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Arthur Campbell Ainger
Caricature from Vanity Fair, 28 February 1901
Short Name: Arthur Campbell Ainger
Full Name: Ainger, Arthur Campbell, 1841-1919
Birth Year: 1841
Death Year: 1919

Ainger, Arthur Campbell, M.A., son of the Rev. F. A. Ainger, incumbent of Hampstead, Middlesex; born in 1841, educated Trinity College, Cambridge, 1st Class Class. Trip. 1864, Assistant Master at Eton 1864-1901. Author of Eton Songs, 1901-2; Carmen Etonense, Vale, &c, and joint author with H. G. Winkle, M.A., of an English-Latin Verse Dictionary. Mr. Ainger's hymns in common use are the following :—
1. God is working His purpose out. [Missions.] Written and first published in 1894, with Dedication to Archbishop Benson. It was given in Church Hymns, 1903, Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1904, and other collections.
2. God of our Fathers, unto Thee. [National Thanksgiving.] Included in English Hymnal, 1906.
3. Let all our brethren join in one. [Harvest.] Included in C. W. A. Brooke's Additional Hymns, 1903.
4. Let God arise to lead forth those. [In Time of War.] Written in 1900, and first printed in the Times the same year. Subsequently pub. by Novello & Co., with music by Sir J. Stainer, and included in Church Hymns, 1903, and Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1904.
5. Like a mighty man rejoicing in his strength. [Missions.] Written by request for the S.P.G. Centenary, and published in the Centenary collection of Hymns, 1901.
6. Not ours to mourn and weep. [Lent. For the Young.] First published in the Public School Hymn Book, 1903.
7. On them who here, 0 Lord. [Holy Matrimony.] A Wedding Hymn, published with music by Novello & Co., 1903. A most acceptable addition to hymns for Holy Matrimony.
8. Praise the Lord: to-day we raise Hymns of thankfulness and praise. [For Victory] Written in 1902, and first printed in the Times, and t' en, with music, by Novello & Co. Included in Church Hymns, 1903.
9. Praise the Lord! to-day we sing. Birthday of our Founder King. [For Founder's Day.] Written for use at Eton, and included in Eton Songs, 1891-2, as "Hymn for Founder's Day." Admirably suited, with slight change in the opening line, for any Public School.
10. Uprose the stately temple. [Dedication of a School Chapel]. Written in 1891, and published in his Eton Songs, 1891-2.
Mr. Ainger has written several other hymns, including one for the Coronation of King Edward VII., a Thanksgiving Hymn for his recovery from sickness (Skeffingtons), and others not in common use.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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