25. Deus Deorum

1 The mighty God,
th'Eternal hath thus spoke,
And all the world
he will call and provoke.
E'en from the East,
and so forth to the West.
2 From toward Sion,
which place he liketh best:
God will appeare
in beauty most excellent
Our God will come
before long time be spent.

3 Devouring fire
shall go before his face:
A great tempest
shall round about him trace.
4 Then shall he call
the earth and heavens bright,
To judge his folk
with equity and right.
5 Saying to to,
and now my saints assemble:
My pact they keep,
their gifts do not dissemble.

6 The heavens shall
declare his righteousnesse,
For God is Judge
of all things more and lesse,
7 Heare my people,
for I will now reveale:
List Israel,
I will thee nought conceale:
Thy God, thy God
am I and will not blame thee,
8 For giving not
all manner offrings to me.

9 I have no need
to take of thee at all,
Goats of thy fold,
or Calfe out of thy stall:
10 For all the beasts
are mine within the woods:
On thousand hills
cattell are mine own goods.
11 I know for mine
all birds that are on mountaines:
All beasts are mine,
which haunt the fields and fountaines.

12 Hungry if I were,
I would not thee it tell:
For all is mine
that in the world doth dwell.
13 Eat I the flesh
of great Bulls or Bullocks?
Or drink the blood
of Goats, and of the flocks?
14 Offer to God
praise and hearty thanksgiving:
And pay thy vowes
unto God ever-living.

15 Call upon me,
when troubled thou shalt be:
Then will I help,
and thou shalt honoru me.
16 To the wicked,
thus saith th'Eternal God:
Why dost thou preach
my lawes and hests abroad?
17 Seeing thou hast
them with thy mouth abused,
And hat'st to be
by discipline reformed.

My words, I say,
thou dost reject and hate,
18 If that thou see
a thiefe as with thy mate,
Thou run'st with him,
and so your prey do seek:
And art all one
with bawds amd riffoams ele.
19 Thou giv'st thy selfe
to back bites and to slander:
And how thy tongue
deceives, it is a wonder.

20 Thou sittest musing,
thy brother how to blame:
And how to put
thy mother's sonne to shame.
21 These things thou didst
and whilst I held my tongue,
Thou didst me judge,
because I staid so long,
Like to thy selfe:
yet though I kept long silence,
Once shalt thou feel
of thy wrongs just recompence.

22 Consider this,
ye that forget the Lord:
And feare not when
he threatneth with his word:
Lest without help
I spoile you as a prey:
23 But he that thanks
offer'th, praiseth me aye,
Saith the Lord God,
and he that walketh this trace,
I will him teach
God's saving health to imbrace.

Text Information
First Line: The mighty God
Title: Deus Deorum
Author: W. W.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Tune Information
Name: [The mighty God]
Key: g minor

MIDI file: Midi
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