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Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures

Author: Robert Campbell Meter: Appears in 53 hymnals Matching Instances: 5 Topics: Advent; Saints' Days and Holy Days St. Matthew; Evangelists; Easter IV The Holy Communion Sequence; Holy Scriptures; St. John Evangelsit The Holy Communion Sequence; St. Luke Morning Prayer Closing; St. Matthias The Communion Opening; Trinity XI The Holy Communion Sequence Used With Tune: COBB Text Sources: Latin, 12th cent.

Zion, to Thy Savior Singing

Author: Thomas Aquinas; Alexander R. Thompson Meter: Appears in 18 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 Lyrics: 1. Zion, to thy Savior singing, To thy prince and shepherd bringing, Sweetest hymns of love and praise, Thou wilt never reach the measure Of His worth, by all the treasure Of thy most ecstatic lays. 2. Of all wonders that can thrill thee, And, with adoration fill thee, What than this can greater be, That Himself to thee He giveth? He that eateth ever liveth, For the Bread of Life is He. 3. Fill thy lips to overflowing With sweet praise, His mercy showing Who this heav’nly table spread: On this day so glad and holy, To each longing spirit lowly Giveth He the living Bread. 4. Here the King hath spread His table, Whereon eyes of faith are able Christ our Passover to trace: Shadows of the law are going, Light and life and truth inflowing, Night to day is giving place. 5. Lo, this angels’ food descending Heavenly love is hither sending, Hungry lips on earth to feed: So the paschal lamb was given, So the manna came from Heaven, Isaac was His type indeed. 6. O Good Shepherd, Bread life giving, Us, Thy grace and life receiving, Feed and shelter evermore; Thou on earth our weakness guiding, We in Heav’n with Thee abiding, With all saints will Thee adore. Used With Tune: COBB
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المسيح الملك نالا

Author: سليمان ضومط Appears in 5 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 Lyrics: 1 - المسيح المُلْكَ نالا لذُرى العرش تعالى سائدا كلَّ العباد يا ملوكَ الأرض هيا مجدوا الإبن العليّا واعبدوه بارتعاد 2 - كلُّ أجواقِ العلاء كل قوات السماء بثناه يهتفون كل سكان الأراضي حاضرٍ آتٍ وماضِ لعلاه يخضعون 3 - أيُّ عرش في العلاء أو مليك في البهاءِ حاز أمجاد يسوع كل عالٍ في البلاد فاق مجدا فلْينادِ إنني عبدُ يسوع 4 - فتشوا كل زمانٍ كل جيل ومكانٍ وافحصوا عُمقَ الأزل مَن مجيد كيسوعٍ مَن بهي في جموع مَن عظيم كالحملْ 5 - متساو في الجلال مع أبيه المتعالي فاق مجدَ الكروبيم كل مُلكٍ في يديهِ دُفع الكلُّ إليه من يد الآب العظيمْ Used With Tune: EVANGELISTS
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إن فادي المؤمنينا

Appears in 2 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1 إنَّ فادي المؤمنينا ذاقَ صلباً وأُهينا وبشوكٍ كُلِّلا بعد هزءٍ باحتقارِ ومماتٍ بانكسارِ حازَ أمجادَ العُلى 2 فاحملوا عارَ الصليبِ واصبروا إذ عن قريبِ يمسحُ اللهُ الدموعْ حين نُعطَى في العَلاءِ كلَّ أفراحِ السماءِ باجتماعِ معْ يسوعْ 3 ما لنا في ذي الديارِ مِن نصيبٍ او فخارِ حظُّنا ليس هنا لا نُبالي بالحِمامِ كنزُنا فوقَ الغَمامِ موتُنا ربحٌ لنا 4 كلَّ أمجادِ السماءِ منه نُعطَى بسخاءِ معَ إعوازِ الحياهْ فخرُنا عندَ الصليبِ بالمخلصِ الحبيبِ كيفَ لا وهْو الإلهْ 5 يا عباداً طاهرينا وجموعاً ظافرينا ونفوسَ الشهدا مَن وقفتم بالسعوفِ حول فادينا الرؤوفِ سبحوه أبدا Used With Tune: LAUDA SION
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Father, in high heaven dwelling

Author: George Rawson Appears in 28 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1 Father, in high heaven dwelling, May our evening song be telling Of Thy mercy large and free: Through the day Thy love hath fed us, Through the day Thy care hath led us With divinest charity. 2 This day’s sins, oh, pardon, Saviour! Evil thoughts, perverse behavior, Envy, pride, and vanity; From all evil us deliver; Save us now, and save us ever, O Thou Lamb of Calvary! 3 While the night-dews are distilling, Holy Ghost, each heart be filling With Thine own serenity: Softly let our eyes be closing, Loving souls on Thee reposing, Ever blessèd Trinity. Amen. Topics: Evening Used With Tune: LAUDA ZION

Laud, O Sion, thy salvation

Author: St Thomas Aquinas, c. 1225-74 Appears in 8 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: Part 1: 1 Laud, O Sion, thy salvation, Laud with hymns of exultation Christ, thy King and Shepherd true: Spend thyself, his honour raising, Who surpasseth all thy praising; Never canst thou reach his due. 2 Sing today, the mystery showing Of the living, life-bestowing Bread from heaven before thee set; E'en the same of old provided, Where the Twelve, divinely guided. At the holy Table met. 3 Full and clear ring out thy chanting, Joy nor sweetest grace be wanting To thy heart and soul today; When we gather up the measure Of that Supper and its treasure, Keeping feast in glad array. 4 Lo, the new King's Table gracing, This new Passover of blessing Hath fulfilled the elder rite: Now the new the old effaceth, Truth revealed the shadow chaseth, Day is breaking on the night. 5 What he did at Supper seated, Christ ordained to be repeated, His memorial ne'er to cease: And, his word for guidance taking, Bread and wine we hallow, making Thus our Sacrifice of peace. 6 This the truth to Christians given - Bread becomes his Flesh from heaven. Wine becomes his holy Blood. Doth it pass thy comprehending? Yet by faith, thy sight transcending, Wondrous things are understood. 7 Yea, beneath these signs are hidden Glorious things to sight forbidden: Look not on the outward sign. Wine is poured and Bread is broken, But in either sacred token Christ is here by power divine. 8 Whoso of this Food partaketh, Christ divideth not nor breaketh: He is whole to all that taste. Thousands are, as one, receivers, One, as thousands of believers, Takes the Food that cannot waste. 9 Good and evil men are sharing One repast, a oom preparing Varied as the heart of man; Doom of life or death awarded, As their days shall be recorded Which from one beginning ran. Part 2: 10 When the Sacrament is broken, Doubt not in each severed token, Hallowed by the word once spoken, Resteth all the true content: Nought the precious Gift divideth, Breaking but the sign betideth, He himself the same abideth, Nothing of his fullness spent. 11 Lo! the Angel's Food is given To the pilgrim who hath striven: See the children's Bread from heaven, Which to dogs may not be cast; Truth the ancient types fulfilling, Isaac bound, a victim willing, Paschal lamb, its life-blood spilling. Manna sent in ages past. Part 3: 12 O true Bread, good Shepherd, tend us, Jesu, of thy love befriend us, Thou refresh us, thou defend us, Thine eternal goodness send us In the land of life to see; Thou who all things canst and knowest, Who on earth such Food bestowest, Grant us with thy Saints, though lowest, Where the heavenly Feast thou showest, Fellow-heirs and guests to be. Amen. Alleluya. Topics: Corpus Christi Used With Tune: LAUDA SION

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