Glory to God: the Presbyterian Hymnal

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500Be known to us in breaking breadST. FLAVIANText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
501Feed us, LordFEED USText InfoAudio
502We who once were deadMIDDEN IN DE DOODText InfoAudio
503Lord, we have come at your own invitationO QUANTA QUALIAText InfoPage ScanAudio
504We come as guests invitedWIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIENText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
505The trumpets sound; the angels singTHE FEAST IS READYText InfoAudio
506Look who gathers at Christ's table!COPELANDText InfoAudio
507Come to the table of graceTABLE OF GRACEText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
508Come to the table (식탁에와서찬양드리세)COME TO THE TABLEText InfoAudio
509All who hunger, gather gladlyHOLY MANNAText InfoAudio
510We gather here in Jesus' nameCOME, SHARE THE LORDText InfoAudio
511Come, behold! the feast of heaven Alleluia!LLANFAIRText InfoAudio
512The bread and the wine are hereLOVE FEASTText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
513Worthy is Christ, the Lamb who was slainFESTIVAL CANTICLEText InfoAudio
514Soul, adorn yourself with gladnessSCHMÜCKE DICHText InfoAudio
515I come with joy, a child of GodDOVE OF PEACEText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
516For the bread which you have brokenKINGDOMText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
517Here, O our Lord, we see you face to faceMORECAMBEText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
518Your only Son, no sin to hideLAMB OF GODText InfoAudio
519You are my strength when I am weakJERNIGANText InfoAudio
520I will bless the Lord at all timesTASTE AND SEEText InfoAudio
521In remembrance of me, eat this breadREDText InfoAudio
522I am the bread of lifeI AM THE BREADText InfoAudio
523As when the shepherd calls his sheepBICENTENNIALText InfoAudio
524The rice of life from heaven cameBÍ-NÎUText InfoAudio
525Let us break bread together on our kneesLET US BREAK BREADText InfoTextAudio
526Let us talents and tongues employLINSTEADText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
527Eat this bread; drink this cupBERTHIERText InfoAudio
528Come, let us eat for now the feast is spreadA VA DEText InfoAudio
529Draw us in the Spirit's tetherUNION SEMINARYText InfoAudio
530Gentile or Jew, servant or freeONE BREAD, ONE BODYText InfoAudio
531Is not the bread we breakSEED SCATTEREDText InfoAudio
532Sheaves of wheat turned by sunlight into gold (Una espiga dorada por el sol)UNA ESPIGAText InfoAudio
533In the singing, in the silenceBREAD OF PEACEText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
534Now the silence Now the peaceNOWText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
535Bless the Lord, O my soulBLESS THE LORDText InfoAudio
536Rise, O church, like Christ arisenSURGE ECCLESIAText InfoAudio
537When at this table I receive a blessingFEASTDAYText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
538Christ the Lord to us saidHALELUYA! PELO TSA RONAText InfoAudio
539We will go out with joy in the SpiritWE WILL GO OUT WITH JOYText InfoAudio
540Farewell, good friends! (Shalom, chaverim!)SHALOM, CHAVERIMText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
541God be with you till we meet againRANDOLPHText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
542God be with you till we meet againGOD BE WITH YOUText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
543God, be the love to search and keep meGREEN TYLERText InfoAudio
