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No Room In the Inn

Author: A. L. Skilton Appears in 31 hymnals Matching Instances: 27 First Line: No beautiful chamber Refrain First Line: No room, no room for Jesus Lyrics: 1 No beautiful chamber, No soft cradle bed, No place but a manger, Nowhere for His head; No praises of gladness, No tho't of their sin, No glory but sadness, No room in the inn. Chorus: No room, no room, for Jesus, Oh, give Him welcome free, Lest you should hear at Heaven’s gate, "There is no room for thee." 2 No sweet consecration, No seeking His part, No humiliation, No place in the heart; No tho't of the Savior, No sorrow for sin, No prayer for His favor, No room in the inn. [Chorus] 3 No one to receive Him, No welcome while here, No balm to relieve Him, No staff but a spear; No seeking His treasure, No weeping for sin, No doing His pleasure, No room in the inn. [Chorus] Used With Tune: [No beautiful chamber]
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Guidance and Glory

Meter: Appears in 9 hymnals Matching Instances: 6 First Line: In doubt and temptaion I rest, Lord in Thee Refrain First Line: My God, I will extol Thee Lyrics: 1 In doubt and temptation I rest, Lord, in Thee; My hand is in Thy hand, Thou carest for me; My soul with Thy counsel through life Thou wilt guide, And afterward make me in glory abide. Chorus: My God, I will extol Thee And ever bless Thy Name; Each day will I give thanks to Thee And all Thy praise proclaim. 2 In glory Thou only my portion shalt be, On earth for none other I long but for Thee; My flesh and heart falter, but God is my stay, The strength of my spirit, my portion for aye. [Chorus] 3 All they that forsake Thee must perish and die, But near to my Saviour most blessed am I; I make Thee my refuge, my Lord and my God; Thy grace and Thy glory I publish abroad. [Chorus] Topics: Access to God; Afflictions Submission under; Aspirations For Heaven; Assurance Declared; Assurance Enjoyed; Christ Communion with; Christ Preciousness of; Christ The Saviour; Christians Blessedness of; Christians Death of; Christians Heirs of Heaven; Contentment; Death Comfort In; Faith Act of; Glory of God In Church and Heaven; God Our Guide; Gospel Privileges of; Grace Redeeming; Grace Sovereign ; Heaven; Immortality; Pilgrim Spirit; Preservation; Resignation; Strength in God; Temptation; Trust in God Expression of Scripture: Psalm 73 Used With Tune: CARTER
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Para El No Hay Lugar

Author: G. P. Simmonds Appears in 3 hymnals Matching Instances: 2 First Line: No hubo hermosa cuna Refrain First Line: Lugar prepárale a Cristo Used With Tune: [No hubo hermosa cuna]
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Cual himno materno

Appears in 6 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Used With Tune: ARRULLE TU VOZ MI ALMA
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Kein Raum in der Herberge

Author: Ferd. O. Zeich Appears in 1 hymnal Matching Instances: 1 First Line: Die Krippe sein Lager Refrain First Line: Hilf, daß ich nimmer, nimmer Used With Tune: [Die Krippe sein Lager]
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My God, I Will Extol Thee

Appears in 1 hymnal Matching Instances: 1 First Line: Lo, I, tho' afflicted, am ever with Thee Refrain First Line: My God, I will extol thee and ever bless Thy Name Scripture: Psalm 73 Used With Tune: [Lo, I, tho' afflicted, am ever with Thee]

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