Spurgeon's Own Hymn Book

Compiled 1866 original edition: C. H. Spurgeon
Editor: Chris Fenner, Matt Boswell
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications Ltd., Fearn, Ross-shire, IV20 1TW, Great Britain, 2019
Language: English
Notes: A new reediting of the 1866 "Our Own Hymn Book" compiled by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.
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72bHasten, Lord, the glorious time
73aLord, what a thoughtless wretch was I
73bGod, my supporter and my hope
73cWhom have we, Lord, in heaven but Thee
74Of every earthly stay bereftText
75That Thou, O Lord, art ever nighText
76God in His church is knownText
77Will God forever cast us off
78O praise our great and gracious Lord
79Thou gracious God, and kind
80Great Shepherd of Thine Israel
81O God, our strength, to Thee the song
82The kings of earth are in the handsText
83O God, be Thou no longer stillText
84aHow pleasant, how divinely fair
84bGreat God, attend, while Zion sings
84cLord of the worlds above
85Salvation is forever nigh
86Thy listening ear, O Lord, incline
87God in His earthly temple lays
88Lord God of my salvation
89aMy never-ceasing songs shall show
89bO greatly blest the people are
90Our God, our help in ages past
91aHe that hath made his refuge God
91bThere is a safe and secret place
91cYe sons of men, a feeble race
92aSweet is the work, my God, my King
92bLord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand
93Jehovah reigns, He dwells in light
94Can guilty man, indeed, believe
95aSing to the Lord Jehovah's name
95bCome, sound His praise abroad
95cO come, loud anthems let us sing
96Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands
97Jehovah reigns! O earth, rejoice
98Sing to the Lord a new-made song
99Reigns Jehovah, King supreme
100aBefore Jehovah's awful throne
100bAll people that on earth do dwell
100cWith one consent let all the earth
100dYe nations round the earth, rejoice
101Lord, when I lift my voice to Thee
102aHear me, O God, nor hide Thy face
102bThou shalt arise, and mercy haveText
103aMy soul, repeat His praise
103bO bless the Lord, my soul
103cPraise, my soul, the King of heaven
104O worship the King
105O render thanks and bless the Lord
106aO render thanks to God above
106bGod of eternal love
107aO give thanks unto the LordText
107bHow are Thy servants blest, O Lord!Text
108O God, my heart is fully bent
109Stranger and pilgrim here below
110Jesus, Lord, to Thee we singText
111Praise the Lord; with exultation
112Blessed is the man that feareth
113Hallelujah! Raise, oh raise
114When forth from Egypt's trembling strand
115All glory be to TheeText
116aI love the Lord; He heard my cries
116bWhat shall I render to my God
116cRedeem'd from guilt, redeem'd from fears
117aAll ye nations, praise the Lord
117bFrom all that dwell below the skies
117cThy name, Almighty Lord
118aTo Jehovah hymn the layText
118bBehold the sure foundation stone
118cThee, Jehovah, will I blessText
119aO how I love Thy holy law!
119bO that the Lord would guide my ways
119cMy soul lies cleaving to the dust
119dMy soul lies grov'ling low
119eConsider all my sorrows, Lord
119fO that Thy statutes every hour
119gFather, I bless Thy gentle hand
120Woe's me that I in Mesech am
121To heav'n I lift my waiting eyes
122aHow did my heart rejoice to hear
122bPray that Jerusalem may have
123Unto Thee I lift my eyes
124Had not the Lord, my soul may cry
125aUnshaken as the sacred hill
125bWho in the Lord confide
126When God reveal'd His gracious name
127Vainly through the night the ranger
128How blest the man who fears the Lord
129Many times since days of youth
130Our of the depths of doubt and fear
131Quiet, Lord, my froward heart
132Arise, O King of grace, arise
133Behold, how good a thing it is
134Praise to God on high be given
135aO praise the Lord with one consent
135bPraise ye the Lord, exalt His name
136aLet us with a gladsome mind
136bGive to our God immortal praise
137Far from my heavenly home

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