Celebrating Grace Hymnal

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601There is a name I love to hearO HOW I LOVE JESUSTextPage ScanAudio
602In loving-kindness Jesus cameHE LIFTED METextPage Scan
603Jesus loves me! this I knowCHINATextPage Scan
604Therefore, since we are justified by faithPage Scan
605And can it be that I should gainSAGINATextPage ScanAudio
606Lord, I lift Your name on highLORD, I LIFT YOUR NAME
607I will sing the wondrous story HYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
608We love to sing of Christ, our KingGOLDEN CHAIN (refrain only)TextPage Scan
609Wonderful grace of JesusWONDERFUL GRACETextPage Scan
610The Lord said to Moses, 'I will do the very thing that you have asked'Page Scan
611A wonderful Savior is Jesus my LordKIRKPATRICKTextPage Scan
612Jesus is all the world to meELIZABETHTextPage ScanAudio
613I love the LordI LOVE THE LORD
614What a wonderful change in my life has been wroughtMcDANIEL TextAudio
615Forgiven, I've been forgiven RIDGECREST (FORGIVEN)
616I have come from the darknessTO THE LIGHT
617Walking in sunlight, all of my journeySUNLIGHTTextPage ScanAudio
618I was sinking deep in sin SAFETYTextPage ScanAudio
619Blessed assurance, Jesus is mineASSURANCETextPage Scan
620God sent His Son, they called Him JesusRESURRECTION
621Beloved, let us love one another
622I serve a risen SaviorACKLEY
623A charge to keep I have BOYLSTONTextPage Scan
624I have found a friend in JesusSALVATIONISTTextPage ScanAudio
625Standing on the promises of Christ my KingPROMISES TextPage ScanAudio
626What can wash away my sinPLAINFIELDTextPage Scan
627I heard an old, old storyHARTFORD
628Hear, O Lord, when I cry aloud Page Scan
629Be strong in the LordSTRENGTHTextPage Scan
630Look, you saints, the cloud of witnessEVANGELINE
631O Love that will not let me goDONNA
632Am I a soldier of the crossARLINGTONTextPage Scan
633All the way my Savior leads meALL THE WAYTextPage Scan
634We walk by faith and not by sightFAITH'S JOURNEY
635I want Jesus to walk with meSOJOURNERText
636In my walk you can see me tryingCHILDREN OF GOD
637Guide my feet while I run this raceGUIDE MY FEETText
638Lift every voice and singLIFT EVERY VOICETextPage Scan
639Stand up, stand up for JesusWEBBTextPage Scan
640What a fellowship, what a joy divineSHOWALTERTextPage Scan
641I'm pressing on the upward wayHIGHER GROUNDTextPage ScanAudio
642Jesus, keep me near the crossNEAR THE CROSSTextPage ScanAudio
643There is never a day so drearyNEW ORLEANSTextPage ScanAudio
644Wait for the Lord, whose day is nearWAIT FOR THE LORDText
645Faith of our fathers! living stillST. CATHERINETextPage Scan
646Teach me Your wayCAMACHAText
647Come, all that are blessed
648Stir Your church, O God, our Father MADILL
649Christ, You call us all to serviceIN BABILONETextPage Scan
650Lord, whose love through humble serviceJOYFUL SINGING
651God, our Author and CreatorNALL AVENUE
652Make me a servant, humble and meekSERVANT
653Lord, You give the great commissonBEECHERTextPage Scan
654Sing the God of love creatingCOAL SHED
655O Lord, who came to earth to showSOUTHERN SEMINARY Text
656Kneels at the feet of His friendsCHEREPONIPage Scan
657Where cross the crowded ways of lifeGERMANYTextPage Scan
658Let your heart be brokenWYE VALLEY (abridged)
659Jesus said, "Blest are the meek"KUNMING LAKE
660O Master, let me walk with TheeMARYTONTextPage Scan
661Now by this we may be sure that we know himPage Scan
662The mission God has given NYLAND
663"Go out in joy," sounds the word of the prophet STEVEN
664Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earthPage Scan
665Because I have been given much, I, too, must giveSEMINARY
666For beauty of meadows, for grandeur of trees EXPRESSION
667As saints of old their first fruits brought FOREST GREENTextPage Scan
668God of the fertile fields AMERICATextPage Scan
669Long ago You taught Your peopleNETTLETON
670Take my gifts and let me love YouMADILLText
671God, whose giving knows no endingBEACH SPRINGTextPage Scan
672All things are Yours: we make that trueGERMANYTextPage Scan
673Lord God, whose we are and whom we serve
674All who love and serve your cityCHARLESTOWNText
675Make room within my heart, O GodMASSACHUSETTS Text
676Teach me, O Lord, I prayDIADEMATA
677When we are tested and wrestle aloneSLANEText
678Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joyCOURTNEY
679O for a closer walk with GodAVONTextPage Scan
680I then shall live as one who's been forgivenFINLANDIA
681Christ be near at either handGARTANText
682Christ be my leader by night as by daySLANEText
683Who is our family
684O Lord, may church and home combineLAND OF RESTText
685Children are a gift from heavenHARLAN
686God made from one blood all the families of earthST. DENIO
687Would You bless our homes and families NETTLETON
688Show us how to stand for justice PLEADING SAVIOR
689Let justice flow like streamsST. THOMAS
690What does the Lord require of youMOON
691For the troubles and the sufferings PELAS DORES DESTE MUNDO
692Let truth and mercy find here AURELIA
693Encourage one another and build up each otherPage Scan
694Forgive our sins as we forgive MORNING SONG
695How lovely and how pleasantWALNUT (abridged)
696I'm coming to gather all peoples of earthST. DENIO
697This is my song, O God of all the nations FINLANDIA
698For the healing of the nationsCWM RHONDDATextPage Scan
699O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light NATIONAL ANTHEMTextPage Scan
700O Canada! Our home and native land O CANADATextPage Scan

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