Christian Worship: a hymnal

Editor: B. Fred Wise
Publisher: Judson Press, Philadelphia, 1941
Denomination: Disciples of Christ, Northern Baptist Convention
Language: English
Notes: Disciples of Christ hymnal is published by Bethany Press
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394From every stormy wind that blowsRETREAT
395My times are in Thy hand: My God, I wish them thereFERGUSON
396All the way my Saviour leads meALL THE WAY
397Saviour, more than life to me, I am clingingEVERY DAY AND HOUR
398Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languishCONSOLATOR
399How gentle God's commands!DENNIS
400We would see Jesus— for the shadows lengthenCONSOLATION
401Savior, like a shepherd lead usBRADBURY
402Give to the winds thy fearsDIADEMATA
403I sought the Lord, and afterward I knewKERR
404If thou but suffer God to guide theeNEUMARK
405He leadeth me, O blessed thoughtHE LEADETH ME
406How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordFOUNDATION
407Mighty Rock, whose towering formMIGHTY ROCK
408My Jesus, as Thou wilt! O may Thy will be mine!JEWETT
409Jesus, Saviour, pilot me Over life's tempestuous seaPILOT
410O Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life, Show me the living wayBEATITUDO
411Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Forgive our foolish waysWHITTIER
412Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!ASSURANCE
413Thou my everlasting portion, More than friend or life to meCLOSE TO THEE
414Jesus, Lover of my soul, Let me to Thy bosom flyMARTYN
415Jesus, Lover of my soul, Let me to Thy bosom flyABERYSTWYTH
416Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindnessBRINGING IN THE SHEAVES
417On our way rejoicing As we homeward moveST. ALBAN
418Rejoice, ye pure in heartMARION
419Jesus, Thou Joy of loving heartsQUEBEC (HESPERUS)
420Where winds the road o'er hill and daleGERMANY
421Thy bounties, gracious LordFERGUSON
422We give thee but thine ownSCHUMANN
423The Church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her LordAURELIA
424One holy Church of God appearsST. JAMES
425Our Church proclaims God's love and careTRURO
426City of God, how broad and farNOX PRAECESSIT
427O where are kings and empires nowST. ANNE
428I love Thy kingdom, LordBEALOTH
429I love Thy kingdom, LordST. THOMAS
430Lord of our life, and God of our salvationCLOISTERS
431Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTRIAN HYMN
432O Church of God, our solitude forsakingFINLANDIA
433O Church of God, dividedROTTERDAM
434O Word of God IncarnateMUNICH
435There is a Book that all may readARLINGTON
436Lamp of our feet, whereby we traceLAMBETH
437The Spirit of the Lord revealed His will to saints of oldOLD. 137th
438Tell me the old, old story Of unseen things aboveOLD, OLD STORY
439Book of grace and book of glorySTAR OF PEACE
440Father of mercies, in Thy wordSAWLEY
441The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord; In every star Thy wisdom shinesUXBRIDGE
442Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of lifeWONDERFUL WORDS OF LIFE
443O day of rest and gladnessMENDEBRAS
444Welcome, delightful morn, Thou day of sacred rest!LISCHER
445Light of Light, enlighten meHINCHMAN
446This is the day of lightSTATE STREET
447Joy because the circling yearSONG OF PRAISE
448Safely through another weekSABBATH
449O God, Thy summons still is heardSERENITY
450Here, Saviour, we would comeTRENTHAM
451Here at Thy table, Lord, this sacred hourBREAD OF LIFE
452O God, unseen, yet ever near, Reveal Thy presence nowBELMONT
453Bread of the world in mercy brokenEUCHARISTIC HYMN
454O Christ, Thou Gift of Love Divine!MEMORY
455Here at Thy table, Lord, we meet To feed on food divineAVON (MARTYRDOM)
456According to Thy gracious word, In meek humilityBEATITUDO
457Blest feast of love divineTHATCHER
458Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to faceCONSOLATION
459Beneath the forms of outward riteBELMONT
460While in sweet communion feedingKNOWSLEY
461Break Thou the bread of lifeBREAD OF LIFE
462In memory of the Saviour's loveSALZBURG
463For the bread, which Thou hast brokenAGAPÉ
464Lord, at Thy table we behold The wonders of thy graceCHIMES
465Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessST. AGNES
466Lord of our highest love!FRANCONIA
467A holy air is breathing round, A fragrance from aboveNAOMI
468From the table now retiringDORRNANCE
469A parting hymn we sing Around Thy table, LordBOYLSTON
470Lord, speak to me, that I may speakHOLLEY
471O men of God, go forth to winWINCHESTER NEW
472God of the prophets! Bless the prophets' sonsTOULON
473Go, labor on; spend and be spentQUEBEC (HESPERUS)
474In life's earnest morningMORLEY
475How sweet, how heav'nly is the sightBROWN
476Blest be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian loveDENNIS
477Rise, crowned with light, imperial Salem, rise!RUSSIAN HYMN
478O thou not made with handsOLD 120TH
479Walk in the light[!] s[o] shalt thou knowMANOAH
480In Christ there is no east or westST. PETER
481Through the night of doubt and sorrowST. ASAPH
482Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to warST. GERTRUDE
483Blest be the dear uniting loveHOLY CROSS
484Forgive, O Lord, our severing waysO MENSCH SIEHText
485Brightly gleams our bannerST. ALBAN
486The light of God is falling Upon life's common wayGREENLAND
487Come forth, ye men of every race and nation!CREATIONText
488Hail the glorious Golden CityAUSTRIA
489We would be building; temples still undoneFINLANDIA
490The voice of God is calling Its summons unto menMEIRIONYDD
491O Lord of life, Thy kingdom is at handTOULON
492Creation's Lord, we give Thee thanks, That this Thy world is incompleteROCKINGHAM OLD
493That cause can neither be lost nor stayedOSTERGAARD

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