Hymns and Psalms: a Methodist and ecumenical hymn book

Publisher: Methodist Publishing House, London, 1983
Language: English
Notes: ISBN: 0 946550 01 8
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495aHe wants not friends that hath thy loveVERMONT
495bHe wants not friends that hath thy loveWHITEHALL
496I to the hills will lift mine eyesDUNDEE
497How pleased and blest was ISCHONSTER HERR JESU (ASCALON)
498I lift up mine eyes to the hills
499aKing of Glory, King of PeaceGWALCHMAI
499bKing of Glory, King of Peace
500Lord God, your love has called us hereABINGDON
501Meet and right it is to singAMSTERDAM
503O praise him!
504O heavenly King, look down from aboveHOUGHTONText
505O worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessWAS LEBET
506Praise him, praise him[Praise him, praise him]
507Praise the Lord of heaven
508aPraise the Lord with joyful cryMONKLAND
508bPraise the Lord with joyful cry
509Praise ye the Lord, ye servantsOLD 124TH
510Pray that Jerusalem may haveYORK
511Sing praise to God who reigns aboveMIT FREUDEN ZART
512aSongs of praise the angels sangLAUDS
512bSongs of praise the angels sangNORTHAMPTON
513aStand up, and bless the LordCARLISLE
513bStand up, and bless the LordDONCASTER
514aSweet is the work, my God, my KingDEEP HARMONY
514bSweet is the work, my God, my King
515The Church's one foundationAURELIA
516Ye gated, lift up your headsST. GEORGE`S EDINBURGH
517aCome, thou fount of every blessingNETTLETON
517bCome, thou fount of every blessingNORMANDY (BOST)
518Father God in heavenLE P`ING (CHINESE)
519Father of heaven, whose love profoundRIVAULX
520Father, whose everlasting loveMELCOMBE
521aHark, my soul! It is the LordST. BEES
521bHark, my soul! It is the LordPETERSFIELD
522Dear Master, in whose life I seeHERONGATE
523Hushed was the evening hymnSAMUEL
524I need thee every hourNEED
525Kum ba ya, my LordKUM BA YAH
526It passeth knowledge, that dear love of thineEPHESIAN
527Jesus, Saviour ever mildRESONET IN LAUDIBUS
528aJesus, lover of my soulABERYSTWYTH
528bJesus, lover of my soulHOLLINGSIDE
529Jesus, if still the same thou artCAREY
530Jesus, stand among usCASWALL
531Lo, God is here, let us AdoreVENI CITO
532Lord Christ, we praise your sacrificeABINGDON
533Lord Jesus, think on meSOUTHWELL (DAMON)
534Now let us see thy beauty, LordEDGWARE
535aMaster, speak! Thy servant hearethMAGISTER/OTTAWA
535bMaster, speak! Thy servant hearethMORGEN, KINDER
536aO for a heart to praise my GodSTOCKTON
536bO for a heart to praise my GodABRIDGE
537O send thy light forth and thy truthNUN DANKET ALL
538aO the bitter shame and sorrowALL OF THEE
538bO the bitter shame and sorrow
539aOne who is all unfit to countFINGAL
539bOne who is all unfit to count
540Open, Lord, my inward earLEAMINGTON
541aSaviour, and can it beDEVOTION
541bSaviour, and can it beIRENE
542aTalk with us, Lord, thyself revealST. NICHOLAS
542bTalk with us, Lord, myself revealTIVERTON
543Thou art before me, LordSURSUM CORDIA (SMITH)
544Thou hidden love of GodBEATI
545We do not know how to pray
546aCome, my soul, thy suit prepareTHEODORA (HANDEL)
546bCome, my soul, thy suit prepareSAVANNAH
547Head of the church, our risen LordNURNBERG
548Give to me, Lord, a thankful heartGATESCARTH
549Jesus, where'er thy people meetWAREHAM
550Lamb of God, whose dying loveATONEMENT
551Lord, teach us how to pray aright
552aLord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joySLANE
552bLord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joyMINIVER
553Lord, speak to me, that I may speakGALILEE
554O God of our forefathers, hearDAVID`S HARP
555O that mine eyes might closed beCHARMINSTER
556Pray for the Church, afflicted and oppressedSONG 1
557aPrayer is the soul's sincere desireNOX PRAECESSIT
557bPrayer is the soul's sincere desireWIGTON
558aShepherd divine, our wants relieveST. ETHELDREDA
558bShepherd divine, our wants relieveSENNEN COVE
559aWhat a friend we have in JesusCONVERSE/ERIE
559bWhat a friend we have in JesusMANOR HOUSE
560Shine thou upon us, LordSUPPLICATION
561Father we thank you
562How do thy mercies close me round!LASUS
563My God, I am thineHARWICH
564My God, I thank thee, who hast madeWENTWORTH
565Praise him, praise him, all his childrenBONNER
566aNow thank we all our GodNUN DANKET
566bNow thank we all our God
566cNow thank we all our GodGRACIAS
567O come, and let us to the LordIRISH
568O Lord, enlarge our scant thoughtEDEN
569O what shall I do my Saviour to praiseHANOVER
570Thanks be to God
571aSometimes a light surprisesJUBILATE
571bSometimes a light surprisesPETITION

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