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Fight the Good Fight

Author: John S. B. Monsell, 1811-1875 Appears in 476 hymnals Matching Instances: 142 First Line: Fight the good fight with all thy might! Topics: Pilgrimage and Conflict Used With Tune: PENTECOST

Let There Be Light

Author: William Merrill Vories Appears in 76 hymnals Matching Instances: 26 First Line: Let there be light, Lord God of Hosts Used With Tune: PENTECOST
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Go, Labor On

Author: Horatius Bonar Meter: Appears in 433 hymnals Matching Instances: 22 Lyrics: 1 Go, labor on: spend, and be spent, your joy to do the Father's will; it is the way the Master went; should not the servant tread it still? 2 Go, labor on: 'tis not for naught; your earthly loss is heav'nly gain; men heed you, love you, praise you not; the Master praises - what are men? 3 Go, labor on: enough while here if he shall praise you, if he deign your willing heart to mark and cheer: no toil for him shall be in vain. 4 Go, labor on while it is day: the world's dark night is hast'ning on. Speed, speed your work, cast sloth away; it is not thus that souls are won. 5 Toil on, faint not, keep watch and pray; be wise the erring soul to win; go forth into the world's highway, compel the wand'rer to come in. 6 Toil on, and in your toil rejoice; for toil comes rest, for exile home; Soon shall you hear the Bridegroom's voice, the midnight peal, "Behold, I come." Topics: The Christian Life Christian Service; Christ Bridegroom; Christ Example of; Ministry Ordinations Scripture: John 9:4 Used With Tune: PENTECOST
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Keep Thyself Pure! Christ's Soldier

Author: Adelaide M. Plumptre Appears in 42 hymnals Matching Instances: 16 First Line: Keep thyself pure! Christ's soldier, hear Topics: Allegiance; Stewardship Used With Tune: PENTECOST
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Father in Heaven, Who lovest all

Author: Rudyard Kipling Appears in 79 hymnals Matching Instances: 9 Used With Tune: PENTECOST
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Founded on Thee, our only Lord

Author: Rev. Samuel F. Smith Appears in 31 hymnals Matching Instances: 5 Used With Tune: PENTECOST

Wonder of Wonders, Here Revealed

Author: Jane Parker Huber Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 First Line: Wonder of wonders here revealed Topics: Baptism Scripture: Romans 6:4 Used With Tune: PENTECOST (Boyd)
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With broken heart and contrite sigh

Author: C. Elvin, 1797-1873 Appears in 216 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 Lyrics: 1 With broken heart and contrite sigh, A trembling sinner, Lord, I cry; Thy pardoning grace is rich and free: O God, be merciful to me! 2 I smite upon my troubled breast, With deep and conscious guilt oppressed; Christ and His cross my only plea: O God, be merciful to me! 3 Far off I stand with tearful eyes, Nor dare uplift them to the skies; But Thou dost all my anguish see: O God, be merciful to me! 4 Nor alms, nor deeds that I have done Can for a single sin atone; To Calvary alone I flee: O God, be merciful to me! 5 And when, redeemed from sin and hell, With all the ransomed throng I dwell, My raptured song shall ever be, That God was merciful to me! Topics: Conviction, of sin; The Christian Life Aspiration and Prayer; God Mercy of; Prayer Publican's; Heart Contrite; Guilt; Pardon; Heart Broken; Sin Conviction of; Plea, our only ; Only Plea; Mercy Of God ; Mercy Pardoning; Mercy Sought Used With Tune: PENTECOST

Land of our Birth, we pledge to thee

Author: Rudyard Kipling, 1865 - 1936 Meter: Appears in 18 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 Topics: National and International Life Used With Tune: PENTECOST
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Look from Thy sphere of endless day

Author: Wm. Cullen Bryant Meter: Appears in 173 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 Scripture: Psalm 85:6 Used With Tune: PENTECOST


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