Psalms: carefully suited to the Christian worship in the United States of America: being an improvement of the old versions of the Psalms of David

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45bI'll speak the honours of my KingTextPage Scan
45cNow be my heart inspir'd to singTextPage Scan
45dThe King of saints, how fair his faceTextPage Scan
46aGod is the refuge of his saintsTextPage Scan
46bLet Zion in her King rejoiceTextPage Scan
47Oh for a shout of sacred joyTextPage Scan
48aGreat is the Lord our GodTextPage Scan
48bFar as thy name is knownTextPage Scan
49aWhy doth the man of riches growTextPage Scan
49bYe sons of pride, that hate the justTextPage Scan
49cWhy do the proud insult the poorTextPage Scan
50aThe Lord, the Judge, before his throneTextPage Scan
50bThus saith the Lord, the spacious fieldsTextPage Scan
50cWhen Christ to judgment shall descendTextPage Scan
50dThe Lord, the Judge, his churches warnsTextPage Scan
50eThe Lord, the sov'reign sends his summons forthTextPage Scan
50fThe God of glory sends his summons forthTextPage Scan
51aShow pity Lord, O Lord, forgiveTextPage Scan
51bLord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sinTextPage Scan
51cO thou who hear'st when sinners cryTextPage Scan
51dLord, I would spread my sore distressTextPage Scan
51eO God of mercy, hear my callTextPage Scan
52aWhy should the mighty make their boastTextPage Scan
52bWhy should the haughty hero boastTextPage Scan
53Are all the foes of Sion foolsTextPage Scan
54Behold us, Lord, and let our cryTextPage Scan
55aO God, my refuge, hear my criesTextPage Scan
55bLet sinners take their courseTextPage Scan
56O thou whose justice reigns on highTextPage Scan
57My God in whom are all the springsTextPage Scan
58Judges, who rule the world by lawsTextPage Scan
59From foes, that round us riseTextPage Scan
60Lord thou hast scourg'd our guilty landTextPage Scan
61When overwhelmed with griefTextPage Scan
62My spirit looks to God aloneTextPage Scan
63aEarly, my God, without delayTextPage Scan
63b'Twas in the watches of the nightTextPage Scan
63cGreat God, indulge my humble claimTextPage Scan
63dMy God, permit my tongueTextPage Scan
64Great God, attend to my complaintTextPage Scan
65aThe praise of Sion waits for theeTextPage Scan
65bThe God of our salvation hearsTextPage Scan
65cPraise waits in Sion, Lord, for theeTextPage Scan
65d'Tis by thy strength the mountains standTextPage Scan
65eGood is the Lord, the heav'nly KingTextPage Scan
66aSing, all ye nations, to the LordTextPage Scan
66bNow shall my solemn vows be paidTextPage Scan
67Shine, mighty God, on Sion shineTextPage Scan
68aLet God arise in all his mightTextPage Scan
68bLord when thou didst ascend on highTextPage Scan
68cWe bless the Lord, the just, the goodTextPage Scan
69aSave me, O God, the swelling floodsTextPage Scan
69bNow let our lips with holy fearTextPage Scan
69cFather, I sing thy wond'rous graceTextPage Scan
69dDeep in our hearts let us record TextPage Scan
69e'Twas for our sake, eternal GodTextPage Scan
70In haste, O God, attend my callTextPage Scan
71aMy God, my everlasting hopeTextPage Scan
71bMy Saviour, my almighty FriendTextPage Scan
71cGod of my childhood, and my youthTextPage Scan
72aGreat God, whose universal swayTextPage Scan
72bJesus shall reign where'er the sunTextPage Scan
73aNow I'm convinc'd the Lord is kindTextPage Scan
73bGod, my supporter and my hopeTextPage Scan
73cLord, what a thoughtless wretch was ITextPage Scan
73dSure there's a righteous GodTextPage Scan
74Will God forever cast us off!TextPage Scan
75To thee, most high and holy GodTextPage Scan
76In Judah God of old was knownTextPage Scan
77aTo God I cry'd with mournful voiceTextPage Scan
77bHow awful is thy chast'ning rod!TextPage Scan
78aLet children hear the mighty deedsTextPage Scan
78bO what a stiff rebellious houseTextPage Scan
78cWhen Isra'l sinn'd, the Lord reprov'dTextPage Scan
78dGreat God, how oft did Isra'l proveTextPage Scan
79Behold, O God, what cruel foesTextPage Scan
80Great shepherd of thine IsraelTextPage Scan
81Sing to the Lord aloudTextPage Scan
82Among th' assemblies of the greatTextPage Scan
83And will the God of graceTextPage Scan
84aHow pleasant, how divinely fairTextPage Scan
84bGreat God attend while Sion sings TextPage Scan
84cMy Soul how lovely is the placeTextPage Scan
84dLord of the worlds aboveTextPage Scan
85aLord, thou hast call'd thy grace to mindTextPage Scan
85bSalvation is forever nighTextPage Scan
86Among the princes, earthly godsTextPage Scan
87God in his earthly temple laysTextPage Scan
88O God of my salvation, hearTextPage Scan
89aForever shall my song recordTextPage Scan
89bMy never-ceasing song shall showTextPage Scan
89cWith rev'rence let the saints appearTextPage Scan
89dBlest are the souls who hear and knowTextPage Scan
89eHear what the Lord in vision saidTextPage Scan
89fYet (saith the Lord) if David's raceTextPage Scan
89gRemember, Lord, our mortal stateTextPage Scan
89hThink, mighty God, on feeble manTextPage Scan
90aThro' ev'ry age, eternal GodTextPage Scan
90bOur]God, our help in ages pastTextPage Scan
90cLord, if thine eyes survey our faultsTextPage Scan

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