Joel Barlow

Joel Barlow
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Short Name: Joel Barlow
Full Name: Barlow, Joel, 1754-1812
Birth Year: 1754
Death Year: 1812

Barlow, Joel, born at Reading, Connecticut, 1755 [sic], graduated at Yale 1778, and died near Cracow, Poland, 1812, He was well known as an author and politician during and after the American Revolution. His publications include Hasty Pudding; Columbia, &c. In 1785, at the request of the (Congregational) General Association of Connecticut, he corrected and enlarged Dr. Watts's Psalms, supplying those omitted by Watts, and adapting the whole to American thought and circumstances. This work, published in 1786, went through various editions, and, although officially superseded by Dwight in 1800, it continued to be issued for many years after. Its title is somewhat curious as setting forth its design. It reads:— Psalms carefully suited to the Christian Worship in the United States of America, being Dr. Watts’ Imitation of the Psalms of David, as improved by Mr. Barlow. Of his renderings of the Psalms, there are still in common use:—
1. Awake, my soul, to sound His praise. Ps. cviii. This is No. 233 in Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, 1872, and other collections.
2. Lord,Thou hast scourged our guilty land. Ps. lx. Altered from Watts. Also in Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, No. 1312.
3. Our land, O Lord, with songs of praise. Ps. xxxi . In the Philadelphia Presbyterian Hymnal, 1874.
4. In Thee, great God, with songs of praise. National Hymn. This is No. 3 in a slightly different form. It is No. 962 in N. Adams's Church Pastorals, Boston, 1804. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Joel Barlow (March 24, 1754 – December 26, 1812) was an American poet, and diplomat, and politician. In politics, he supported the French Revolution and was an ardent Jeffersonian republican. He worked as an agent for American speculator William Duer to set up the Scioto Company in Paris in 1788, and to sell worthless deeds to land in the Northwest Territory which it did not own. Scholars believe that he did not know the transactions were fraudulent. He stayed in Paris, becoming involved in the French Revolution. He was elected to the Assembly and given French citizenship in 1792.

Texts by Joel Barlow (27)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Almighty God appear and saveJoel Barlow (Alterer)English1
Along the banks where Babel's current flowsJoel Barlow (Author)English33
And why will God neglect my call?Joel Barlow (Author)English2
Awake, my soul! to sound His praiseJoel Barlow (Author)English46
Behold, O God, what cruel foesJoel Barlow (Author)English5
From foes that round us riseBarlow (Author)English2
Great God, attend my humble callJoel Barlow (Author)English9
Great God, attend to my complaintJoel Barlow (Author)English7
Great God, who formed for social joysBarlow (Author)English2
Had not the God of truth and loveJoel Barlow (Author)English7
Happy the man to whom his GodJoel Barlow (Author)English1
In anger, Lord, rebuke me notJoel Barlow (Author)English5
In haste, O God, attend my callJoel Barlow (Author)English3
In thee, great God, with songs of praiseJoel Barlow (Author)English19
Judge me, O God, and plead my cause Against a sinful raceJoel Barlow (Author)English3
Let earth, with every isle and seaJoel Barlow (Author)English12
Lord, let our humble cryJoel Barlow (Author)English5
Lord, thou hast scourged our guilty landJoel Barlow (Author)English22
O God of my salvation, hear, My nightly groans, my daily prayerJoel Barlow (Author)English10
Our land, O Lord, with songs of praiseJoel Barlow (Alterer)1
Protect us Lord from fatal harmJoel Barlow (Author)English3
Thus the eternal Father spakeJoel Barlow (Author)English15
To thee, most high and holy GodBarlow (Author)English1
To thee, O God of truth and loveJoel Barlow (Alterer)English1
To thee, O Lord, I raise my criesJoel Barlow (Author)English1
Why should the haughty hero boastBarlow (Author)English2
Why should the mighty make their boastJoel Barlow (Author)English7

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