Jubilate Deo: a hymn and service book

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200God's trumpet wakes the slumbering worldCHRISTMAS
201Our God, our God, thou shinest hereCHRISTMAS
202Father, whate'er of earthly blissNAOMI
203I long for household voices goneNAOMI
204A holy air is breathing roundNAOMI
205If thou but suffer God to guide theeCHORALE
206O when the hours of life are pastCHORALE
207Thou, who canst guide the wand'ring starHEBRON
208Lord of all being, throned afarHEBRON
209For all thy gifts we praise thee, LordHEBRON
210Not forever on thy kneesEATON
211City of God, how broad and farEATON
212One holy Church of God appearsDEDHAM
213All men are equal in their birthDEDHAM
214A wondrous star our pioneerDEDHAM
215aHark, hark, my soul! thy Father's voice is callingPILGRIMS
215bOut from the heart of nature rolledPILGRIMS
216The God that to the fathersALFORD
217Here be no man a strangerALFORD
218Our Father, while our hearts unlearnMARTYRDOM
219Now is the time approachingMARTYRDOM
220O God, the Rock of AgesAURELIA
221Where men on mounts of visionAURELIA
222Come, kingdom of our GodLEIGHTON
223Come to me, thoughts of heavenLEIGHTON
224Hush the loud cannon's roarLEIGHTON
225My soul, be on thy guardLABAN
226Make use of me, my GodLABAN
227Come, brothers, let us goLABAN
228O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brotherABBEY
229Why come not spirits from the realms of gloryABBEY
230O Lord, how happy should we beARIEL
231Hast thou, 'midst life's empty noisesSALTER
232O Father, though the anxious fearSALTER
233The Lord will come and not be slowSALTER
234Behold us, Lord, a little spaceCOLCHESTER
235O pure Reformers, not in vainCOLCHESTER
236The night is the mother of the dayCOLCHESTER
237In heavenly love abidingEWING
238O God, I thank thee for each sightMISSIONARY CHANT
239Go forth to life, O child of earth!MISSIONARY CHANT
240Press on press on ye sons of lightMISSIONARY CHANT
241O lead me, Lord, that I may leadMISSIONARY CHANT
242As the storm retreatingHACKLEY HALL
243Purer yet and purerHACKLEY HALL
244In life's earnest morningHACKLEY HALL
245My life flows on in endless songMATERNA
246We wonder and adore God's workings to exploreGANNETT
247Is nature all so beautifulALSTONE
248My God, permit me not to beALSTONE
249I said it in the meadow-pathALSTONE
250Silent, like men in solemn hasteALSTONE
251All seeing God, 'tis thine to knowHURSLEY
252He liveth long who liveth wellHURSLEY
253In love to God and love to manHURSLEY
254There are those, who, bending supple kneesHURSLEY
255Weary of all this wordy strifeHURSLEY
256The uplifted eye and bended kneeHURSLEY
257In quiet hours the tranquil soulHURSLEY
258What shall I frame my life to gain?HURSLEY
259Father, I know that all my lifeST. BEDE
260O Shadow in a sultry land!ST. BEDE
261Lord, what offering shall we bringSPANISH HYMN
262They who seek the throne of graceSPANISH HYMN
263God moves in a mysterious wayHUMMEL
264Workman of God, oh, lose not heartHUMMEL
265When courage fails, and faith burns lowHUMMEL
266O God, the darkness roll awayHUMMEL
267I worship thee, sweet Will of GodHUMMEL
268When all thy mercies, O my GodHUMMEL
269There's a strife we all must wagePOSEN
270Take my life, and let it bePOSEN
271We are building every dayPOSEN
272One by one, the sands are flowingST. SYLVESTER
273Father, breathe an evening blessingST. SYLVESTER
274Jesus, by thy simple beautyST. SYLVESTER
275Father, give thy benedictionST. SYLVESTER
276Awake, our souls, away our fearsTRURO
277O Life that maketh all things newTRURO
278Thou Lord of Hosts, whose guiding handTRURO
279For the beauty of the earthDIX
280Without haste, and without restDIX
281O Prophet souls of all the yearsBALERMA
282Thou, long disowned, reviled, oppressedBALERMA
283We pray no more, made lowly wiseCONISTON
284Be true to every inmost thoughtCONISTON
285I cannot think of them as deadCONISTON
286Teach me, my God and KingBOYLSTON
287Mourn for the thousands slainBOYLSTON
288How gentle God's commandsBOYLSTON
289Jesus, my strength, my hopeMORNINGTON
290Sow in the morn thy seedMORNINGTON
291Who drives the horses of the sunDUNDEE
292He prayeth best, who loveth bestDUNDEE
293The world may change from old to newDUNDEE
294A nameless man, amid a crowdDUNDEE
295God of ages and of nations!AUSTRIA
296Once to every man and nationAUSTRIA
297In the cross of Christ I gloryRATHBUN
298Onward, Christian, though the regionRATHBUN

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