Lift Up Your Hearts: psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs

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900O Holy Spirit, by whose breathPUER NOBIS
901Lord, I prayKLOKJE KLINKTText
902For which divine attributes shall we bless God?
903O Lord, hear my prayerHEAR MY PRAYERAudio
904Lord, make us servants of your peaceO WALY WALYAudio
905오소서 오소서 (Come now, O Prince of peace)O-SO-SOAudio
906Paar pottrum thuuye thuuye dheevanee (From the earth wherever I may be)PUNJABI
907Be still and know that I am GodBE STILL AND KNOWText
908Longing for light, we wait in darknessCHRIST, BE OUR LIGHTAudio
909Maye-(Maye)nziwe 'ntando yakho (Your will (Your will) be done on earth, O Lord)MAYENZIWETextAudio
910Gracious God, we pray for the faithfull all over the world
911Abana alathi fi ssama (Abana in Heaven) (أبانا الذي في السماء ليتقدس اسمك)ABANAAudio
912Our Father, who art in heavenMALOTTEText
913Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name
914Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your nameASASTextAudio
915Amen, amen, amen, amen, amenAMEN THEMBAText
916Amen, Father, on your planning
917Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your nameOUR FATHER RIMSKY-KORSAKOVText
918Our Father in heavenPage Scan
919Our Father, Lord of heaven and earthVATER UNSER
920Gracious God, accept all these prayers offered in Jesus' name
921Amen siakudu misa (Amen we praise your name, O God)MASITHIAudio
922All on earth and all in heavenEBENEZER
923Peace before us, peace behind us[Peace before us, peace behind us]
924Come, all you servants of the LordGENEVAN 134/OLD HUNDREDTHAudio
925Go to the world! Go into all the earthENGELBERGAudio
926God of grace and God of gloryCWM RHONDDATextAudio
927God, the Father of your peopleHOLY MANNAAudio
928Lord, whose love in humble servicePLEADING SAVIORAudio
929Touch that soothes and heals the hurtingPLEADING SAVIOR
930This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shineLIGHT OF MINETextAudio
931Sizohamba naye, wo wo wo (We will walk with God, my brothers)SIZOHAMBA NAYEAudio
932Savior, again to your dear name we raiseELLERSTextPage ScanAudio
933Lord, dismiss us with your blessingSICILIAN MARINERSTextPage ScanAudio
934God of mercy, God of graceDIXTextPage ScanAudio
935Now may your servant, LordNUNC DIMITTISTextPage ScanAudio
936Sent forth by God's blessingASH GROVEAudio
937I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received
938My friends, may you grow in graceBENEDICTIONAudio
939May the love of the Lord rest upon your soul (惟 愿 神 的 爱 抚慰 你 的 灵)SOON TIAudio
940May the Lord, mighty GodWEI YUAN SHENTextPage ScanAudio
941¡Dios de la esperanza, danos gozo y paz! (May the God of hope go with us every day)ARGENTINAAudio
942God be with youGOD BE WITH YOU DORSEY
943God be with you till we meet againRANDOLPHTextPage ScanAudio
944God be with you till we meet againGOD BE WITH YOUTextAudio
945Thuma mina (Send me, Jesus)THUMA MINAAudio
946Go, my children, with my blessingAR HYD Y NOSAudio
947We receive your blessingWE RECEIVE YOUR BLESSINGAudio
948The Lord bless you, the Lord keep youTHE LORD BLESS YOU
949キリストの平和が (May the peace of Christ be with you)KI RI SU TO NOAudio
950Go now in peace, go now in peaceGO NOW IN PEACE
951Now go in peace, now go in loveJUNKANOOAudio
952Praise God! Earth and heaven rejoice!GENEVAN 150Audio
953Now blessed be the Lord our GodCORONATIONTextPage ScanAudio
954The same voice that speaks over the waters and shakes the wildernessPage Scan
955Mungu ni mwena (Know that God is good) (C'est vrai: Dieu est bon!) (Katonda mulungi)MUNGU NI MWEMATextAudio
956To God be the gloryMY TRIBUTEAudio
957Christ the Lord to us saidHALELUYA! PELO TSO RONAAudio
958Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluiaSINCLAIRText
959Glory be to the Father and to the SonMEINEKETextAudio
960Alle, alle, alleluia!ALLELUIA URUGUAYText
961Glory be to the Father and to the SonGLORIA PATRITextAudio
962Alleluia, alleluia, alleluiaALLELUIA MONTEIROText
963Christians everywhere shall sing now and alwayHELELUYAN
964Praise God, from whom all blessings flowNEW DOXOLOGYTextPage ScanAudio
965Praise God from whom all blessings flow (A Deus, supremo benfeitor)(만복의근일하나님)(Oo ne la nuh hiIikidodah)(Bóhólníihii baa dahohniih)(Gott Vater, dem sei ewig Herr)(Gloire à Dieu)(A Dios, el Padre celestial)(Aan God de Vader zij de eer)(たたえよ主の民)(颂赞上主万福之源)GENEVAN 134/OLD HUNDREDTHAudio

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