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Short Name: Johann Rudolf Ahle
Full Name: Ahle, Johann Rudolf, 1625-1673
Birth Year: 1625
Death Year: 1673

Johann Rudolph Ahle, b. Mühlhausen, 1625; Ahle studied theology at Erfurt University. Little is known about his musical education, but be became well known as an organist while he was in Erfurt. He returned to Mühlhausen and became an organist at St. Blasius Church, he composed organ music but is know for his sacred choral music. He was the father of Johann Georg, who was also a composer and succeeded his father as organist at St. Blasius Church. Johann Rudolf became mayor of Mühlhausen late in his life and died there in 1673.

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Johann Rudolph Ahle (24 December 1625 – 9 July 1673) was a German composer, organist, theorist, and Protestant church musician.

Tunes by Johann Rudolf Ahle (10)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BENEVENTOJ. R. Ahle (Composer)111113 21222 24323
[Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit] (Ahle)Johann Rudolf Ahle, 1625-1673 (Composer)932156 43317 67176
ES IST GENUGJ. Ahle, 1625-73 (Composer)812344 52243 23554
[Himmelan, nur himmelan] (15665)Johann Rudolph Ahle (Composer)215665 54312 3221
GOTT IST GETREU (Ahle)Johann Rudolph Ahle (Composer)1912235 11223 23554
GOTT SEI DANKJ. R. Ahle (Composer)113556 71725 76655
JESU, MEINES HERZENS FREUD (55676)Johann Rudolf Ahle, 1625-1673 (Composer)155676 54445 65433
LIEBSTER IMMANUELJoh. Rudolph Ahle (Composer)133321 71654 37751
LIEBSTER JESU (Ahle)Johann Rudolph Ahle (Composer)21431253 12176 12321
NUREMBERG (Ahle)Johann R. Ahle (Composer (alt.))16931253 12111 12321

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