The Irish Presbyterian Hymbook

Publisher: Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2004
Denomination: Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
P50bThe mighty God, the LordPRAGUEPage Scan
P50cThe mighty God, the Lord, doth speakCOLCHESTERTextPage Scan
P50dThe mighty God, the Lord, doth speakYORKTextPage Scan
P51aAfter thy loving-kindness, LordST MARYTextPage Scan
P51bAfter thy loving-kindness, LordST KILDATextPage Scan
P51cAfter thy loving-kindness, LordEDENTextPage Scan
P52Why boast thyself, O mighty manMELROSETextPage Scan
P53That there is not a God, the foolST FLAVIANTextPage Scan
P54Save me, O God, by thy great nameST JAMESTextPage Scan
P55aHear thou my prayer, O God, hide notCULROSSTextPage Scan
P55bHear thou my prayer, O God, hide notMARTYRSTextPage Scan
P56Show mercy, Lord, to me, for manSONG 67 (ST MATTHIAS)TextPage Scan
P57aBe merciful to me, O GodMARTYRDOM (FENWICK)TextPage Scan
P57bThy mercy, Lord to me extendMELCOMBETextPage Scan
P58Do ye, O congregation, thenNORWICHTextPage Scan
P59aMy God, deliver me from thoseST NEOTTextPage Scan
P59bMy God, deliver me from thoseCRIMONDTextPage Scan
P60O God, thou hast rejected usKILSYTHTextPage Scan
P61aO God, give ear unto my crySALZBURG (HAYDN)TextPage Scan
P61bO God, give ear unto my cryST CYRILTextPage Scan
P61cLord, hear my voice, my prayer attendMANNATextPage Scan
P62aMy soul with expectation dothHOWARDTextPage Scan
P62bMy soul with expectation dothYORKTextPage Scan
P63aLord, thee my God, I'll early seekJACKSON (BYZANTIUM)TextPage Scan
P63bLord, thee my God, I'll early seekWETHERBYTextPage Scan
P64Unto the voice of my complaintBURFORDTextPage Scan
P65aPraise waits for thee in Zion, LordABRIDGE (ST STEPHEN)TextPage Scan
P65bEarth thou dost visit, watering itTALLIS'S ORDINALTextPage Scan
P65cEarth thou dost visit, watering itGLASGOWTextPage Scan
P66aAll lands to God, in joyful soundsCREDITONTextPage Scan
P66bAll lands to God, in joyful soundsBISHORPTHORPETextPage Scan
P67aLord, bless and pity usST OLAVETextPage Scan
P67bLord, bless and pity usSELMATextPage Scan
P67cLord, bless and pity usFRANCONIATextPage Scan
P67dO God, be merciful to usDURHAMTextPage Scan
P68aLet God arise, and scatteredASPURGTextPage Scan
P68bO God, what time thou didst go forthST ANNETextPage Scan
P68cO God, what time thou didst go forthWALDECKTextPage Scan
P68dGod's chariots twenty thousand areSHEFFIELDTextPage Scan
P68eGod's chariots twenty thousand areWINCHESTER OLDTextPage Scan
P69aSave me, O God, because the floodsST NEOTTextPage Scan
P69bThe name of God I with a songLANCASTERTextPage Scan
P70aO God, to save me hasteWIRKSWORTHTextPage Scan
P70bMake haste, O God , me to preserveUXBRIDGETextPage Scan
P71aO Lord, my hope and confidenceABBEYTextPage Scan
P71bBut as for me, with confidenceST LEONARDTextPage Scan
P72aO Lord, thy judgments give the kingTALLIS'S ORDINALTextPage Scan
P72bO Lord, thy judgments give the kingST LAWRENCETextPage Scan
P72cHis name for ever shall endureEFFINGHAMTextPage Scan
P73aYea, God is good to IsraelLONDON NEWTextPage Scan
P73bYea, God is good to IsraelWESTMINSTERTextPage Scan
P74aO God, why hast thou cast us off?ST NEOTTextPage Scan
P74bFor certainly God is my kingRAVENSBURGTextPage Scan
P74cHow that the foe hath thee reproachedST NEOTTextPage Scan
P74dO God, why hast thou cast us off?OLMÜTZTextPage Scan
P75To thee, O God, do we give thanksWALDECKTextPage Scan
P76In Judah God is known, his nameMARTYRSTextPage Scan
P77aMy voice I will lift up to GodELGINTextPage Scan
P77bThen said I, This my weakness isST NICHOLASTextPage Scan
P78Attend, my people, to my lawTALLIS'S ORDINALTextPage Scan
P79O God, into thy heritageST KILDATextPage Scan
P80Hear, Israel's Shepherd! like a flockEVANTextPage Scan
P81aSing loud to God our strength; with joyOLD 81STTextPage Scan
P81bSing loud to God our strength; with joyPRAETORIUSTextPage Scan
P82In gods' assembly God doth judgeST THOMASTextPage Scan
P83Keep not, O God, we thee entreatNORWICHTextPage Scan
P84aHow lovely is thy dwelling placeHARINGTON (RETIREMENT)TextPage Scan
P84bHow lovely is thy dwelling-placeST CYRILTextPage Scan
P84cHow lovely is your dwelling-placeWETHERBYText
P85aThou hast been favourable, LordICONIUMTextPage Scan
P85bThou hast been favourable, LordST BERNARDTextPage Scan
P85cLord, thine heart in love hath yearnedST DUNSTANTextPage Scan
P86aO Lord, do thou bow down thine earFARRANTTextPage Scan
P86bO Lord, do thou bow down thine earST ANNETextPage Scan
P87Upon the hills of holinessST GREGORYTextPage Scan
P88Lord God, my Saviour, day and nightBANGORTextPage Scan
P89aGod's mercies I will ever singWINCHESTER OLDTextPage Scan
P89bGod's mercies I will ever singST STEPHEN (NEWINGTON)TextPage Scan
P89cIn vision to thy holy oneSOUTHWARKTextPage Scan
P89dIn vision to thy holy oneMANCHESTERTextPage Scan
P89eBut, wroth with thine anointed, thouCHESHIRETextPage Scan
P90aLord, thou hast been our dwelling-placeST ANNETextPage Scan
P90bLord, thou hast been our dwelling-placeST MARYTextPage Scan
P90cTurn yet again to us, O LordFARRANTTextPage Scan
P90dTurn yet again to us, O LordKILMARNOCKTextPage Scan
P90eLord, thou hast been our dwelling-placeLUTHER'S HYMNTextPage Scan
P91aHe that doth in the secret placeFRENCH (DUNDEE)TextPage Scan
P91bHe that doth in the secret placeFELIXTextPage Scan
P92aTo render thanks unto the LordHOWARDTextPage Scan
P92bTo render thanks unto the LordST PETER (REINAGLE)TextPage Scan
P93aThe Lord doth reign, and clothed is heSTROUDWATERTextPage Scan
P93bThe Lord is king and wearethCHRISTUS DER IST MEIN LEBEN (BREMEN)TextPage Scan
P94O Lord, the God to whom aloneCOLESHILLTextPage Scan
P95aO come, and let us to the LordDUNFERMLINETextPage Scan
P95bO come, and let us to the LordIRISHTextPage Scan
P95cO come, and let us to the LordBON ACCORDTextPage Scan
P95dO come, let us sing to the LordST CYPRIANTextPage Scan
P96aO sing a new song to the LordST GEORGETextPage Scan
P96bO sing a new song to the LordST MAGNUS (NOTTINGHAM)TextPage Scan
P97aGod reigneth, let the earth be gladCOLCHESTERTextPage Scan

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