The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts

Author: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 1806
Language: English
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Ps.201The Lord Jehovah reignsText
Ps.202O God, to whom revenge belongsText
Ps.203Who will arise and plead my rightText
Ps.204Sing to the Lord Jehovah's nameText
Ps.205Come, sound his praise abroadText
Ps.206Come, let our voices join to raiseText
Ps.207Sing to the Lord, ye distant landsText
Ps.208Let all the earth their voices raiseText
Ps.209He reigns! the Lord, the Savior reignsText
Ps.210The Lord is come; the heav'ns proclaimText
Ps.211Th' Almighty reigns exalted highText
Ps.212Ye islands of the northern seaText
Ps.213To our Almighty Maker, GodText
Ps.214Joy to the world! the Lord is come!Text
Ps.215The God Jehovah reigns!Text
Ps.216Exalt the Lord our GodText
Ps.217Ye nations round the earth, rejoiceText
Ps.218Sing to the Lord with joyful voiceText
Ps.219Mercy and judgment are my songText
Ps.220Of justice and of grace I singText
Ps.221Hear me, O God, nor hide thy faceText
Ps.222Let Zion and her sons rejoiceText
Ps.223It is the Lord our Savior's handText
Ps.224Bless, O my soul, the living GodText
Ps.225The Lord, how wondrous are his ways!Text
Ps.226O bless the Lord, my soul!Text
Ps.227My soul, repeat his praiseText
Ps.228The Lord, the sovereign KingText
Ps.229My soul, thy great Creator praise:Text
Ps.230Give thanks to God, invoke his nameText
Ps.231To God, the great, the ever-blestText
Ps.232God of eternal loveText
Ps.233Give thanks to God; he reigns aboveText
Ps.234From age to age exalt his nameText
Ps.235Vain man, on foolish pleasures bentText
Ps.236Would you behold the works of GodText
Ps.237Thy works of glory, mighty LordText
Ps.238When God, provoked with daring crimesText
Ps.239God of my mercy and my praiseText
Ps.240Thus the eternal Father spakeText
Ps.241Thus the great Lord of earth and seaText
Ps.242Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy throneText
Ps.243Songs of immortal praise belongText
Ps.244Great is the Lord; his works of mightText
Ps.245That man is blest who stands in aweText
Ps.246Thrice happy man who fears the LordText
Ps.247Happy is he that fears the LordText
Ps.248Ye that delight to serve the LordText
Ps.249Ye servants of th' Almighty KingText
Ps.250When Isr'el, freed from Pharaoh's handText
Ps.251Not to ourselves, who are but dustText
Ps.252Not to our names, thou only just and trueText
Ps.253I love the Lord; he heard my criesText
Ps.254What shall I render to my GodText
Ps.255O all ye nations, praise the LordText
Ps.256From all that dwell below the skiesText
Ps.257Thy name, Almighty LordText
Ps.258The Lord appears my helper nowText
Ps.259Lord, thou hast heard thy servant cryText
Ps.260Behold the sure foundation-stoneText
Ps.261This is the day the Lord hath madeText
Ps.262See what a living stoneText
Ps.263Lo! what a glorious corner-stoneText
Ps.264Blest are the undefiled in heartText
Ps.265To thee, before the dawning lightText
Ps.266Thou art my portion, O my GodText
Ps.267How shall the young secure their heartsText
Ps.268O how I love thy holy law!Text
Ps.269Lord, I esteem thy judgments rightText
Ps.270Let all the heathen writers joinText
Ps.271Lord, I have made thy word my choiceText
Ps.272Thy mercies fill the earth, O LordText
Ps.273Behold thy waiting servant, LordText
Ps.274O that the Lord would guide my waysText
Ps.275My God, consider my distressText
Ps.276With my whole heart I've sought thy face:Text
Ps.277Consider all my sorrows, LordText
Ps.278O that thy statutes every hourText
Ps.279My soul lies cleaving to the dustText
Ps.280When pain and anguish seize me, LordText
Ps.281Father, I bless thy gentle handText
Ps.282Thou God of love, thou ever-blestText
Ps.283Up to the hills I lift mine eyesText
Ps.284To heav'n I lift my waiting eyesText
Ps.285Upward I lift mine eyesText
Ps.286How did my heart rejoice to hearText
Ps.287How pleased and blest was IText
Ps.288O thou whose grace and justice reignText
Ps.289Had not the Lord, may Isr'el sayText
Ps.290Unshaken as the sacred hillText
Ps.291Firm and unmoved are theyText
Ps.292When God restored our captive stateText
Ps.293When God revealed his gracious nameText
Ps.294If God succeed not, all the costText
Ps.295If God to build the house denyText
Ps.296O happy man, whose soul is filledText
Ps.297Up from my youth, may Isr'el sayText
Ps.298Out of the deeps of long distressText
Ps.299From deep distress and troubled thoughtsText
Ps.300Is there ambition in my heart?Text

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