A Collection of Hymns and A Liturgy: for the use of Evangelical Lutheran Churches; to which are added prayers for families and individuals

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301What mean these jealousies and fearsTextPage Scan
302When darkness long has veil'd my mindTextPage Scan
303Sing to the Lord, who loud proclaimsTextPage Scan
304Happy the man, whose wishes climbTextPage Scan
305Mistaken souls, that dream of heav'nTextPage Scan
306Eternal God, almighty causeTextPage Scan
307Great God! thy peerless excellenceTextPage Scan
308My soul, before thy Maker bowTextPage Scan
309Eternal and immortal King!TextPage Scan
310Thrice happy souls, who, born of heav'nTextPage Scan
311While thee I seek, protecting Pow'r!TextPage Scan
312Our Father, thron'd above the skyTextPage Scan
313Happy the heart, where graces reignTextPage Scan
314Thou hidden love of God, whose heightTextPage Scan
315Parent of good! thy works of mightTextPage Scan
316Great God! our joyful thanks to theeTextPage Scan
317God of my life, through all its daysTextPage Scan
318My Father! cheering name! TextPage Scan
319O Lord! my best desires fulfilTextPage Scan
320When present suff'rings pain our heartsTextPage Scan
321Why sinks my weak desponding mind?TextPage Scan
322Why is my heart with grief opprest?TextPage Scan
323When overwhelm'd with griefTextPage Scan
324Courage, my soul! while God is nearTextPage Scan
325Imposture shrinks from lightTextPage Scan
326Awake, my soul! rouse ev'ry pow'rTextPage Scan
327O thou, whose scales the mountains weigh!TextPage Scan
328O 'tis a lovely thing to seeTextPage Scan
329Mark! when tempestuous winds ariseTextPage Scan
330If solid happiness we prizeTextPage Scan
331My gracious God, accept my pray'r!TextPage Scan
332Wherefore should man, frail child of clayTextPage Scan
333Oft have I turned my eye withinTextPage Scan
334The man, whose firm and equal mindTextPage Scan
335My God! permit me not to beTextPage Scan
336Return, my roving heart, returnTextPage Scan
337If high or low our station beTextPage Scan
338Come, let us search our ways and tryTextPage Scan
339O God, my Saviour, and my KingTextPage Scan
340Let Pharisees of high esteemTextPage Scan
341Blest is the man whose heart is kindTextPage Scan
342Father of our feeble raceTextPage Scan
343Bright source of everlasting love!TextPage Scan
344O what stupendous mercy shinesTextPage Scan
345Great God! whilst I thy love admireTextPage Scan
346Behold, where, breathing loveTextPage Scan
347Daughters of pity, tune the layTextPage Scan
348Blest is the man whose heart expandsTextPage Scan
349All-seeing God! 'tis thine to knowTextPage Scan
350Absurd and vain attempt! to bindTextPage Scan
351Let party names no moreTextPage Scan
352Blest be the tie, that binds TextPage Scan
353Parent of all, OmnipotentTextPage Scan
354How blest the sacred tie, that bindsTextPage Scan
355Father of men! thy care we blessTextPage Scan
356Of justice and of truth I singTextPage Scan
357Lo, what a pleasing sightTextPage Scan
358How did my heart rejoice, to hearTextPage Scan
359I love thy Zion, Lord!TextPage Scan
360Awake, ye saints, to praise your KingTextPage Scan
361Come let our voices join to raiseTextPage Scan
362Happy the men, whom strength divineTextPage Scan
363Lord of the worlds aboveTextPage Scan
364Great Father of mankind!TextPage Scan
365The Lord in Zion plac'd his nameTextPage Scan
366Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing, to standTextPage Scan
367Wherewith shall I approach the LordTextPage Scan
368With joy we lift our eyesTextPage Scan
369Away from ev'ry mortal careTextPage Scan
370Early, my God, without delayTextPage Scan
371Praise to God, the great CreatorTextPage Scan
372Another six days' work is doneTextPage Scan
373Lord of the sabbath! hear our vowsTextPage Scan
374Frequent the day of God returnsTextPage Scan
375Sweet is the work, my God, my King!TextPage Scan
376This is the day the Lord hath madeTextPage Scan
377Again the Lord of lightTextPage Scan
378Hail, happy morn! whose early rayTextPage Scan
379Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingTextPage Scan
380Thanks for mercies past, receiveTextPage Scan
381Thy presence, everlasting God!TextPage Scan
382"Proclaim," saith Christ, God's wondrous gracTextPage Scan
383Lord! what our ears have heardTextPage Scan
384See Israel's gentle Shepherd standTextPage Scan
385Attend, ye children of your GodTextPage Scan
386Come, let us join our souls to GodTextPage Scan
387'Twas on that dreadful, doleful nightTextPage Scan
388"Eat, drink, in mem'ry of your friend!"TextPage Scan
389This feast was Jesus' high behestTextPage Scan
390Jesus invites his saintsTextPage Scan
391Ye foll'wers of the Prince of peaceTextPage Scan
392Jesus is gone above the skiesTextPage Scan
393How rich are thy provisions, LordTextPage Scan
394We praise the Lord for heav'nly breadTextPage Scan
395My God! and is thy table spread?TextPage Scan
396The promise of my father's loveTextPage Scan
397Pity the nations, O our God!TextPage Scan
398My God, how endless is thy love!TextPage Scan
399Hosannah with a cheerful soundTextPage Scan
400Lord of my life! O may thy praiseTextPage Scan

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