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There Is a Fountain

Author: William Cowper Appears in 2,471 hymnals Hymnal Title: Boundless Love First Line: There is a fountain filled with blood Used With Tune: [There is a fountain filled with blood]
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O, How I Love Jesus

Appears in 77 hymnals Hymnal Title: Chapel Melodies First Line: Blest Jesus, when my soaring tho'ts Refrain First Line: O how I love Jesus Used With Tune: [Blest Jesus, when my soaring tho'ts]

Prayer of Great Thanksgiving for Ordinary Time, Part 4

Author: Nick Campbell Appears in 1 hymnal Hymnal Title: Discipleship Ministries Collection First Line: And so, your people on earth do join Topics: Communion Used With Tune: O HOW I LOVE JESUS
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O, How I Love Jesus

Author: Charles Wesley Appears in 299 hymnals Hymnal Title: Gospel Praise Book. First Line: Jesus, the name high over all Lyrics: 1 Jesus, the name high over all, In hell, or earth, or sky; Angels and men before it fall, And devils fear and fly. Chorus: O, how I love Jesus! O, how I love Jesus! O, how I love Jesus! Because He first lov’d me. How can I forget Thee? How can I forget my Lord? How can I forget Thee? Dear lord, remember me. 2 Jesus, the name to sinners dear, The name to sinners given; It scatters all their guilty fear; It turns their hell to heav’n. [Chorus] 3 Jesus, the pris’ner’s fetters breaks, And bruises Satan’s head; Pow’r into strengthless souls He speaks, And life into the dead. [Chorus] 4 O that the world might taste and see The riches of His grace; The arms of love that compass me Would all mankind embrace. [Chorus] 5 His only righteousness I show; His saving truth proclaim; ’Tis all my business, here below To cry, Behold the Lamb! [Chorus] 6 Happy, if with my latest breath I may but gasp His Name, Preach Him to all, and cry, in death, Behold, behold the Lamb! [Chorus] Topics: Christ's Resurrection and Exaltation Used With Tune: [Jesus, the name high over all]
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O ja, ich liebe Jesus

Author: M. Frank Appears in 76 hymnals Hymnal Title: Heilstöne First Line: Was mich auf dieser Welt betrübt Refrain First Line: O ja, ich lieb Jesus Used With Tune: [Was mich auf dieser Welt betrübt]
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O How I Love Jesus

Author: Richard Burnham Appears in 365 hymnals Hymnal Title: Helps for Worship First Line: Jesus, Thou art the sinner's Friend Refrain First Line: O how I love Jesus! Used With Tune: [Jesus, Thou art the sinner's Friend]
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We'll Stand the Storm

Author: Samuel Stennett Appears in 1,327 hymnals Hymnal Title: Herald of Praise First Line: On Jordan's stormy banks I stand Refrain First Line: I am bound for the promised land Used With Tune: [On Jordan's stormy banks I stand]

¡Oh , cuánto amo a Cristo!

Author: Frederick Whitfield (1829-1904); Tulio N. Peverini (1932- ) Appears in 1 hymnal Hymnal Title: Himnario Adventista del Séptimo Día First Line: Su nombre hermoso yo anhelo Refrain First Line: ¡Oh, cuánto amo a Cristo! Topics: Jesucristo Alabanza a Cristo; Jesus Christ Praise to Christ Scripture: 1 John 4:19 Used With Tune: [Su nombre hermoso yo anhelo]

Oh, cuánto le amo

Appears in 1 hymnal Hymnal Title: Himnos de Corazón y Vida Used With Tune: O HOW I LOVE JESUS

Es Cristo Quien por Mi Murio

Appears in 10 hymnals Hymnal Title: Himnos de Fe y Alabanza First Line: Es Cristo quien por mí murió Refrain First Line: ¡Oh, cuánto le alabo! Used With Tune: [Es Cristo quien por mí murió]


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