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All Ye That Pass By

Author: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788 Meter: Appears in 97 hymnals Matching Instances: 2 First Line: All ye that pass by, to Jesus draw nigh Lyrics: 1. All ye that pass by, to Jesus draw nigh: To you is it nothing that Jesus should die? Your ransom and peace, your surety He is: Come, see if there ever was sorrow like His. 2. For what you have done His blood must atone: The Father hath punished for you His dear Son. The Lord, in the day of His anger, did lay Your sins on the Lamb, and He bore them away. 3. He answered for all: O come at His call, And low at His cross with astonishment fall! But lift up your eyes at Jesus’ cries: Impassive, He suffers; immortal, He dies. 4. He dies to atone for sins not His own; Your debt He hath paid, and your work He hath done. Ye all may receive the peace He did leave, Who made intercession, My Father, forgive! 5. For you and for me He prayed on the tree: The prayer is accepted, the sinner is free. That sinner am I, who on Jesus rely, And come for the pardon God cannot deny. 6. My pardon I claim; for a sinner I am, A sinner believing in Jesus’ name. He purchased the grace which now I embrace: O Father, Thou know’st He hath died in my place. 7. His death is my plea; my Advocate see, And hear the blood speak that hath answered for me. My ransom He was when He bled on the cross; And losing His life He hath carried my cause. Used With Tune: DARLINGTON Text Sources: Methodist Hymnal, 1779

O Jesus Our Head

Author: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788 Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Matching Instances: 1 First Line: O Jesus our head, who hast died in our stead Lyrics: 1 O Jesus our head, who hast died in our stead, Thy promise of faith and repentance we plead, Now let it take place, pour out on our race The spirit of prayer, and contrition and praise. 2 While thus we record our crucified Lord, Be mindful of us, and accomplish Thy word. Thy promise is past, we shall see Thee at last, Our souls on Thy bloody atonement be cast. 3 Stretched out on the tree, Thou saidst, "They shall see, My murderers surely shall look upon Me. The stones shall relent, the rocks shall be rent, And hearts more obdurate than marble lament." 4 Now then let us turn, to Jehovah’s first-born And look upon Thee we have wounded, and mourn, In bitterness cry that the Prince of the sky God’s only begotten, we doomed Him to die. 5 Our sins were the cause of His sorrow and loss; By our sins we pursued Him and nailed to the cross; We inflicted the pain; we have pierced Him again; And O! shall He suffer so often in vain? 6 The sense of Thy smart, O Jesus, impart, And break by Thy death the inflexible heart: Thy passion alone can make us atone; Appear in Thy wounds, and our heart is Thine own. Used With Tune: DARLINGTON Text Sources: The Unpublished Poetry of Charles Wesley (Vol. III) (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1992

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