A Collection of Hymns and A Liturgy: for the use of Evangelical Lutheran Churches; to which are added prayers for families and individuals

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1Before Jehovah's awful throneTextPage Scan
2My God, my Life, thy various praiseTextPage Scan
3Ye humble souls, approach your GodTextPage Scan
4Lord, when our raptur'd thought surveysTextPage Scan
5Give to our God immortal praise!TextPage Scan
6From all that dwell below the skiesTextPage Scan
7I'll praise my Maker, whilst I've breathTextPage Scan
8O praise ye the Lord! prepare a new songTextPage Scan
9To your Creator, GodTextPage Scan
10Glory be to God on highTextPage Scan
11Come sound his praise abroadTextPage Scan
12Holy, holy, holy Lord!TextPage Scan
13Begin, my soul, th' exalted layTextPage Scan
14Indulgent Father! how divineTextPage Scan
15Glory be to God on highTextPage Scan
16High in the heav'ns, eternal GodTextPage Scan
17Long as I live I'll bless thy nameTextPage Scan
18Ye works of God! on him aloneTextPage Scan
19My soul, praise the LordTextPage Scan
20Thou pow'r supreme, by whose command we live!TextPage Scan
21My Maker and my King!TextPage Scan
22O bless the Lord, my soul!TextPage Scan
23Great Source of life, our souls confessTextPage Scan
24In glad amazement Lord I standTextPage Scan
25O Lord, our heavenly King!TextPage Scan
26Almighty Father! Gracious Lord!TextPage Scan
27My God, what blessings round me shoneTextPage Scan
28When all Thy mercies, O my GodTextPage Scan
29Great God in vain man's narrow viewTextPage Scan
30Ye weak inhabitants of clayTextPage Scan
31Ye sons of men in sacred laysTextPage Scan
32Great God, how infinite art thou!TextPage Scan
33All pow'rful, self existent GodTextPage Scan
34Give to the Lord, ye sons of fameTextPage Scan
35Almighty God, thy pow'rful wordTextPage Scan
36'Twas God who hurl'd the rolling spheresTextPage Scan
37Lord, thou hast searched, and seen me throughTextPage Scan
38Lord, all I am is known to thee!TextPage Scan
39My heart and ways, O God!TextPage Scan
40To thee, my God! my days are knownTextPage Scan
41Songs of immortal praise belongTextPage Scan
42When I with curious eyes surveyTextPage Scan
43Holy and rever'nd is the nameTextPage Scan
44God is a spirit, just and wiseTextPage Scan
45Praise ye the Lord! 'tis good to raise TextPage Scan
46With eye impartial, heav'n's high KingTextPage Scan
47What eyes, like thine, eternal SireTextPage Scan
48Thou suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous waysTextPage Scan
49The heart, dejected, sighs to knowTextPage Scan
50The promises I singTextPage Scan
51Thy ceaseless, unexhausted loveTextPage Scan
52My God, thy boundless love I praiseTextPage Scan
53Triumphant Lord! thy goodness reignsTextPage Scan
54Sweet is the memory of thy graceTextPage Scan
55Our souls with pleasing wonder viewTextPage Scan
56My soul, repeat his praiseTextPage Scan
57O thou, the wretched's sure retreatTextPage Scan
58Up to the Lord, who reigns on highTextPage Scan
59Let ev'ry tongue thy goodness speakTextPage Scan
60Grace, 'tis a charming sound!TextPage Scan
61The spacious firmament on highTextPage Scan
62There is a God, all nature speaksTextPage Scan
63Hail, great Creator, wise and good!TextPage Scan
64We sing th' almighty power of GodTextPage Scan
65Let the high heav'ns your songs inviteTextPage Scan
66Eternal source of ev'ry joy!TextPage Scan
67With songs and honours sounding loudTextPage Scan
68While beauty clothes the fertile valeTextPage Scan
69The rising morn, the closing dayTextPage Scan
70Great God, at whose all-pow'rful callTextPage Scan
71Let the whole race of creatures lieTextPage Scan
72The Lord, how fearful is his name!TextPage Scan
73Ye subjects of the Lord, proclaim TextPage Scan
74The Lord of glory, reigns supremely greatTextPage Scan
75Greatest of beings, source of lifeTextPage Scan
76Who, gracious Father! can complainTextPage Scan
77Through all the various shifting sceneTextPage Scan
78God moves in a mysterious wayTextPage Scan
79Vast are thy works, almighty Lord!TextPage Scan
80Great Ruler of the earth and skies!TextPage Scan
81God is the refuge of his saintsTextPage Scan
82Give to the winds thy fearsTextPage Scan
83Not from relentless fate's dark wombTextPage Scan
84To calm the sorrows of the mindTextPage Scan
85Sure there's a righteous GodTextPage Scan
86Let others boast how strong they beTextPage Scan
87Upward I lift mine eyesTextPage Scan
88They that have made their refuge GodTextPage Scan
89And art thou with us, gracious LordTextPage Scan
90The Lord my pasture shall prepareTextPage Scan
91Shine on our souls, eternal God!TextPage Scan
92How are thy servants blest, O Lord!TextPage Scan
93Let coward guilt, with pallid fearTextPage Scan
94Hark, the glad sound, the Saviour comesTextPage Scan
95Raise your triumphant songsTextPage Scan
96On Judah's plains as shepherds sat TextPage Scan
97Hark! what celestial notesTextPage Scan
98High let us swell our tuneful notesTextPage Scan
99Joy to the world! the Lord is come!TextPage Scan
100Welcome the hope of Israel's raceTextPage Scan

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