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Wherever He Leads I'll Go

Author: B. B. McKinney Meter: with refrain Appears in 42 hymnals Hymnal Title: Calvin Hymnary Project First Line: "Take up thy cross and follow me." I heard my Master say


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Meter: Irregular Appears in 33 hymnals Composer and/or Arranger: B. B. McKinney Hymnal Title: Baptist Hymnal 1991 Tune Key: F Major Incipit: 53344 55123 33212 Used With Text: Wherever He Leads I'll Go


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Wherever He Leads I'll Go

Author: B. B. McK. Hymnal: All-American Church Hymnal #209 (1957) Hymnal Title: All-American Church Hymnal First Line: "Take up thy cross and follow Me" Languages: English Tune Title: ["Take up thy cross and follow Me"]

Wherever he leads I'll go

Author: Baylus Benjamin McKinney Hymnal: Assembly Songbook #d74 (1959) Hymnal Title: Assembly Songbook First Line: Take up thy cross and follow me, I heard my Master say Languages: English

Wherever He Leads I'll Go

Author: B. B. McKinney Hymnal: Baptist Hymnal (1975 ed) #361 (1975) Hymnal Title: Baptist Hymnal (1975 ed) First Line: Take up thy cross and follow me Topics: Commitment; Discipleship; Invitation to Consecration; Jesus Christ Example Languages: English Tune Title: FALLS CREEK


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B. B. McKinney

1886 - 1952 Hymnal Title: Baptist Hymnal 1991 Author of "Wherever He Leads I'll Go" in Baptist Hymnal 1991 Pseudonyms-- Martha Annis (his mother’s maiden name was Martha Annis Heflin) Otto Nellen Gene Routh (his wife’s maiden name was Leila Irene Routh) ----- Son of James Calvin McKinney and Martha Annis Heflin McKinney, B . B. attended Mount Lebanon Academy, Louisiana; Louisiana College, Pineville, Louisiana; the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas; the Siegel-Myers Correspondence School of Music, Chicago, Illinois (BM.1922); and the Bush Conservatory of Music, Chicago. Oklahoma Baptist University awarded him an honorary MusD degree in 1942. McKinney served as music editor at the Robert H. Coleman company in Dallas, Texas (1918–35). In 1919, after several months in the army, McKinney returned to Fort Worth, where Isham E. Reynolds asked him to join the faculty of the School of Sacred Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He taught at the seminary until 1932, then pastored in at the Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth (1931–35). In 1935, McKinney became music editor for the Baptist Sunday School Board in Nashville, Tennessee. McKinney wrote words and music for about 150 songs, and music for 115 more. --© Cyber Hymnal™ (

Ken Barker

b. 1955 Hymnal Title: The Celebration Hymnal Arranger (choral ending) of "FALLS CREEK" in The Celebration Hymnal