A Selection of Hymns: from the best authors, intended to be an appendix to Dr. Watt's psalms and hymns. (1st Am. ed.)

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DIThe spring, great God, at thy commandTextPage Scan
DIIHow hast thou Lord, from year to yearTextPage Scan
DIIIO the immense, th' amazing heightTextPage Scan
DIVTo praise the ever bounteous LordTextPage Scan
DVSee how the little toiling antTextPage Scan
DVIStern winter throws his icy chainsTextPage Scan
DVIISee, how rude winter's icy handTextPage Scan
DVIIIEternal source of every joy!TextPage Scan
DIXCome, thou fount of every blessingTextPage Scan
DXGreat God, we sing that mighty handTextPage Scan
DXIGod of my life, to thee belongTextPage Scan
DXIII my Ebenezer raiseTextPage Scan
DXIIISince Jesus freely did appearTextPage Scan
DXIVKindred in Christ, for his dear sakeTextPage Scan
DXVFor a season called to partTextPage Scan
DXVIThy presence, everlasting GodTextPage Scan
DXVIIHow soft the words my Savior speaks!TextPage Scan
DXVIIIYe hearts with youthful vigor warmTextPage Scan
DXIXNow let a true ambition riseTextPage Scan
DXXMust all the charms of nature thenTextPage Scan
DXXIWith humble heart and tongueTextPage Scan
DXXIINow let our hearts conspire to raiseTextPage Scan
DXXIIIBlest is the man whose heart expandsTextPage Scan
DXXIVEternal God, enthroned on highTextPage Scan
DXXVSee, gracious God, before thy throneTextPage Scan
DXXVIWhen Abraham, full of sacred aweTextPage Scan
DXXVIILord, how shall wretched sinners dareTextPage Scan
DXXVIIIWhile o'er our guilty land, O LordTextPage Scan
DXXIXTo thee, who reign'st supreme aboveTextPage Scan
DXXXOn Britain, long a favor'd IsleTextPage Scan
DXXXIGreat ruler of the earth and skiesTextPage Scan
DXXXIIPraise to the Lord, who bows his earTextPage Scan
DXXXIIIPraise to the Lord, whose mighty handTextPage Scan
DXXXIVTo thee, almighty God, we bringTextPage Scan
DXXXVWhat hath God wrought! might Isreal sayTextPage Scan
DXXXVILord, thou hast bid thy people prayTextPage Scan
DXXXVIIThou only center of my restTextPage Scan
DXXXVIIILord, I am paine'; but I resignTextPage Scan
DXXXIXDeath, with his dread commission seal'dTextPage Scan
DXLDost thou my profit seekTextPage Scan
DXLIA while remained the doubtful strifeTextPage Scan
DXLIISovereign of life, I own thy handTextPage Scan
DXLIIIAlmighty maker of my frameTextPage Scan
DXLIVGod of eternity, from theeTextPage Scan
DXLVSovereign ruler of the skiesTextPage Scan
DXLVIHow long shall earth's alluring toysTextPage Scan
DXLVIIHow various and how newTextPage Scan
DXLVIIIEternity is just at handTextPage Scan
DXLIXThou God of glorious majesty!TextPage Scan
DLMy thoughts, that often mount the skiesTextPage Scan
DLIYe virgin souls, ariseTextPage Scan
DLIIWhen death appears before my sightTextPage Scan
DLIIILord, when we see a saint of thineTextPage Scan
DLIVWhile on the verge of life I standTextPage Scan
DLVLord, 'tis an infinite delightTextPage Scan
DLVIThy life I read, my dearest LordTextPage Scan
DLVIIWhen blooming youth is snatch'd awayTextPage Scan
DLVIIIYe mourning saints, whose streaming tearsTextPage Scan
DLIXWhat scenes of horror and of dreadTextPage Scan
DLX'Tis finished, 'tis done! the spirit is fledTextPage Scan
DLXIPrepare me gracious GodTextPage Scan
DLXII"Why flow these torrents of distress?"TextPage Scan
DLXIIIPeace, 'tis the Lord Jehovah's handTextPage Scan
DLXIVThe God of love will sure indulgeTextPage Scan
DLXVHeaven has confirm'd the great decreeTextPage Scan
DLXVINow let our drooping hearts rceiveTextPage Scan
DLXVIIGuide me, O thou great Jehovah!TextPage Scan
DLXVIIIWhy should our mourning thoughts delightTextPage Scan
DLXIXHow long shall death the tyrant reignTextPage Scan
DLXXHow great, how terrible that GodTextPage Scan
DLXXIMethinks the last great day is comeTextPage Scan
DLXXIIAnd will the judge descend?TextPage Scan
DLXXIIIAttend, my ear; my heart, rejoiceTextPage Scan
DLXXIVWhen shall thy lovely face be seen?TextPage Scan
DLXXVLo! he cometh! countless trumpetsTextPage Scan
DLXXVILo! he comes with clouds descendingTextPage Scan
DLXXVIIDay of judgment, day of wondersTextPage Scan
DLXXVIIIHe comes! he comes! to judge the worldTextPage Scan
DLXXIXWhen thou my righteous judge shall comeTextPage Scan
DLXXXLord, when I read the traitor's doomTextPage Scan
DLXXXISinner, O why so thoughtless grown?TextPage Scan
DLXXXIIIn what confusion earth appearsTextPage Scan
DLXXXIIICome, Lord, and warm each languid heartTextPage Scan
DLXXXIVOn Jordan's stormy banks I standTextPage Scan
DLXXXVOn wings of faith, mount up my soul and riseTextPage Scan
DLXXXVIAwake, ye saints, and raise your eyesTextPage Scan
DLXXXVIIO for a sweet inspiring rayTextPage Scan
DLXXXVIIIEarth has engross'd my love too longTextPage Scan

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