Hymns for Today's Church (2nd ed.)

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330May God be gracious to us!GRACIOUS GOD
331Rejoice, O land, in God your LordWAREHARM
332Remember, Lord, the world you madeLONDON NEW
333The kingdom of God is justice and joyHANOVERPage Scan
334Your kingdom come, O God!ST. CECILIATextPage Scan
335When Christ was lifted from the earthSAN ROCCO
336Bring to the Lord a glad new songJERUSALEM
337Come, O Fount of every blessingSICILIAN MARINERS
338aBrightest and best of the suns of the morningEPIPHANY HYMN
338bBrightest and best of the suns of the morningEPIPHANY
339aEternal light, shine in my heartSEVEN SEAS
339bEternal light, shine in my heartSARAH RACHEL
340God of gods, we sound his praisesGOD OF GODSText
341God, we praise you! God, we bless you!RUSTINGTONTextPage Scan
342aLet all the world in every corner singLUCKINGTONText
342bLet all the world in every corner singHERBERTText
343New songs of celebration renderRENDEZ À DIEUTextPage Scan
344O worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessWAS LEBETTextPage Scan
345Praise the Lord, his glories showLLANFAIRText
346Praise we offer, Lord of gloryALLELUIA, DULCE CARMENPage Scan
347Rejoice today with one accordEIN'FESTE BURGTextPage Scan
348Shout for joy, loud and longPERSONENT HODIE
349aSing a new song to the LordONSLOW SQUARE
349bSing a new song to the LordLITTLEBOURNE
350Songs of praise the angels sangNORTHAMPTONTextPage Scan
351Stand up and bless the LordCARLISLEText
352Sing to God new songs of worshipODE TO JOYText
353You holy angels brightDARWALL'S 148th
354Sing praise to the Lord!LAUDATE DOMINUM
355Christian, seek not yet reposeVIGILATE
356Dear Lord and Father of mankindREPTONPage Scan
357Father and God, from whom our world derivesWOODLANDS
358Father God in heaven, Lord most highKUM BA YAHText
359Father of heaven, whose love profoundRIVAULXTextPage Scan
360aFather, hear the prayer we offerGOTT WILL'S MACHENText
360bFather, hear the prayer we offerMARCHINGText
360cFather, hear the prayer we offerSUSSEXText
361God made me for himself, to serve him hereFARLEY CASTLE
362How can we sing with joy to GodBILLING
363aGreat Shepherd of your people, hear!ABRIDGEText
363bGreat Shepherd of your people, hear!OSWALD'S TREEText
363cGreat Shepherd of your people, hear!IRISHText
364Jesus, stand among usCASWALLTextPage Scan
365Listen to my prayer, LordLISTENINGText
366a'Lift up your hearts!' We lift them to the LordWOODLANDSText
366b'Lift up your hearts!' We lift them to the LordYANWORTHText
367Lord, teach us how to pray arightST. HUGHTextPage Scan
368O for a closer walk with GodCAITHNESS
369My God, how wonderful you areWESTMINSTER
370May the grace of Christ our saviourHALTON HOLGATEText
371Lord Jesus, when your people meetWAREHAMText
372Prayer is the soul’s supreme desireSONG 67
373aWhat a friend we have in JesusBLAENWERNText
373bWhat a friend we have in JesusCONVERSEText
374aO Lord our guardian and our guideABRIDGE
374bO Lord our guardian and our guideBALLERMA
375Come, let us with our Lord arise!MADRIDTextPage Scan
376First of the week and finest dayGALILEEText
377Sweet is the work, my God, my KingDEEP HARMONYTextPage Scan
378Ring from your steeple, bells of gladness!STEEPLE BELLS
379This is the day the Lord has madeBISHOPTHORPETextPage Scan
380This is the day of lightDOMINICATextPage Scan
381Baptized in waterSILCHESTERText
382Born of the waterPASSFIELD
383Here God's life-giving wordSALVE FESTA DIES
384Father, now behold usNORTH COATES
385God the Father, name we treasureOBIIT
386Have you not heard? Do you not knowBINCHESTER
387My trust I place in God’s good graceACH, GOTT UND HERR
388This is the truth which we proclaimFOSSEBRIDGE
389We know that Christ is raised and dies no moreENGELBERG
390Now through the grace of God we claimST. BOTOLPH
391All-holy Father, king of endless gloryISTE CONFESSOR
392aAnd now, O Father, mindful of the loveUNDE ET MEMORES
392bAnd now, O Father, mindful of the loveSONG 1
393As we break the breadSOMMERLIEDText
394At the supper, Christ the LordLIEBSTER JESU
395Author of life divineAUTHOR OF LIFE
396Bread of the world in mercy brokenRENDEZ À DIEUTextPage Scan
397aBehold the eternal King and PriestRUSHFORD
397bBehold the eternal King and PriestMELCOMBE
398aBread of heaven, on you we feedARFON
398bBread of heaven, on you we feedBREAD OF HEAVEN
399aCome, risen Lord, as guest among your own!LAVENDON
399bCome, risen Lord, as guest among your own!SURSUM CORDA
400Deck yourself, my soul, with gladnessSCHMÜCKE DICHText
401Draw near and take the body of the LordELBERTON
402Father almighty, we your humble servantsCHRISTE FONS JUGIS
403For the bread which you have brokenCROSS OF JESUSPage Scan
404Here, Lord, we take the broken breadST. COLUMBA
405He gave his life in selfless loveSELFLESS LOVE
406Here, O my Lord, I see you face to faceST. AGNES (LANGRAN)TextPage Scan
407I am not worthy, holy LordBANGOR
408aI come with joy to meet my LordUNIVERSITY
408bI come with joy to meet my LordBARCHESTER FAIR
409aI hunger and I thirstIBSTONEText
409bI hunger and I thirstECCLESText
410O Lord, you gave in love divineROSELAND
411In the quiet consecrationSTENKA RAZINText
412In memory of the Saviour’s loveSALTFLEETBY ALL SAINTSText

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