544Bless the Lord, my soulBLESS THE LORD (Taizé)Text InfoAudio
545Lord, bid your servant go in peaceLAND OF RESTText InfoAudio
546Lord, dismiss us with your blessingSICILIAN MARINERSText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
547Go, my children, with my blessingAR HYD Y NOSText InfoAudio
548May God support you all your daysDICKINSON COLLEGEText InfoAudio
549May the love of the Lord rest upon your soul (唯 願 神 的 愛 撫 慰 你 的 靈)SOON TIText InfoAudio
550Give praise to the Lord, and sing a new songLAUDATE DOMINUMText InfoTextPage ScanAudio
551Lord, have mercy; Christ have mercyLAND OF RESTTextAudio
552Holy, holy, holy LordLAND OF RESTTextAudio
553Christ has died; Christ is risenLAND OF RESTTextAudio
554Amen, amen, amenLAND OF RESTTextAudio
555O Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the worldLAND OF RESTTextAudio
556Holy, holy, holy LordSANCTUS (Roberts)TextAudio
557Christ has died; Christ is risenMEMORIAL ACCLAMATION (Roberts)TextAudio
558Amen, amen, amen, amen, amenAMEN (Roberts)TextAudio
559Holy, holy, holy LordSANCTUS (Harling)TextAudio
560Christ has died; Christ is risenMEMORIAL ACCLAMATION (Harling)TextAudio
561Amen, amen, amenAMEN (Harling)TextAudio
562Holy, holy, holy LordSANCTUS (Scubert)TextAudio
563Christ has died; Christ is risenMEMORIAL ACCLAMATION (Schubert)TextPage ScanAudio
564Amen, amen, amenAMEN (Schubert)TextAudio
565Holy, holy holy LordSANCTUS (Haugen)TextAudio
566Christ has died; Christ is risenMEMORIAL ACCLAMATION 1 (Haugen)TextAudio
567Dying you destroyed our deathMEMORIAL ACCLAMATION 2 (Haugen)TextAudio
568Amen, amen amen!AMEN (Haugen)TextAudio
569Holy, holy, holy LordSANCTUS (Oliver)TextAudio
570Dying you destroyed our deathMEMORIAL ACCLAMATION (Oliver)TextAudio
571Amen, amen, amenAMEN (Oliver)TextAudio
572Holy, holy, holy LordSANCTUS (Pavlechko)TextAudio
573Christ has died; Christ is risenMEMORIAL ACCLAMATION (Pavlechko)TextAudio
574Amen, amen, amenAMEN (Pavlechko)TextAudio
575Lord, have mercy upon usKYRIE ELEISON (Pardini)TextAudio
576Lord have mercySINGAPURATextAudio
577Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)KYRIE ELEISON (Reindorf)TextAudio
578O Lord, have mercyORÉ PORIAJÚ VEREKÓTextAudio
579Lord, have mercy (Kyrie eleison)KYRIE ELEISON (Orthodox)TextPage ScanAudio
580Glory be to the FatherGLORIA PATRI (Scottish)TextPage ScanAudio
581Glory be to the FatherGLORIA PATRI (Greatorex)TextPage ScanAudio
582Glory to God, whose goodness shines on meGLORY TO GOD (Vasile)Audio
583Glory to God, glory to God (Gloria, gloria)GLORIA (Taizé)TextAudio
584Glory, glory, glory (¡Gloria, gloria, gloria)CUEQUITAAudio
585Glory to God, glory to God (¡Gloria a Dios, gloria a Dios)MACHU-PICHUTextPage ScanAudio
586Alleluia, alleluia, alleuiaALLELUIA 7TextAudio
587Alleluia! Alleluia!CELTIC ALLELUIATextAudio
588Alleluia, alleluia!JOYFUL ALLELUIATextAudio
589Alleluia, alleluia (Alleluya, alleluya)HONDURAS ALLELUIATextPage ScanAudio
590Hallelujah, hallelujahHALLELUJAH (Maraire)TextAudio
591O God, to whom shall we go?HALLE, HALLEAudio
592Holy, holy, holySANCTUS (Vasile)TextAudio
593Holy, holy, holy, holySANCTUS (Poole)TextAudio
594Who acompanies our people (Que acompaña a nuestro pueblo)CUÉLLARAudio
595Holy, holy holy (Santo, santo santo)ARGENTINE SANTOTextPage ScanAudio
596You are holy, you are whole (Eres santo, eres Dios)DU ÄR HELIGAudio
597Sanna, sannanina (Holy, most holy Lord)SANNANINAAudio
598Amen, we praise your name, O God (Amen siakudmisa!)AMEN SIAKUDUMISAAudio
599Amen, AmenDRESDEN AMENTextPage ScanAudio

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