226564 53
[Today is born our Savior] (Hughes)Robert J. Batastini (Arranger (psalm tone))155432 3431
[Turn to the Lord in your need]Robert J. Batastini (Composer (acc.))324561 76
[We proclaim your Death, O Lord] (Missa Emmanuel)Robert J. Batastini (Adapter)435775 45
[We see the Lord]Robert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Arranger)116513 23211 21355
WERE YOU THERERobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Harmonizer)751333 21321 13555
WHATSOEVER YOU DORobert J. Batastini, b. 1942 (Harmonizer)213556 54322 31761
[You are a priest for ever] (Batastini)Robert J. Batastini (Composer (antiphon))2
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