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With the Body That Was Broken

Author: Carl P. Daw, Jr. (1944-) Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1 With the body that was broken, to the body who proclaim, by the blood that is life's token, for the life found in his name: so the Word-made-flesh has spoken, and his presence here we claim. 2 In the cross of Christ confiding, by the cross we bear as sign, through the Spirit's gifts and guiding, with these gifts of bread and wine: so the church in faith abiding keeps the feast Christ made divine. 3 Fed by breaking and outpouring, joined in breaking-forth of praise, given the peace of God's restoring, sent in peace to live always: so we show forth our adoring as God's servants all our days. Topics: Eucharist; Body of Christ; Eucharist; Holy Week (Good Friday); Sunday of the Passion Scripture: Matthew 26:26-29 Used With Tune: PANIS VITAE

Christians, lift your hearts and voices

Author: John E. Bowers, 1923- Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Topics: Jesus Christ Intercessor / High Priest; Joy; Maundy Thursday; Repentance; Sacraments and Ordinances Communion; Welcome / Acceptance Scripture: Psalm 34:8 Used With Tune: PANIS VITAE

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