Jubilate Deo: a hymn and service book

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299Tell me not in mournful numbersRATHBUN
300Among all songs, no sweeter oneNEWTON
301Courage, brother, do not stumbleRATHBUN
302He who has the truth, and keeps itRATHBUN
303Joy to the world, the Lord is comeANTIOCH
304My God, I thank thee: may no thoughtANTIOCH
305O'er the dark wave of GalileeFEDERAL STREET
306A voice upon the midnight airFEDERAL STREET
307O suffering Friend of human kindFEDERAL STREET
308Come, said Jesus' sacred voiceHORTON
309When my Love to Christ grows weakHORTON
310Father, we thy promise claimHORTON
311Tell me the old, old storyTHE OLD, OLD STORY
312Amid the din of earthly strifeAUDITE AUDIENTES ME
313It singeth low in every heartAUDITE AUDIENTES ME
314Calm on the list'ning ear of nightGOULD
315Again the Lord of life and lightGOULD
316The bud will soon become a flowerGOULD
317Loved one, farewellREQUIEM
318Rest, spirit, restREQUIEM
319Across the snow-clad waste
320Another year of setting suns
321The forests gave their oak and pine
322Not always on the mount may we
323A goodly tree our fathers planted here
324Calm on the bosom of thy God
325Father in heaven, hear us today
326Dost thou hear the bugle sounding[Dost thou hear the bugle sounding]
327Welcome, welcome is the greeting[Welcome, welcome is the greeting]
328Onward, Christian soldiersST. GERTRUDE
329Forward! be our watchwordST. THERESA
330Our fathers' faith, we sing of thee[Our fathers' faith, we sing of thee]
331Our fathers were high-minded menROBINSON
332We limit not the truth of GodROBINSON
333Through the changing seasonsLOS ANGELES
334The rose is queen among the flowersTHE ROSE IS QUEEN
335God hath sent his angels
336O never despair at the troubles of lifeALL'S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD
337Sweet evening hour! sweet evening hour!
338With the sweet word of peaceCOVENANT
338bLet the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heartBENEDICTION
339I need thee ev'ry hour[I need thee ev'ry hour]
340Sowing the seed by the daylight fair
341Hope for the day is dawning
342Gentle Jesus, pure and holy
343The morning hangs its signal
344Kind words can never die
345Lo! the day of God is breaking
346When for me the silent oar[When for me the silent oar]
347God be with you till we meet again[God be with you till we meet again]
348Should auld acquaintance be forgotAULD LANG SYNE
349How sweet, how heavenly is the sightAULD LANG SYNE
350Be thou faithful unto death![Be thou faithful unto death!]
351O star of Truth, down shiningO STAR OF TRUTH
352So here hath been dawning[So here hath been dawning]
353The soldier keeps his wakeful watchVIGIL
354I live for those who love meHOFER
355Come, friends, the world wants mending[Come, friends, the world wants mending]
356Rouse up to work that waits for us[Rouse up to work that waits for us]
357An offering to the shrine of pow'rELLACOMBE
358May ev'ry year[May ev'ry year]
359No pow'r on earth shall sever[No pow'r on earth shall sever]
360Rise! for the day is passing[Rise! for the day is passing]
361There are lonely hearts to cherish[There are lonely hearts to cherish]
362There lives a voice within me[There lives a voice within me]
363O what a world this might be[O what a world this might be]
364My country, 'tis of theeAMERICA
365God bless our native land[God bless our native land]
366To thee I have devotedROSS
367Gone are those great and goodAMERICA
368The light of truth is breakingBATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC
369Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LordBATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC
370"In this sign we conquer" 'Tis the symbol of our faithBATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC
371O Lord, our God, thy mercy led our fathersHOAR
372O God, most holy, merciful, and mightyHOAR
373The breaking waves dashed high[The breaking waves dashed high]
374High hopes that burned like stars sublime
375O lead me, Father, lest I stray
376Now, host with host assembling
377Have you heard the Golden City
378I believe in Human Kindness
379I believe in God, the Father
380God giveth quietness at last
381How blest the righteous when he dies!
382God of the living, in whose eyes
383To him who children blessed
384Mine eyes have seen the dawning of a coming glorious morn
385Jesus, I fain would find
386Bid the din of battle cease!

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