The Irish Presbyterian Hymbook

Publisher: Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2004
Denomination: Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Language: English
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75Today Your mercy calls usPENLANPage Scan
76Up from the depths I cry to GodPETERSHAM
77A gladsome hymn of praise we singDOMINUS REGIT METextPage Scan
78aAll my hope on God is foundedMICHAEL
78bAll my hope on God is foundedGROESWENPage Scan
79Be still, my soul: the Lord is on your sideFINLANDIATextPage Scan
80For the might of Your arm we bless YouCORMACTextPage Scan
81God has made me, and He knows me[God has made me, and He knows me]
82God is always near meST CYRILText
83God is love: let heaven adore HimABBOT'S LEIGHText
84God is my strong salvation -BREMEN (CHRISTUS DER IST MEIN LEBEN)Text
85God is our strength and refugeDAMBUSTERS MARCH
86God is so goodGOD IS SO GOODText
87You can be happy, and I can be happy[You can be happy, and I can be happy]Text
88aGod, who made the earthBEECHWOODTextPage Scan
88bGod, who made the earthSOMMERLIEDText
89Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my FatherFAITHFULNESSTextPage Scan
90How strong and sure my Father's careTALLIS'S CANON
91I'll lift my voice, O LordHAREWOODText
92Listen to my prayer, LordNORTH COATES
93Lord, I come before Your throne of grace[Lord, I come before Your throne of grace]
94Lord, I would own Your tender careNEWBURYTextPage Scan
95Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETTextPage Scan
96O Father of the fatherless[O Father of the fatherless]
97Praise our God with shouts of joyHARTS
98The King of Love my shepherd isDOMINUS REGIT ME
99The Lord my shepherd rules my lifeBROTHER JAMES'S AIR
100Timeless love! We sing the storyTIMELESS LOVE
101When all Your mercies, O my GodCONTEMPLATION
102You're my light and my salvation[You're my light and my salvation]
103Father, hear the prayer we offerGOTT WILL'S MACHENTextPage Scan
104Guide me, O my great RedeemerCWM RHONDDATextPage Scan
105Jesus, draw me ever nearer[Jesus, draw me ever nearer]
106aLead, kindly light, amid the encircling gloomSANDONTextPage Scan
106bLead, kindly light, amid the encircling gloomALBERTATextPage Scan
107Lead us, heavenly Father, lead usMANNHEIM
108O God of Bethel, by whose handSALZBURG
109A little child may knowSANDYSTextPage Scan
110Break into song at the deeds of the Lord[Break into song at the deeds of the Lord]
111When Noah built a great big boat[When Noah built a great big boat]
112Can you be sure that the rain will fall?[Can you be sure the rain will fall]
113Come, sing praises to the Lord aboveCALYPSO CAROL
114God everlasting, at Your wordDUNFERMLINE
115God is love, His mercy brightensSUSSEXText
116God moves in a mysterious wayLONDON NEWText
117God's love is deeper than the deepest ocean[God's love is deeper than the deepest ocean]
118He's got the whole wide world in His hands[He's got the whole wide world in His hands]TextPage Scan
119I lift my eyes to the quiet hillsDAVOS
120In heavenly love abidingPENLANPage Scan
121In heavenly love abidingIN HEAVENLY LOVE
122Like a mighty river flowingOLD YEAVERING
123Like a river gloriousWYE VALLEY
124Look and learn from the birds of the airLOOK AND LEARN
125Lord, for the years Your love has kept and guidedLORD OF THE YEARS
126Sing to the Lord a joyful songGONFALON ROYALText
127There is no moment of my lifeMAISEMORE
128Though troubles assail and dangers affrightOLD 104THTextPage Scan
129Through all the changing scenes of lifeWILTSHIRETextPage Scan
130When Zion's fortunes God restoredCREDITONTextPage Scan
131Christ be the Lord of all our daysGATESCARTH
132Great God, we sing Your mighty handWAREHAMText
133Heavenly Father, You have brought usRUSTINGTONTextPage Scan
134March on, my soul, with strengthCHRISTCHURCHTextPage Scan
135O Christ the same, through all our story's pagesLONDONDERRY AIR
136O God, our help in ages pastST ANNETextPage Scan
137All things are Yours; nothing of oursO WALY WALYTextPage Scan
138Christ is made our sure foundationWESTMINSTER ABBEY
139This stone of faith, O Lord, we layOMBERSLEYTextPage Scan
140All those who trust the LordST CECILIATextPage Scan
141Christ is the King! O friends rejoiceVULPIUS (GELOBT SEI GOTT)Text
142City of God, how broad and farRICHMONDTextPage Scan
143Glorious things of you are spokenAUSTRIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
144How good and how pleasant it is[How good and how pleasant it is]
145How good a thing it isSANDYS
146Jesus put this song into our hearts[Jesus put this song into our hearts]
147Lord of the Church, we pray for our renewingLONDONDERRY AIR
148Men of faith, rise up and sing[Men of faith, rise up and sing]
149Onward, Christian soldiers!ST GERTRUDE
150The Church's one foundationAURELIA
151Through the night of doubt and sorrowMARCHINGText
152We are marching in the light of God (Siyahamb' ekukhanyen' kwenkos')SIYAHAMBA
153We come before our Father's GodLUTHER'S HYMNPage Scan
154Welcome to the family[Welcome to the family]
155Your hand, O God, has guidedTHORNBURYText
156Your hand, O God, has guided[Your hand, O God has guided]
157Bright the vision that delightedLAUS DEO
158Father God, we worship You[Father God, we worship You]
159Firmly I believe and trulySHIPSTON
160Glory be to God the FatherREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
161Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!NICAEATextPage Scan
162aI bind myself to God todayST PATRICKPage Scan
162bI bind myself to God todayGARTANPage Scan
163We believe in God AlmightyCORDE NATUS
164As we seek Your face[As we seek Your face]
165aBe still, for the glory of the Lord is shining all aroundBE STILL
165bBe still, for the glory of the Lord is shining all aroundBE STILL
166Eternal Light! Eternal Light!NEWCASTLEText
167Father, we adore You[Father, we adore You]
168Focus my eyes, on You, O LordFOCUS MY EYES
169God is here! As we His peopleIVINGHOE

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