Celebrating Grace Hymnal

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
401No, not despairinglyKEDRONTextPage Scan
402I know the plans I have for youPage Scan
403I am weak and I need Thy strengthLEAD ME, GUIDE ME
404I need Thee every hourNEEDTextPage Scan
405Savior, like a shepherd lead usBRADBURYTextPage Scan
406Jesus, lover of my soulABERYSTWYTHTextPage Scan
407My faith looks up to TheeOLIVETTextPage ScanAudio
408I pray that you may have the power to comprehendPage Scan
409What a friend we have in JesusCONVERSETextPage Scan
410All praise to Thee, my God, this nightTALLIS' CANONTextPage Scan
411O Lord, support us all the day longPage Scan
412Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerSWEET HOURTextPage Scan
413Dear Lord and Father of mankindREST (ELTON)TextPage Scan
414Give thanks to the LordPage Scan
415Come, Christians, follow where our Savior trodCRUCIFERTextPage Scan
416Name of all majestyMAJESTASTextPage Scan
417Fill the earth with musicWYE VALLEY
418A mighty fortress is our GodEIN' FESTE BURGTextPage Scan
419"Jesus is Lord," the cry that echoes through creationJESUS IS LORDPage Scan
420Ye servants of God, your Master proclaimCHU LEUNGTextPage Scan
421We proclaim the good news to the whole creationPage Scan
422Jesus! what a friend for sinnersHYFRYDOLTextPage ScanAudio
423This is the threefold truth ACCLAMATIONSTextPage Scan
424At the name of JesusBARBARAText
425How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordFOUNDATIONTextPage Scan
426Tell me the story of JesusSTORY OF JESUSTextPage ScanAudio
427We've a story to tell to the nationsMESSAGETextPage Scan
428For, 'Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved'
429Send forth Your Word, O God of lightPROCLAMATION
430Since our great High Priest, Christ JesusALL SAINTSPage Scan
431Jesus is Savior and Lord of my lifeLORDSHIP OF CHRIST
432We have heard the joyful soundLIMPSFIELDTextPage Scan
433Halle, halle, hallelujahHALLE, HALLE
434Then Jesus said to them, 'Very truly, I tell you
435The love of God is broader than earth's vast expanseSULLIVAN
436Seek ye first the kingdom of GodLAFFERTY
437How wide the love of ChristFESTAL SONG
438O the deep, deep love of JesusEBENEZERTextPage Scan
439Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LordBATTLE HYMNTextPage ScanAudio
440Though I may speak with bravest fireGIFT OF LOVETextPage Scan
441Praise the Lord! How good it is to sing praises to our GodPage Scan
442How sweet the name of Jesus soundsDOVE OF PEACETextPage Scan
443Ask ye what great thing I knowHENDONTextPage Scan
444Only love, only loveEL AMOR
445There is a fountain filled with bloodCLEANSING FOUNTAINTextPage Scan
446We have been buried with him by baptism into death
447We are raised to newness of lifeBAPTISM
448Come to the water on this holy dayKELERIN
449Baptized in waterBUNESSANText
450With water freely flowingMERLE'S TUNE
451Come as a childCOME BE BAPTIZEDTextPage Scan
452Come, Holy Spirit, Dove divineMARYTONTextPage Scan
453Praise and thanksgiving be to God our makerCHRISTE SANCTORUM
454The Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayedPage Scan
455Here, at Your table, LordBREAD OF LIFETextPage Scan
456I come with joy, a child of GodDOVE OF PEACEPage Scan
457Come and feast, for all are welcomedREGENT SQUARE
458Let us talents and tongues employLINSTEADTextPage Scan
459We gather here in Jesus' nameDIVERNON
460Here, O my Lord, I see You face to faceELLERSTextPage Scan
461Let us break bread together on your kneesBREAK BREADText
462In remembrance of MeRED
463From every race, from every climeST. PETER
464Take the bread, children, take the breadBREADPage Scan
465As He gathered at His table STUARTTextPage Scan
466Jesus, at Your holy tableBEACH SPRING
467We, the many who are gatheredTHAXTED
468As when the shepherd calls his sheepFINEST WHEAT
469Put peace into each other's handsST. COLUMBATextPage Scan
470I was ready to be sought out by those who did not askPage Scan
471Come, ye sinners, poor and needyRESTORATIONTextPage Scan
472O soul, are you weary and troubled LEMMELTextPage Scan
473Will you come and follow MeKELVINGROVE
474Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingTHOMPSON TextPage Scan
475Come, every soul by sin oppressed STOCKTONTextPage Scan
476You walk along our shorelineAURELIA
477We are called to be God's peopleAUSTRIAN HYMN
478God is calling through the whisperW ZLOBIE LEZY
479O Zion, haste, thy mission high fulfillingTIDINGSTextPage Scan
480Rescue the perishingRESCUETextPage ScanAudio
481Go to the world! Go into all the earthSINE NOMINE
482I, the Lord of sea and skyHERE I AM, LORD
483Hark, the voice of Jesus callingELLESDIETextPage Scan
484The love of Jesus calls usANGEL'S STORY
485The Master has come, and He calls us to followASH GROVETextPage Scan
486Jesus calls us o'er the tumultRESTORATIONTextPage Scan
487There is none like you among the godsPage Scan
488Come, all Christians, be committed BEACH SPRING
489Beautiful Lord, wonderful SaviorTHE POTTER'S HAND
490Take my life, and let it beHENDONTextPage Scan
491"Take up thy cross and follow Me"FALLS CREEK
492I appeal to you thereforePage Scan
493Have Thine own way, LordADELAIDETextPage Scan
494Take my life, lead me LordLANGLEY
495O God, You are my GodSTEP BY STEP
496Sweetly, Lord, have we heard Thee callingFOOTSTEPSTextPage Scan
497I have decided to follow JesusASSAMText
498If any want to become my followers
499All to Jesus I surrenderSURRENDERTextPage Scan
500Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHTextPage Scan

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