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Appears in 18 hymnals Hymnal Title: Laudamus Incipit: 12313 45344 65545 Used With Text: Hark! what mean those holy voices


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Hark! what mean those holy voices

Author: J. Cawood Appears in 719 hymnals Hymnal Title: Laudamus Used With Tune: WELLS

Praise the Savior, Now and Ever

Author: Venantius Honorius Fortunatus, 530-609 Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Hymnal Title: Lutheran Book of Worship Topics: Easter; Easter Used With Tune: UPP, MIN TUNGA Text Sources: Tr.. Service Book and Hymnal, 1958, alt.
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Amen sjunge hvarje tunga!

Author: Lina Sandell Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Hymnal Title: Lutherförbundets Sångbok First Line: Amen sjunge Lyrics: 1 Amen sjunge Hvarje tunga! Amen är vår himlasång. Amen få vi Evigt sjunga Amen för Guds tron en gång. Amen, där är Lifvets älf, Amen kallar han sig själf. 2 Amen, Herrens Krist skall råda, Amen är hans löftesord. Amen, vi hans Under skåda; Amen, Herrens kraft är spord. Amen, botad Är all nöd, Amen, bytt i lif vår död. 3 Amen, lov och pris och ära, Amen, Lammet och vår Gud! Amen, klinge fjärran nära! Amen är vår lofsångs ljud. Amen, snart vi kronan få, Amen, amen ske alltså! Topics: Ordet och Gudstjänsten; The Word and the Worship Used With Tune: UPP, MIN TUNGA


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Praise the Saviour!

Author: Venantius H. C. Fortunatus, 530-609; Johann Olof Wallin, 1779-1839 Hymnal: Hymnal and Order of Service #90 (1901) Meter: Hymnal Title: Hymnal and Order of Service First Line: Praise the Saviour Lyrics: 1 Praise the Saviour Now and ever! Praise Him all beneath the skies! Prostrate lying, Suffering, dying, On the cross, a Sacrifice: Victory gaining, Life obtaining, Now in glory He doth rise. 2 All is finished, And accomplished; Christ is now our Righteousness He our Saviour, Hath forever Set us free from dire distress. Through His merit We inherit Light and peace and happiness. 3 We're delivered, Our bonds severed, Christ hath bruised the serpent's head; Death no longer Is the stronger, Hell itself is captive led. Christ hath risen From death's prison, O'er the tomb He light hath shed. 4 Praise forever For His favor Unto God the Father sing; Praise the Saviour, Praise Him ever, Son of God, our Lord and King; Praise the Spirit, Through Christ's merit. He doth us salvation bring. Topics: Easter Languages: English Tune Title: UPP, MIN TUNGA
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Hark! what mean those holy voices

Author: J. Cawood Hymnal: Laudamus #88 (1887) Hymnal Title: Laudamus Languages: English Tune Title: WELLS
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Praise the Savior, Now and Ever

Author: Venantius Honorius Fortunatus; Augustus Nelson, 1863-1949 Hymnal: Lift Up Your Hearts #191 (2013) Meter: Hymnal Title: Lift Up Your Hearts Lyrics: 1 Praise the Savior, now and ever; praise him, all beneath the skies; self denying, suffering, dying, on the cross a sacrifice. Victory gaining, life obtaining, now in glory he doth rise! 2 Our work faileth, Christ's availeth; he is all our righteousness. He, our Savior, has forever set us free from dire distress. Through his merit we inherit light and peace and happiness. 3 Sin's bonds severed, we're delivered; Christ has crushed the serpent's head. Death no longer is the stronger; hell itself is captive led. Christ has risen from death's prison; o'er the tomb he light has shed. 4 For his favor, praise forever unto God the Father sing. Praise the Savior, praise him ever, Son of God, our Lord and King. Praise the Spirit; through Christ's merit he doth us salvation bring. Topics: Biblical Names and Places Serpent; Church Year Easter/Season of Easter; Doxologies; Occasional Services Funeral/Witness to the Resurrection Scripture: Genesis 3:15 Languages: English Tune Title: UPP, MIN TUNGA


