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Broad Is the Road That Leads to Death

Author: Isaac Watts Appears in 455 hymnals Matching Instances: 65 Used With Tune: WINDHAM
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Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgive

Appears in 782 hymnals Matching Instances: 19 Used With Tune: WINDHAM

¡Piedad! oh santo Dios

Author: Isaac Watts; Merrill Hutchinson Appears in 22 hymnals Matching Instances: 17 First Line: ¡Piedad! oh santo Dios, ¡piedad! Used With Tune: WINDHAM
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That day of wrath, that dreadful day

Author: Walter Scott, 1771 - 1832 Appears in 347 hymnals Matching Instances: 10 Lyrics: 1 That day of wrath, that dreadful day, When heaven and earth shall pass away, What power shall be the sinner's stay? How shall he meet that dreadful day? A-men. 2 When, shrivelling like a parchèd scroll, The flaming heavens together roll; When, louder yet, and yet more dread, Swells the high trump that wakes the dead; 3 Lord, on that day, that wrathful day, When man to judgment wakes from clay, Be thou the trembling sinner's stay, Though heaven and earth shall pass away! Amen. Topics: Sacraments and Rites Burial of the Dead Used With Tune: WINDHAM Text Sources: Founded on Dies Irae
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Twas on that dark, that doleful night

Author: Isaac Watts Appears in 366 hymnals Matching Instances: 9 Used With Tune: WINDHAM
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يا أيها الخاطيء هل

Author: اسعد الشدودي Appears in 10 hymnals Matching Instances: 5 Lyrics: 1 يا أيها الخاطئ هلْ أتاك يوماً كالنسيمْ صوتٌ خفيٌّ قارعاً أبوابَ قلبِك الأثيمْ 2 يقولُ وامئاً إلى ال أشراكِ في سُبْلِ الهلاكْ إياك حبَّ العالمَ ال غرَّارَ أحبِبْ مَن فداكْ 3 فذاك صوتُ الروحِ لا ترفُضْهُ إن كنتَ الحكيمْ منَبِّهاَ إياك أنْ تختارَ حظّاً في النعيمْ 4 يا غافلاَ لا تحتقِرْ مُستعصِياً روحَ الإلهْ واحذَرْ فواتَ فرصةٍ ما دمتَ في هذي الحياهْ 5 فاسمعْ إذاً صوتَ الذي ناجاك وانهَضْ للصلاهْ مُستنجِداً ربَّ البرا يا قاصِداً سُكنى عُلاهْ Used With Tune: WINDHAM
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He Dies, the Friend of Sinners Dies

Author: Isaac Watts Appears in 642 hymnals Matching Instances: 5 First Line: He dies! the Friend of sinners dies Scripture: Luke 23:37 Used With Tune: WINDHAM
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Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay

Author: C. Wesley Appears in 396 hymnals Matching Instances: 5 Used With Tune: WINDHAM
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Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb

Appears in 341 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 Used With Tune: WINDHAM
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We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died

Author: Thomas Kelly, 1769-1854 Meter: Appears in 192 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 Lyrics: 1 We sing the praise of him who died, Of him who died upon the cross. The sinner's hope let all deride; For this we count the world but loss. 2 Inscribed upon the cross we see, In shining letters, "God is love." He bears our sins upon the tree; He brings us mercy from above. 3 The cross! It takes our guilt away; It holds the fainting spirit up; It cheers with hope the gloomy day And sweetens ev'ry bitter cup. 4 It makes the coward spirit brave, And nerves the feeble arm for fight; It takes its terror from the grave And gilds the bed of death with light; 5 The balm of life, the cure of woe, The measure and the pledge of love, The sinner's refuge here below, The angels' theme in heav'n above. Topics: Christian Hope; Holy Cross Day; Christian Hope; Praise, Adoration Used With Tune: WINDHAM


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