Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Parent Structure:

DenominationsRestoration Movement (Stone-Campbell) Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Hymnals:

HymnalAsPublication Date
A Collection of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: with the music of Mason's Sacred Harp and Missouri Harmony adaptedDisciples of Christ1839
Cáliz de Bendiciones: himnario Discipulos de CristoChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)1996
Carmina SacraDisciples of Christ1914
Chalice CarolsChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)1996
Chalice HymnalChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)1995
Chalice PraiseChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)2001
Christian Worship: a hymnalDisciples of Christ1941
Crown of BeautyDisciples of Christ1902
Enduring HymnsDisciples of Christ1914
Gloria in ExcelsisDisciples of Christ1905
Glory SongsDisciples of Christ. Christian Churches. Campbelli1911
Gospel BellsDisciples of Christ1918
Hymnbook for Christian WorshipChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)1970
Hymns and Songs of the SpiritChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)1966
Hymns of the United ChurchDisciples of Christ. Christian Churches. Campbelli1916
New Christian Hymn and Tune BookDisciples of Christ1887
New Christian Hymn and Tune BookDisciples of Christ1882
Popular Hymns Number 2: for the work and worship of the church in public worship, prayer-meetings, revivals, conventions, Sunday-schools, young people's meetings, etc., etc.Disciples of Christ1901
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 4th ed.Disciples of Christ1834
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Original and Selected. (14th stereotype ed.)Disciples of Christ1843
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Original and Selected. (7th ed.)Disciples of Christ1865
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: original and selected (5th ed.)Disciples of Christ1847
Sacred PoetryDisciples of Christ1851
Singing Pathways, Hymns and Songs and Worship Material for Junior and Senior High School AgeDisciples of Christ1929
Songs of Evangelism: for revival and evangelistic services; Bible schools, young people's meetings, and all occasions of Christian work and worshipChristian Churches and Churches of Christ1911
Songs of Pilgrimage: a hymnal for the churches of Christ (2nd ed.)Disciples of Christ1888
Songs of RedemptionDisciples of Christ1912
The Chapbook: hymns, fun songs, worship resources for young peopleChristian Church (Disciples of Christ)1959
The Christian Hymn Book: a compilation of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, original and selected (Rev. and enl.)Disciples of Christ1866
The Christian Hymn Book. 7th ed.Disciples of Christ1855
The Christian Hymn-Book (Corr. and Enl., 3rd. ed.)Disciples of Christ1815
The Christian hymnal: a collection of hymns and tunes for congregational and social worship; in two parts (Rev.)Disciples of Christ1882
The Christian hymnary: a selection of hymns & tunes for Christian worshipDisciples of Christ1891
The Christian HymnistDisciples of Christ1895
The Christian PsalmistDisciples of Christ1854
The Christian Psalmist (Numeral ed.) 10th ed., 1st rev. ed.Disciples of Christ1851
The Christian Sunday School Hymnal: a compilation of choice hymns and tunes for Sunday schoolsDisciples of Christ1883
The CongregationDisciples of Christ1884
The Gospel Call, Part Two: A choice collection of Standard Hymns and Popular Gospel Songs (Revised and Enlarged)Disciples of Christ1897
The Gospel Call: choice songs for revivals, Sunday-schools and the churchDisciples of Christ. Christian Churches. Campbelli1895
The Gospel HymnalDisciples of Christ1880
The King of Kings: a choice collection of gospel songs, standard hymns, choruses, children's songs, solos, duets, and quartets together with responsive readings for use in evangelistic meetings...Disciples of Christ1915
Two Hundred and Fifty-two Familiar HymnsDisciples of Christ. Christian Churches. Campbelli1874