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Another year is dawning!

Author: Miss Frances Ridley Havergal, 1836-1879 Appears in 174 hymnals Matching Instances: 19 Topics: New Year; Work Used With Tune: WEBER
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Forbid Ye Not the Children

Author: J. W. S. Appears in 6 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 First Line: "Forbid ye not the children" Used With Tune: ["Forbid ye not the children"]
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O Word of God incarnate

Appears in 479 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Used With Tune: [O Word of God incarnate]
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Good news

Author: Kate Cameron Appears in 7 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 First Line: Good news for little children Used With Tune: [Good news for little children]
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We praise Thy grace, O Saviour

Author: Bishop W. W. How Meter: 7.6 Appears in 12 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1 We praise Thy grace, O Saviour, That beareth with us long, And ever out of weakness Thy servants maketh strong. 2 The saint, who left his comrades, And turned back from the fight, Behold at last victorious In Thy prevailing might! 3 From Thee, Lord, came the courage Once more to front the host: Thy strength, most mighty Savior, In weakness shineth most. 4 Thy love Saint Mark hath numbered Among the bless├Ęd four, And all the world rejoiceth To learn his Gospel-lore. 5 O Lord, our human weakness With pitying eye behold; Uplift the fainting spirit, And make the coward bold. 6 O Jesu, glorious Victor O'er all the hosts of sin, In us Thy strength make perfect, In us the victory win. Amen. Topics: Other Feasts and Fasts St. Mark Used With Tune: [We praise Thy grace O Saviour]
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Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise thee

Author: Francis Scott Key Appears in 280 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Used With Tune: FLOTOW
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Love divine, all love excelling

Appears in 1,840 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Used With Tune: FLOTOW

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