Glory to God: the Presbyterian Hymnal

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1Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!NICAEAText InfoAudio
2Come, thou almighty KingITALIAN HYMNText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
3Womb of life and source of beingRAQUELText InfoAudio
4Holy God, we praise your nameGROSSER GOTT, WIR LOBEN DICHText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
5God the sculptor of the mountainsJENNINGS-HOUSTONText InfoAudio
6I bind unto myself todayST. PATRICKText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
6bI bind unto myself todayDEIRDREText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
7Mothering God, you gave me birthNORWICHText InfoAudio
8Eternal Father, strong to saveMELITAText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
9The play of the Godhead, the Trinity's dancePERICHORESISText InfoAudio
10Sing glory to the name of GodLASST UNS ERFREUENText InfoAudio
11Source and Sovereign, Rock and CloudABERYSTWYTHText InfoAudio
12Immortal, invisible, God only wiseST. DENIOText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
13The Mighty God with power speaksKINGSFOLDText InfoAudio
14For the beauty of the earthDIXText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
15All creatures of our God and KingLASST UNS ERFREUENText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
16O that I had a thousand voicesO DASS ICH TAUSEND ZUNGEN HÄTTEText InfoAudio
17Sing praise to God, you heavens!WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIENText InfoAudio
18Hallelujah! Sing praise to your Creator (Psalm 148)NYANYIKANLAH NYANYIAN BARUText InfoAudio
19God of great and God of smallGOD OF GREAT AND SMALLText InfoAudio
20Each little flower that opensROYAL OAKText InfoTextAudio
21Many and great, O God, are thy worksLACQUIPARLEText InfoTextAudio
22God of the sparrow God of the whaleROEDERText InfoAudio
23God, you spin the whirling planetsPLEADING SAVIORText InfoAudio
24God, who stretched the spangled heavensHOLY MANNAText InfoAudio
25O Lord, our God, how excellentWINCHESTER OLDText InfoAudio
26Earth and all stars!EARTH AND ALL STARSText InfoAudio
27Sacred the bodyTENDERNESSText InfoAudio
28You are before me, Lord, you are behindSURSUM CORDA (Smith)Text InfoAudio
29O God you search me and you know meO GOD, YOU SEARCH METext Info
30O God, in a mysterious wayDUNDEEText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
31Let us with a gladsome mindMONKLANDText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
32I sing the mighty power of GodELLACOMBEText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
33Praise the Lord! God's glories showLLANFAIRText InfoTextAudio
34Bless the Lord, my soul and being!RUSTINGTONText InfoAudio
35Praise ye the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creationLOBE DEN HERRENText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
36For the fruit of all creationAR HYD Y NOSText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
37Let all things now livingASH GROVEText InfoAudio
38To bless the earth God sends usCHRISTUS, DER IST MEIN LEBENText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
39Great is thy faithfulness, O God my FatherFAITHFULNESSText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
40Sprung from a word of God's speakingNELSONText InfoAudio
41O worship the King, all glorious above!LYONSText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
42Your faithfulness, O Lord, is sureWINCHESTER NEWText InfoAudio
43You who dwell in the shelter of the LordON EAGLE'S WINGSText InfoAudio
44Like a mother who has borne usAUSTINText InfoAudio
45I to the hills will lift my eyesDUNDEEText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
46Unless the Lord the house shall buildBOURBONText InfoTextAudio
47Bless all who trust in GodFRANCONIAText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
48Rain down, rain downRAIN DOWNText Info
49The God of Abraham praiseLEONIText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
50Deep in the shadows of the pastSHEPHERDS' PIPESText InfoTextAudio
51To Abraham and SarahLLANFYLLINText InfoAudio
52When Israel was in Egypt's landGO DOWN MOSESText InfoTextAudio
53O God, who gives us life and breathNOELText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
54Make a joyful noise to God!DIXText InfoAudio
55Come like driving wind, O GodNUN KOMM, DER HEIDEN HEILANDText InfoAudio
56Sing out with joy to God our strengthSHEPHERDS' PIPESText InfoAudio
57Tremble, O tremble!TROMBLEYText InfoAudio
58When Israel was going forthPISGAHText InfoTextAudio
59The steadfast love of the Lord never ceasesTHE STEADFAST LOVE OF THE LORDText InfoAudio
60Your endless love, your mighty actsST. MAGNUSText InfoAudio
61Your law, O Lord, is perfectCHRISTUS, DER IST MEIN LEBENText InfoAudio
62Love the Lord your GodGREAT COMMANDMENTText InfoAudio
63The Lord is God, the Lord alone!AZMONText InfoAudio
64I long for your commandmentsWOHL DENEN, DIE DA WANDELNText InfoAudio
65Guide me, O thou great JehovahCWM RHONDDAText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
66Upon the mountain, when my Lord spokePENTECOSTText InfoTextAudio
67My song forever shall recordPUER NOBIS NASCITURText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
68Heaven opened to IsaiahURI UWER' UWER' UWERAText InfoAudio
69I, the Lord of sea and skyHERE I AM (Schutte)Text InfoAudio
70What does the Lord require of you?MOONText InfoAudio
71Therefore you shall draw water with rejoicingFIRST SONGText InfoAudio
72By the Babylonian riversKAS DZIEDAJAText InfoAudio
73When God delivered IsraelSHEAVESText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
74When God restored our common lifeRESIGNATIONText InfoAudio
75We give thanks unto you, O God of mightWE GIVE THANKS UNTO YOUText InfoAudio
76Look up, a new thing I am doingISAIAH 43Text InfoAudio
77Isaiah the prophet has written of oldSAMANTHRAText InfoTextAudio
78You thirsty ones, come to the spring!HEAVEN'S RAINText InfoAudio
79Light dawns on a weary worldTEMPLE OF PEACEText InfoAudio
80You shall go out with joyTHE TREES OF THE FIELDText InfoAudio
81Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTRIAN HYMNText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
82Come, thou long-expected JesusHYFRYDOLText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
83Come, thou long-expected JesusSTUTTGARTText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
84Creator of the stars of nightCONDITOR ALME SIDERUMText InfoAudio
85Light one candle to watch for MessiahTIF IN VELDELEText InfoAudio
86The people who walked in darknessISAIAH 9Text InfoAudio
87"Comfort, comfort now my peopleGENEVAN 42Text InfoTextPage ScanAudio
88O come, O come, EmmanuelVENI EMMANUELText InfoTextAudio
89O Lord of Light, our only hope of gloryMY SOUL IN STILLNESS WAITSText InfoAudio
90Wait for the Lord, whose day is nearWAIT FOR THE LORDText InfoAudio
91Come, come EmmanuelCOME, COME EMMANUELText InfoAudio
92While we are waiting, comeWAITING (Cason)Text InfoAudio
93Lift up your heads, ye mighty gatesTRUROText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
94Now the heavens start to whisperJEFFERSONText InfoAudio
95Prepare the way of the LordPREPARE THE WAYText InfoAudio
96On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cryWINCHESTER NEWText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
97Watchman, tell us of the nightABERYSTWYTHText InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
98To a maid whose name was MaryANNUNCIATIONText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
99My soul gives glory to my GodMORNING SONGText InfoAudio

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