Spurgeon's Own Hymn Book

Compiled 1866 original edition: C. H. Spurgeon
Editor: Chris Fenner, Matt Boswell
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications Ltd., Fearn, Ross-shire, IV20 1TW, Great Britain, 2019
Language: English
Notes: A new reediting of the 1866 "Our Own Hymn Book" compiled by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.
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1Blest is the man who shuns the place
2Though sinners boldly join
3Thy promise, Lord, is perfect peace
4Lord of my life, my hopes, my joys
5Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear
6Gently, gently lay Thy rod
7Lord, my God, in Thee I trust
8O Lord, our Lord, how wondrous great
9To celebrate thy praise, O Lord
10O God, the help of all Thy saints
11When all bespeaks a Father's love
12Lord, when iniquities abound
13How long wilt Thou forget me, Lord
14O that the Lord's salvation
15Lord, I would dwell with Thee
16Preserve me, Lord, in time of need
17What sinners value, I resign
18aO God, my strength and fortitude
18bNo change of times shall ever shock
18cJust are Thy ways and true Thy Word
19The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord
20Jesus, with Thy salvation blest
21Thy strength, O Lord, makes glad our King
22aMy God, my God, why leav'st Thou me
22bNow let our mournful songs record
22cAll ye that fear Him, praise the Lord
23aMy Shepherd will supply my need
23bThe Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want
23cThe Lord my Shepherd is
23dThe Lord my pasture shall prepare
24Our Lord is risen from the dead
25Mine eyes and my desire
26Lord, I delight to find my place
27The Lord of glory is my light
28Lord, my strength, to Thee I pray
29Ascribe to God, ye sons of men
30I will exalt Thee, Lord of hosts
31The Lord who hath redeem'd our souls
32Happy the man to whom his God
33Let all the just to God with joy
34aThrough all the changing scenes of life
34bLord, I will bless Thee all my days
35aPlead my cause, O Lord of hosts
35bO plead my cause, my Saviour; plead
36aHigh in the heavens, Eternal God
36bAbove these heavens' created rounds
37aO God of love, how blest are they
37bSet thou thy trust upon the Lord
38Amidst Thy wrath remember love
39Behold, O Lord, my days are made
40I waited patient for the Lord
41Jesus, poorest of the poor!
42aLike as the hart for water brooks
42bAs pants the hart for cooling streams
43Judge me, O Lord; to Thee I fly
44Our ears have heard, O glorious God
45aO Thou that art the mighty One
45bWith hearts in love abounding
45cWarm with love, my heart's inditing
45dHail, mighty Jesus, how divine
46aGod is the refuge of His saints
46bGod is our refuge and our strength
46cGod is our refuge, tried and proved
47Oh for a shout of sacred joy
48Great is the Lord our God
49Jehovah speaks; let man be awed
50The Lord, the Judge before His throne
51aShow pity, Lord; O Lord, forgive
51bLord I am vile, conceiv'd in sin
51cO thou that hear'st when sinners cry'
51dO God of mercy, hear my call
52In vain the powers of darkness try
53The foes of Zion quake for fright
54Save me by Thy glorious name
55O God, my refuge, hear my cries
56God counts the sorrows of His saints
57My God, in whom are all the springs
58Lord, make my conversation chaste
59I am hated, Lord! by those
60O God, Thou hast cast off Thy saints
61aWhen overwhelm'd with grief
61bHail, gracious source of every good
62When dangers press and fears invade
63aEarly, my God, without delay
63bO God of love, my God Thou art
63cO God, Thou art my God alone
64Hear, O Lord, our supplication
65Good is the Lord, the heavenly King
66aSing, all ye nations, to the Lord
66bO all ye lands, rejoice in God
67aTo bless Thy chosen race
67bGod of mercy, God of grace
68aLet God arise, and scattered
68bAs Thy chosen, people, Lord
68cKingdoms and thrones to God belong
69Lord, I would stand with thoughtful eye
70Make haste, O God, my soul to bless!
71aMy Saviour, my almighty Friend
71bMy God, my everlasting hope
72aJesus shall reign where'er the sun

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