Hymns and Psalms: a Methodist and ecumenical hymn book

Publisher: Methodist Publishing House, London, 1983
Language: English
Notes: ISBN: 0 946550 01 8
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416As pants the hart for cooling streamsMARTYRDOM/AVON
417Can I forget bright Eden's graceST. JOHN (WELSH)
418Come, O thou all-victorious LordWARWICK
419Creator of the earth and skiesPLAISTOW
420aIn Adam we have all been oneST. MARY
420bIn Adam we have all been oneST. NICHOLAS
421How blest is life if lived for theeBROADMEAD (DAVID'S HARP)
422I want a principle withinST. LEONARD (SMART)
423Lord, I was blind!ELY
424O crucified RedeemerLLANGLOFFAN
425Lord, save thy world; in bitter needBRESLAU
426O God of earth and altarKING`S LYNN
427aO lift us up, strong Son of GodOXFORD NEW
427bO lift us up, strong Son of God
428There is no moment of my lifeKENWYN (HOPKINS)
429Out of the depths I cry to theeST. MARTIN (SHEPPARD)
430What Adam's disobedience costHERMON
431Where cross the crowded ways of lifeGERMANY
432Who fathoms the eternal thought?CLINTON
433aArm of the Lord, awake, awakeTRURO
433bArm of the Lord, awake, awakeDEUS TUORUM MILITUM (GRENOBLE)
434aCome, O thou Traveller unknownWRESTLING JACOB
434bCome, O thou Traveller unknownDAVID'S HARP
435aFor the might of thine armMOUNTAIN CHRISTIANS
435bFor the might of thine armTANWORTH
436aFather, hear the prayers we offerGOTT WILL'S MACHEN
436bFather, hear the prayers we offerSUSSEX
437Guide me, O thou great JehovahCWM RHONDDA
438Great is our redeeming LordJOSIAH
439aI'll praise my Maker while I've breathMONMOUTH
439bI'll praise my Maker while I've breathDRESDEN
440aOmnipotent RedeemerHOSANNA IN EXCELSIS
440bOmnipotent RedeemerWORSHIP
441aThrough the night of doubt and sorrowMARCHING
441bThrough the night of doubt and sorrowEBENEZER
442O God of Bethel, by whose handSALZBURG
443We praise, we worship thee, O GodCHURCH TRIUMPHANT
444As Jacob with travel was weary one dayJACOB`S LADDER
445Bright the vision that delightedLAUS DEO
446Hast thou not knownST. MARY
447Deep in the shadows of the past
448How glorious Zion's courts appearIRISH
449aHow gracious are their feetVENICE
449bHow gracious are their feetDAY OF PRAISE
450Moses, I know you're the manTHE PEOPLE OF GOD
451aNearer, my God, to thee
451bNearer, my God, to theeHORBURY
452The God of Abraham praiseLEONI
453We come unto our father's GodLUTHER
454The God who sent the prophetsKING`S LYNN
455Christ is the world's LightCHRISTE SANCTORIUM
456Christ is the world's true LightRINKART
457aChrist, whose glory fills the skiesHEATHLANDS
457bChrist, whose glory fills the skiesRATISBON
458aEternal Light!CHALFONT PARK
458bEternal Light!NEWCASTLE
459God, your glory we have seen in your SonDIEU NOUS AVONS VU TA GLOIRE
460Come, sinners, to the gospel feastGERMANY
461O splendour of God's glory brightWINCHESTER NEW
462aStupendous height of heavenly loveDURA
462bStupendous height of heavenly loveBICKLEY
463To God be the glory[To God be the glory]
464Walk in the light; so shalt thou knowTILTEY ABBEY
465We have a gospel to proclaimGERMANY
466Almighty God, thy word is castCLIFTON
467Break thou the bread of lifeBETHSAIDA
468Come, divine InterpreterSPANISH HYMN
469aCome, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspireNUN DANKET ALL
469bCome, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspireST. COLUMBA
470aCome, Lord, to our souls come downVENI, DOMINE
470bCome, Lord, to our souls come downMELLING
471For your holy book we thank you
472God, who has caused to be writtenCAUSA DIVINA
473Heavenly Father, may your blessingSALTASH
474Help us, O lord, to learnSANDYS
475Lord, I have made thy word my choiceSOUTHWELL
476Lord, thy word abidethRAVENSHAW
477aNot far beyond the sea nor highMANNA (SCHICHT)
477bNot far beyond the sea nor highCORNWALL
478aO Word of God incarnateBENTLEY
478bO Word of God incarnateNYLAND
479Powerful in making us wise to SalvationLIEBSTER IMMANUEL
480Spirit of truth, essential GodDAS NEUGEBORNE KINDELEIN
481aThe heavens declare Thy glory, LordNEW SABBATH
481bThe heavens declare Thy glory, LordST. BARTHOLOMEW
482Your words to me are life and healthCAPEL
483aThanks to God whose Word was spokenKINGLEY VALE
483bThanks to God whose Word was spoken
484aAngel voices, ever singingANGEL VOICES
484bAngel voices, ever singing
485Blessed city, heavenly SalemWESTMINSTER ABBEY
486Born in song!CHATSWORTH
487aCome, we that love the LordMOUNT EPHRAIM
487bCome, we that love the LordASCENSION
488Command thy blessing from aboveBROCKHAM
489From all that dwell below the skiesLASST UNS ERFREUEN
490Great Shepherd of thy people, hearWETHERBY
491New songs of celebrations renderRENDEZ A DIEU
492Give me joy in my heartSING HOSANNA
493Glory to God in the highest

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