The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts

Author: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 1806
Language: English
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II.96Down headlong from their native skiesText
II.97From heav'n the sinning angels fellText
II.98My heart, how dreadful hard it is!Text
II.99Let the whole race of creatures lieText
II.100How full of anguish is the thoughtText
II.101When in the light of faith divineText
II.102No, I'll repine at death no moreText
II.103Come, happy souls, approach your GodText
II.104Raise your triumphant songsText
II.105And are we wretches yet alive?Text
II.106O, if my soul were formed for woeText
II.107That awful day will surely comeText
II.108Come, let us lift our joyful eyesText
II.109Lord, we adore thy vast designsText
II.110And must this body die?Text
II.111Zion, rejoice, and Judah, singText
II.112Great God! to what glorious heightText
II.113The majesty of SolomonText
II.114I sing my Savior's wondrous deathText
II.115High as the heav'ns above the groundText
II.116How can I sink with such a propText
II.117I cannot bear thine absence, LordText
II.118Blood has a voice to pierce the skiesText
II.119Laden with guilt, and full of fearsText
II.120The Lord declares his willText
II.121The law commands, and makes us knowText
II.122My God, permit me not to beText
II.123Away from every mortal careText
II.124'Tis not the law of ten commandsText
II.125Life and immortal joys are giv'nText
II.126The Lord, descending from aboveText
II.127Thus did the sons of Abram passText
II.128Blest with the joys of innocenceText
II.129'Tis by the faith of joys to comeText
II.130Attend, while God's exalted SonText
II.131Let everlasting glories crownText
II.132We bless the Prophet of the LordText
II.133Eternal Spirit! we confessText
II.134The promise was divinely freeText
II.135Behold the woman's promised Seed!Text
II.136The King of Glory sends his SonText
II.137Behold the blind their sight receiveText
II.138This is the word of truth and loveText
II.139My dear Redeemer and my LordText
II.140Give me the wings of faith to riseText
II.141My Savior God, my Sovereign PrinceText
II.142Not all the blood of beastsText
II.143What diff'rent powers of grace and sinText
II.144Great was the day, the joy was greatText
II.145I love the windows of thy graceText
II.146Man has a soul of vast desiresText
II.147Now let a spacious world arise,Text
II.148Dearest of all the names aboveText
II.149Eternal Sovereign of the skyText
II.150Sin has a thousand treach'rous artsText
II.151'Twas by an order from the LordText
II.152Not to the terrors of the LordText
II.153Sin, like a venomous diseaseText
II.154Where are the mourners, saith the LordText
II.155Lo, the destroying angel fliesText
II.156I hate the tempter and his charmsText
II.157Now Satan comes with dreadful roarText
II.158Broad is the road that leads to deathText
II.159Great King of glory and of graceText
II.160Let the wild leopards of the woodText
II.161Strait is the way, the door is straitText
II.162My thoughts surmount these lower skiesText
II.163Dear Lord! behold our sore distressText
II.164Why should this earth delight us so?Text
II.165Long have I sat beneath the soundText
II.166How shall I praise th' eternal GodText
II.167Great God! thy glories shall employText
II.168Jehovah reigns, his throne is highText
II.169The Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne is built on highText
II.170Can creatures to perfection findText
III.1'Twas on that dark, that doleful nightText
III.2Jesus invites his saintsText
III.3The promise of my Father's loveText
III.4How condescending and how kindText
III.5Let us adore th' eternal WordText
III.6Jesus is gone above the skiesText
III.7When I survey the wondrous crossText
III.8COME, Jet us join a joyful tuneText
III.9Let all our tongues be oneText
III.10Nature with open volume standsText
III.11Lord, how divine thy comforts are!Text
III.12How rich are thy provisions, Lord!Text
III.13How sweet and aweful is the placeText
III.14Now have our hearts embraced our GodText
III.15The memory of our dying LordText
III.16Now let our pains be all forgotText
III.17We sing th' amazing deedsText
III.18Jesus! we bow before thy feetText
III.19At thy command, our dearest LordText
III.20Lord, we adore thy bounteous handText
III.21Come, let us lift our voices highText
III.22Our spirits join t' adore the LambText
III.23Sitting around our Father's boardText
III.24Father, we wait to feel thy graceText
III.25How are thy glories here displayed!Text

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