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America the Beautiful

Author: Katharine Lee Bates Appears in 489 hymnals Matching Instances: 193 First Line: O beautiful for spacious skies Used With Tune: MATERNA

O Mother Dear, Jerusalem

Author: F. B. P. Meter: D Appears in 600 hymnals Matching Instances: 76 Lyrics: 1. O mother dear, Jerusalem, When shall I come to thee? When shall my sorrows have an end, Thy joys when shall I see? O happy harbor of the saints! O sweet and pleasant soil! In thee no sorrow may be found, No grief, no care, no toil. 2. No murky cloud o’ershadows thee, Nor gloom, nor darksome night; But every soul shines as the sun, For God Himself gives light. There lust and lucre cannot dwell, There envy bears no sway; There is no hunger, heat, nor cold, But pleasure every way. 3. Thy walls are made of precious stones, Thy bulwarks diamonds square; Thy gates are of right orient pearl, Exceeding rich and rare. Thy turrets and thy pinnacles With carbuncles do shine; Thy very streets are paved with gold, Surpassing clear and fine. 4. Thy gardens and thy gallant walks Continually are green; There grow such sweet and pleasant flow’rs, As nowhere else are seen; Quite through the streets, with silver sound, The flood of life doth flow, Upon whose banks on every side, The wood of life doth grow. 5. There trees forevermore bear fruit, And evermore do spring, There evermore the angels sit, And evermore do sing. Jerusalem, my happy home, Would God I were in thee! Would God my woes were at an end, Thy joys that I might see! Used With Tune: MATERNA
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Jerusalem, my happy home

Appears in 823 hymnals Matching Instances: 20 Topics: Heaven Used With Tune: MATERNA
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O Master-Workman of the Race

Author: Jay T. Stocking Appears in 105 hymnals Matching Instances: 10 Topics: Christ Master Used With Tune: [O Master-workman of the race]
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Lift up your heads, ye gates of brass

Author: James Montgomery Meter: D Appears in 90 hymnals Matching Instances: 7 Used With Tune: CALDWILL
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The newborn king who comes today

Appears in 12 hymnals Matching Instances: 6 Topics: Christmas Used With Tune: MATERNA Text Sources: Moravian

My Life Flows On

Author: Anon. Meter: D Appears in 136 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 First Line: My life flows on in endless song Topics: The Gospel Consecration Used With Tune: MATERNA
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How Happy Every Child of Grace

Author: Charles Wesley Appears in 371 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 First Line: How happy ev'ry child of grace Lyrics: 1 How happy ev’ry child of grace, Who knows his sins forgiv’n! “This earth,” he cries, “is not my place, I seek my place in Heav’n— A country far from mortal sight, Which yet by faith I see, The land of rest, the saints’ delight, The Heav’n prepared for me.” 2 O what a blessed hope is ours! While here on earth we stay, We more than taste the heav’nly pow’rs, And antedate that day. We feel the resurrection near, Our life in Christ concealed, And with His glorious presence here Our earthen vessels filled. 3 O would He more of Heav’n bestow, And let the vessels break, And let our ransomed spirits go To grasp the God we seek; In rapturous awe on Him to gaze, Who bought the sight for me; And shout and wonder at His grace Thro’ all eternity! Topics: Assurance; Grace; Heaven Used With Tune: MATERNA
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God a Very Present Help

Meter: Appears in 18 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 First Line: God is our refuge and our strength Lyrics: 1 God is our refuge and our strength, Our ever present aid, And therefore, though the earth remove, We will not be afraid; Though hills amid the seas be cast, Though foaming waters roar, Yea, though the mighty billows shake The mountains on the shore. 2 A river flows whose streams make glad The city of our God, The holy place wherein the Lord Most High has His abode; Since God is in the midst of her, Unmoved her walls shall stand, For God will be her early help, When trouble is at hand. 3 The nations raged, the kingdoms moved, But when His voice was heard The troubled earth was stilled to peace Before His mighty word. The Lord of Hosts is on our side, Our safety to secure; The God of Jacob is for us A refuge strong and sure. 4 O come, behold what wondrous works Jehovah's hand has wrought; Come, see what desolation great He on the earth has brought. To utmost ends of all the earth He causes war to cease; The weapons of the strong destroyed, He makes abiding peace. 5 Be still and know that I am God, O'er all exalted high; The subject nations of the earth My Name shall magnify. The Lord of Hosts is on our side, Our safety to secure, The God of Jacob is for us A refuge strong and sure. Topics: Afflictions Refuge in; Aspirations For Church Priveleges; Assurance Declared; Christ Abiding with Believers; Christ Conqueror; Christ Present in His Church; Christ The Saviour; Church As Abode of God; Church Christ the Head of; Church Security of; Church Triumph of; Comfort in Trials; Faith Confidence of; Fearlessness; God Our Guardian; God Our Refuge; God Sovereignty of ; Gospel Privileges of; Missions Encouragements of; Nations Dependence on God; Peace; Royalty of Christ Judgment the Prerogative of; Royalty of Christ Nations Subject to; Royalty of Christ Providential; Royalty of Christ Ultimate Acknowledgement of; Safety Enjoyed; The Sea; Strength in God; Water of Life Scripture: Psalm 46 Used With Tune: MATERNA
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American, America, We Lift Our Battle Cry

Author: Allen Eastman Cross Appears in 10 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 First Line: America, America Lyrics: 1 America, America, We lift our battle cry! To live for thee is more than life, And more than death to die! Now by the blood our fathers gave, And by our God above, And by the Flag on every grave, We pledge to thee our love. 2 America, America, Bid all thy banners shine! O Mother of the mighty dead, Our very lives are thine. At Freedom’s altar now we stand For god and Liberty! Lord, God of hosts, at thy command, We lift our souls to thee. 3 America, America, Speed on, by sea and air! We take the stripes of sacrifice, The stars of honor dare; And by the road our fathers trod We march to victory, To fight for Freedom and for God, Till all the world be free. Used With Tune: MATERNA


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