A Selection of Hymns: from the best authors, intended to be an appendix to Dr. Watt's psalms and hymns. (1st Am. ed.)

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ITo God the universal kingTextPage Scan
IIEternal God! Almighty causeTextPage Scan
IIIThou art, O God! a spirit pureTextPage Scan
IVLord, thou hast been thy childrens GodTextPage Scan
VGreat former of this various frameTextPage Scan
VIThy name, how infinite they beTextPage Scan
VIIYe servants of your God, his fameTextPage Scan
VIIILord, thou with an unerring beamTextPage Scan
IXKeep silence all created thingsTextPage Scan
XGlory to the eternal kingTextPage Scan
XIWait, O my soul, thy maker's willTextPage Scan
XIIYe humble souls, approach your GodTextPage Scan
XIIIAwake, my soul, in joyful laysTextPage Scan
XIVWhen the eternal bows the skiesTextPage Scan
XVThy mercy, my God, is the theme of my songTextPage Scan
XVILord, and am I yet aliveTextPage Scan
XVIIHoly and reverend is the nameTextPage Scan
XVIIIGreat God, my maker, and my KingTextPage Scan
XIXYe humble saints, proclaim abroadTextPage Scan
XXWhat is our God, or what his nameTextPage Scan
XXIWhen first the God of boundless graceTextPage Scan
XXIIFather of glory, to thy nameTextPage Scan
XXIIIGod is a name my soul adoresTextPage Scan
XXIVGreat Author of th' immortal mind!TextPage Scan
XXVMy grateful tongue, immortal KingTextPage Scan
XXVIEternal Power! whose high abodeTextPage Scan
XXVIILook up, ye saints, direct your eyesTextPage Scan
XXVIIILord, thy pervading knowledge strikesTextPage Scan
XXIXEternal wisdom thee we praiseTextPage Scan
XXXYe sons of men, with joy recordTextPage Scan
XXXIThy ways, O Lord, with wise designTextPage Scan
XXXIILord, when our raptur'd thought surveysTextPage Scan
XXXIIIThro' all the various shifting sceneTextPage Scan
XXXIVGod moves in a mysterious wayTextPage Scan
XXXVGreat God of Providence! thy waysTextPage Scan
XXXVIHow are thy servant's bless'd, O LordTextPage Scan
XXXVIIAlmighty father, gracious LordTextPage Scan
XXXVIIIAdam our father and our headTextPage Scan
XXXIXWith tears of anguish I lamentTextPage Scan
XLAstonish'd and distress'dTextPage Scan
XLIWhat jarring natures dwell withinTextPage Scan
XLIIArise, my tenderest thoughts, ariseTextPage Scan
XLIIIHow precious is the book divineTextPage Scan
XLIVWhen Israel thro' the desert pass'dTextPage Scan
XLVLet avarice from shore to shoreTextPage Scan
XLVIFather of mercies, in thy wordTextPage Scan
XLVIIThat God, who made the worlds on highTextPage Scan
XLVIIIThy Sire, and her who brought thee forthTextPage Scan
XLIXRaise, thoughtless sinner, raise thine eyeTextPage Scan
LHere, Lord, my soul convicted standsTextPage Scan
LINo strength of nature can sufficeTextPage Scan
LIICurst be the man, for ever curstTextPage Scan
LIIIIsrael in ancient daysTextPage Scan
LIVGod, in the gospel of his SonTextPage Scan
LVJesus, th' eternal Son of GodTextPage Scan
LVIOn Sion, his most holy mountTextPage Scan
LVIIBlow ye the trumpet, blowTextPage Scan
LVIIILoud let the tuneful trumpet soundTextPage Scan
LIXWhat wisdom, majesty and graceTextPage Scan
LXWhat shall the dying sinner doTextPage Scan
LXIShall Atheists dare insult the crossTextPage Scan
LXIIHow happy are weTextPage Scan
LXIIIWho shall condemn to endless flamesTextPage Scan
LXIVO my distrustful heartTextPage Scan
LXVSons we are, thro' God's electionTextPage Scan
LXVIThe God of Abraham praiseTextPage Scan
LXVIIMy God, the covenant of thy love,TextPage Scan
LXVIIIO Lord my God, whose sov'reign loveTextPage Scan
LXIXNow begin the heavenly themeTextPage Scan
LXXEnslav'd by sin and bound in chainsTextPage Scan
LXXIHark! the voice of love and mercyTextPage Scan
LXXII'Tis finish'd so the Savior criedTextPage Scan
LXXIIIShall Jesus descend from the skiesTextPage Scan
LXXIVO thou, who didst thy glory leaveTextPage Scan
LXXVHail! thou once despised JesusTextPage Scan
LXXVIFather, God, who seest in meTextPage Scan
LXXVIIHail! mighty Jesus; how divineTextPage Scan
LXXVIIIOnce as the Savior pass'd alongTextPage Scan
LXXIXWhen some kind shepherd from his foldTextPage Scan
LXXXAs on the cross the Savior hungTextPage Scan
LXXXIDear Savior, we are thineTextPage Scan
LXXXIITo God, my Savior and my kingTextPage Scan
LXXXIIIWherewith O Lord, shall I draw nearTextPage Scan
LXXXIVJesus, thy blood and righteousnessTextPage Scan
LXXXVGreat God of wonders! all thy waysTextPage Scan
LXXXVIHow oft, alas, this wretched heartTextPage Scan
LXXXVIIForgiveness! 'tis a joyful soundTextPage Scan
LXXXVIIIMy sorrows like a floodTextPage Scan
LXXXIXMy Savior, let me hear thy voiceTextPage Scan
XCWhat mean these jealousies and fearsTextPage Scan
XCILet others boast their ancient lineTextPage Scan
XCIISovereign of all the worlds on highTextPage Scan
XCIIIHark! for 'tis God's own son that callsTextPage Scan
XCIVBlessed are the sons of GodTextPage Scan
XCVNot all the nobles of the earthTextPage Scan
XCVIOur heavenly father calls TextPage Scan
XCVIIMy rising soul, with strong desiresTextPage Scan
XCVIIIO for a closer walk with GodTextPage Scan
XCIXO that I knew the secret placeTextPage Scan
CWhere shall we sinners hide our headsTextPage Scan

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