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John Cawood

1775 - 1852 Person Name: J. Cawood Hymnal Title: Laudamus Author of "Hark! what mean those holy voices" in Laudamus John Cawood was born in 1775, at Matlock, Derbyshire, where his father carried on a small farm. He enjoyed very limited educational advantages. At the age of eighteen he occupied a menial position. But seeking every opportunity of self improvement, and aided by those who interested themselves in his behalf, he was enabled in 1797 to enter S. Edmund Hall, Oxford, and obtained his B.A. in 1801, and his M.A. in 1807. He was ordained in 1801, and most of his life in the ministry was spent as perpetual Curate of S. Ann's Chapel of Ease, Bewdley, Worcestershire. He died in 1852. He published several prose works, but no volume of hymns or poems. His son says, "My father composed about thirteen hymns, which have one by one got into print, though never published by himself, or any one representing him." --Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872 ======================= Cawood, John, M. A., born at Matlock, Derbyshire, March 18, 1775. His parents being in humble circumstances, he received in childhood but a limited education, and at 18 was engaged in the service of the Rev. Mr. Cursham, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts. Three years' study, however, under careful direction, enabled him to enter St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, in 1797. Obtaining his degree in 1801, he took Holy Orders, and became successively Curate of Ribsford and Dowles, and Incumbent of St. Ann's Chapel of Ease, Bewdley, Worcestershire. He died Nov. 7, 1852. His hymns, 17 in all, were never published by himself. Of these 9 were included in Cotterill's Selection, 8th ed., 1819, Nos. 268-276. Most of these have passed into other collections. These are :— 1. Almighty God, Thy word is cast. After a Sermon. 2. Hark! what mean those holy voices? (1819.) Christmas. 3. Begin a joyful song. (1819.) Christmas. 4. Behold yon wondrous star. (1819.) Epiphany. 5. Trembling with tenderest alarms. (1816.) Finding of Moses. 6. In Israel's fane, by silent night. (1816.) Samuel. 7. King o'er all worlds the Saviour shone. (1819.) Good Friday. 8. Christians, the glorious hope ye know. (1819.1 Plea for Missions. 9. Hark! what mean those lamentations. (1819.) Missions. In addition, Dr. Rogers pub. in his Lyra Britannica, 1867, from the author's manuscript:— 10. A child of sin and wrath I'm born. (1820.) Infant's Prayer. 11. The Sou of God, in worlds on high. (1822.) Christ's Humility. 12. Blessed Father, Great Creator. (1837.) Holy Trinity. These details are from the S. MSS., amongst which there are 5 hymns yet unpublished. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Carolina Sandell

1823 - 1903 Person Name: Lina Sandell Hymnal Title: Lutherförbundets Sångbok Author of "Amen sjunge hvarje tunga!" in Lutherförbundets Sångbok Caroline W. Sandell Berg (b. Froderyd, Sweden, 1832; d. Stockholm, Sweden, 1903), is better known as Lina Sandell, the "Fanny Crosby of Sweden." "Lina" Wilhelmina Sandell Berg was the daughter of a Lutheran pastor to whom she was very close; she wrote hymns partly to cope with the fact that she witnessed his tragic death by drowning. Many of her 650 hymns were used in the revival services of Carl O. Rosenius, and a number of them gained popularity particularly because of the musical settings written by gospel singer Oskar Ahnfelt. Jenny Lind, the famous Swedish soprano, underwrote the cost of publishing a collection of Ahnfelt's music, Andeliga Sänger (1850), which consisted mainly of Berg's hymn texts. Bert Polman

Augustus Nelson

1863 - 1949 Person Name: Augustus Nelson, 1863-1949 Hymnal Title: Psalter Hymnal (Gray) Translator of "Praise the Savior Now and Ever" in Psalter Hymnal (Gray) Augustus Nelson (b. Asarum, Bleking, Sweden, 1863; d. Mankato, MN, 1949) graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, and did graduate work in philosophy and history at Yale University and at Augustana Theological Seminary, Rock Island, Illinois. During his ministry he served parishes in Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Bert Polman


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Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary

Publication Date: 2007 Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library